Sunday, September 4, 2011

A Special Treat

Howdy all! Drop on down and have a fresh cup won`t you?

I know I`ve been prattling on about my novel-in-progress for awhile now. Y`all must be getting tired of hearing about it and not seeing a thing. Well, for my blogging buddies I have a special treat, and those who are friends with me on Facebook will get this as well via Networked Blogs.

On Facebook whenever I hit a ten thousand word peak I post a snippet, usually from where I ended when my fingers gave out. This is a fun way to keep folks updated but it also can be kind of confusing, coming into a novel without having any idea of whats come before. So in celebration of hitting 80,000 words yesterday I thought I would give you, my faithful friends and family, the first page of my rural romantic comedy 'Of Gods & Goats'to whet your whistle.

I hope you enjoy it and that it gives someone a smile. This image is of a couple of fine looking Saanan goats since I have yet to start looking for an artist for the book jacket. *Adds another note to the growing To-Do list* Saanan`s play a pretty big part in the book as this is the breed my lead character raises. Do keep in mind that this is the rough version. I`ve started compiling pages to take to my editor but her red pen hasn`t seen any of this yet.

So here is the first page, thank you all for your support, it really does mean a lot! *Hugs*

Libby`s Morning Trend


Have you ever awoken in the morning and known that the day was going to be a life-changing one? That this day, this very wonderful sunny day, was the one? That special day that would see your hopes and dreams realized? That this vibrant day would lift you from loneliness and the unrealized? Where your fairy godmother would wave her sparkly little fairy wand over your rumpled head and you would blink and stare in wonderment at the new life spread out before you? Neither have I. I have though awoken to a cat`s ass in my face. If that doesn`t show you how the day, and perhaps your life is going, nothing will.

This morning was one of those feline kiss-my-rump kind of morning`s. Most of my mornings start off with at least one furry derriere in my face. It is not the finest sight first thing off but then again it does beat the heck out of the sight of the empty pillow resting beside you. This morning it was Argus who had his fluffy white can plastered across my forehead. Yeah, he`s named after that character in that famous book about wizards. You know the one that loved his cat and was crabby and not magically inclined in the least? I`m waving my hand mentally just so you see the similarities between me and that crotchety old cuss, although in my defense I am not wandering about some vast British castle trying to make trouble for young wizards. Also, at thirty-six I am not quite as old as he is despite what that wise-ass kid who carries groceries at the Stop & Shop may think!

I was in my bed with Argus` tail draped over my lips, cat fur on my tongue and sleepy dirt in my eyes as the sun flittered through my bedroom window. I tried to lift my head but Argus had it pinned to my pillow. I highly doubt there`s a fairy anywhere near this small farmstead anyway. If there were my steer Paddy would have chased her down the dirt lane I call a driveway. That is so how my life would run. Fairy godmother appears full of fairy goodness; fairy godmother gets run off by watch steer.

“You know,” I sputtered and coughed, “There is plenty of room down there by Hermione,” I told Argus after removing his tail from my face.

He padded down over my stomach and swatted Hermione my beagle soundly on her nose. Timid little thing that she is, she ran up and buried her face under that empty pillow to my left which put her brown and black rump in my face. There is a theme here I noted and rolled over to look through the sheers that rustled in front of the open window. Up here in the mountains of Pennsylvania we don`t close our windows at night. Nor do we lock our cars in our driveways. I inhaled the fresh smell of May and my heart tightened. Matt loved this time of year. When we were first married and moved to this little twelve acre parcel it was May then as well. The smell of leaves warming in the sun and grass kissing the robin`s feet made me yearn for him just as it always does.


small farm girl said...

More! More! More! I want more!!!!!!!!

TexWisGirl said...

this is wonderful! i already want this woman to find happiness!

Sheeps and Peeps Farm said...

well done... captured our imagination right from the start

phylliso said...

I didn`t want it to end!Give us more!phyllis

Sharon said...

OMG! That's the FIRST PAGE? No wonder I can't seem to get it right! I am DOOMED!

I hope your heroine finds her love, or one even better to steal her heart! (again)

I fear I am not creative enough to think of a cat's ass in my face in the morning, not knowing how that would feel.... :-)

Feral Female a.k.a. Vicki Locey said...

Thank you all SO kindly for the good words! I`m hoping to see this available next year sometime. I will for sure keep everyone updated on its progress!

Also, I had plans to visit y`all today but life and firewood got in the way. Tomorrow looks busy but after the cookouts are done I plan to spend some time catching up with everyone.

Sandy said...

How exciting! I can't wait to read the book. Sandy