Friday, September 23, 2011

Is It Safe??

*Peeks around door cautiously*

Well it looks safe but I`ll be keeping an eye on the sky in case it falls. What a week it`s been. Y`all ever heard the saying that when it rains, it pours? It has been pouring on me for days and I`m hoping it`s time to dry off a little bit. My feathers are sodden to say the least.

It all started last Saturday evening when my beloved laptop decided to cough up a lung, or a byte or whatever it is computers cough up. As it ran slower and slower and even slower I rushed around like that proverbial headless chicken to ensure all my work, and my completed novel, were on my flash-drive. Sunday I ran it down to my nearby computer wizard. Monday he called back and said it was done. A hundred and fifty bucks for that visit….. I grimaced but bit the bullet and merrily skipped home with my Dell. Tuesday night my daughter got on (her laptop got broken recently when Mom dropped it. Yikes, I know) and she wasn`t on for an hour when she started having troubles. *Insert large maternal sigh here.* So we broke into another round of frenzied flash-drive copying. I am uber paranoid about losing my book as you can tell.

Wednesday morning I just got enough out of the old girl to post my book review then she gave up the ghost yet again. During all this I was feeling more and more rumpled and had a wee thought that I was catching my daughter`s nasty head cold. So I placed another call to my repair man, took another trip to his shop only to find that my child had picked up a Trojan, and a rather nasty one at that. It took the man eight hours and much hair pulling to finally get the thing out of my laptop. That ended up with another hundred dollar bill and a very stern discussion after my child got home from school about safe internet sites.

As I type my head feels like it`s stuffed with cotton, I sneeze roughly every fifteen seconds and the president of the Kleenex corporation just sent me a personal ‘Thank You’ e-mail. Now I have to set off for town to buy some food. Personally I`d rather stay in my safe little coop in case some malady befalls my truck. But I shall not be Chicken Little! Onward I shall go, tissue box in hand!

Maybe I`ll just take another peek before I set off though…..


Sharon said...

Really like the picture of the hens looking out!

............... reason why I don't like anyone else using my laptop. Cost of your repairs would probably have paid pretty close to getting her another one...........

Michele Stefanides said...

This picture is adorable, but I am soooooooooo sorry to hear about your being sick and your computer troubles. As you know, I've had similar issues, including the main family desktop completely blowing up. I will tell you what my Dad told me that saved me just in the nick of time the first time my laptop crashed--buy Carbonite! It is well worth the 60 bucks a year. It automatically backs up all your files and updates, and it's easy to recover when needed. Flash drives, etc. are great, too, but you have to remember to do them. Carbonite does it all in the background. I would have lost my NIP the first time my laptop crashed w/o it. After one full crash and one almost, I now have a new laptop. Next stop, new desktop. And, seriously, if you need any shopping done, message me and I will be happy to run errands for you!

TexWisGirl said...

you can keep both of those nasty bugs to yourself, thank you very much! :)

Mary Ann said...

Feral, I'm having trouble reading on the pumpkin background, but I use Avast pro antivirus, and Trojans do NOT get past it. Even with teens using it!

It's worth the cost, though they have a free version, as well. 3 years and so far, so good.

I have had a nasty cold all week, I'm commisserating with you.

Feral Female a.k.a. Vicki Locey said...

Thanks for the suggestions gang, I`ll check those out.

Sorry Mary Ann, I`ll find another background. I have trouble reading the header on this one but the text is fine.

Judy's Corner said...

Well, all's I can say is .... at least you have a great attitude! I had to chuckle at your pain... sorry, but it is SOOOOO familiar!

Take care and speedy recovery!

nick said...

Use tissues at the keyboard, please. We don't want those viruses through the computer.

Nancy @ A Rural Journal said...

I've been having pretty good luck with my laptop lately == knock on wood. Hope yours gets better. :)