Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Drip, Drip, Drip

Come on in! Just drop your umbrellas on the back porch.

My header pretty accurately describes how the past twenty-four hours have been here in the hills. Rain, rain and oh look! More rain fell yesterday and is still falling as I type this. I hope all who celebrated Labor Day yesterday had a warm and wonderful time with their family and that extra day off!

Our three days were darn busy. Seems Mister has realized that hunting season begins in less than a month and that all the wood he had cut needs split and hauled. It`s amazing how fast a man can work when there is the faintest chance of having his hunting time interrupted. *Winks at the ladies* Saturday and Sunday we hauled and stacked. Of course no job is complete around here without some caprine encouragement and supervision.

Monday we had a family cookout planned up at my sister-in-laws. We oared up to her house and although the weather drove us inside that didn`t dampen our spirits!

We ate and chatted and ate and talked and ate some more. When the three of us drug ourselves through the front door last night I commented that as full as I was, I shouldn`t need to eat for two days. *quickly shoves empty paper plate with bagel crumbs behind laptop* you didn`t see that.

Oh! I woke up this morning after Mister had left for work and sluffed into the bathroom to find one of my dishpans sitting on the carpet beside the bathtub. Already knowing what was going on I still had to peek at the ceiling. Yep, we have a leak. I have to assume that we have a loose or broken shingle on the roof, and all the rain yesterday and last night found a way in. One more job to add to the ‘Before You Take Your Gun into the Woods’ list. I bet my husband was SO pleased to find THAT at three in the morning!

What else? Hmm, well Saturday night we went to the movies to see Ryan Reynolds latest film. Good thing our theater finally got it in or I might have gotten mad. I`m sure the manager of the Arcadia is trembling in fear. Not.

This week will see school starting for Miss Yodeling tomorrow. I shook off my lazy shell and trundled up the hill in the dark at six just to get reacquainted with doing chores with a headlight. The birds all blinked at me and glared. Oh yeah, chickens glare as do geese. The turkeys are too concerned with getting something to eat, no matter the time of day, to glare. They just leap down from the roost, all bright-eyed and bushy tailed, their forks and knives in wing, waiting. Okay, they don`t really have forks and knives but I think they may have been wearing bibs. It was dark, hard to tell. Also this week I`ll be going to the writers group at our local indie bookstore on Thursday evening. *Waves to all who will be in attendance*

Other than that I`ll probably be trying to whittle on the book, edit what I`ve written so that I can get some of it to the editor and do some housework…..Yeah, the housework is iffy I admit. A woman has to have her priorities right? Time spent mopping and dusting or time spent with a Greek god? Yup, I`ll chose that hunky god of warfare every time, as the dust bunnies under the couch can attest to! Oh before it slips my mind, which happens far too often anymore, a hearty yodel of welcome to Russ Stickacres! Welcome to the hillside farm!

So, what did you all do over the weekend?


Nancy @ A Rural Journal said...

You will appreciate the rain later this winter. Must look on the bright side...

We usually cut wood when it's cold -- my hubby hates doing it when it's above freezing. Oy!

TexWisGirl said...

so wish we could have joined in on your rains... oh well...

Sharon said...

On our third day, here of drips and drizzles and downpours! It's 59F and past lunchtime!

Our weekend was spent watching what we had stored in the tv gizmo, we seldom had reception yesterday, it was so windy and rainy.

Country Dreaming said...

Sounds like a busy weekend.
At least you were able to still have the family cookout.

Have a good one.