Monday, August 1, 2011

The South Shall Rise Again!

And boy howdy this Yankee is sure glad it rose up with a rocking beat!

Morning all, come on in and take a load off. I`m sitting here sipping my umpteenth cup of java, trying to get my rump in gear after spending last night rocking my goatherding butt off at the long anticipated ZZ Top and Lynyrd Skynyrd concert. Man, it was a lot easier to dance for four hours when I was sixteen I will admit, but even though my rump may be dragging due to boogie-woogie southern Rock fever and a severe lack of sleep, it was all worth it.

Last night turned out to be a gorgeous night after rain had come and gone during the morning and afternoon. We arrived at Tag`s, a huge outdoor concert arena in Big Flats New York, with our chairs and an umbrella and a great deal of anticipation and some slight concern. A couple people had told us that ZZ Top had been a pretty poor show when they had seen them previously.

The place was packed and it was announced right before Skynyrd took the stage that the crowd there was the largest gathering at Tag`s to date. I don`t know how many folks were there but it was mobbed, and yet, the atmosphere was light and filled with good nature. There were quite a few rockers of my generation in attendance, and I was very pleased to see, a good deal of younger fans as well. There is hope for the upcoming generations my friends, Justin Beiber be damned!

Skynyrd came out first and absolutely blew the roof off the stage! They ripped through every song any fan would want to hear, from ‘Simple Man’ which they dedicated to our troops to ‘Gimme Three Steps’ to the awe inspiring finale of ‘Free Bird.’ I can now die a happy woman having heard Free Bird being played live and witnessing that famous pair of fuzzy white guitars that came later.

ZZ stepped out on the stage and I whispered to Miss Yodeling, who was rocking herself into a frenzy, that I couldn`t imagine anyone could follow ‘Free Bird’. Well, those old beard-wearing sons-of-a-guns handled it with as much spit, polish and blues funk as any mortal could. They ripped through a couple of blues tunes, played as only ZZ could, then blasted the crowd with such famous hits as ‘Legs’, ‘Cheap Sunglasses’, ‘Sharp Dressed Man’ and my favorite ZZ tune ‘La Grange.’ I can say wholeheartedly that the threesome put on one hell of a show!

Of course by the time ZZ wrapped it was eleven o`clock and even Miss was feeling a bit tired. We rolled into the old homestead around midnight, still chatting about the show, and dropped into bed. Mister then had to get up at three and I can imagine he is one drag-ass puppy at work today. I myself am moving none too quickly to be honest. I think helping Miss with clipping the last goat for fair next week will wait until tomorrow. For today, I just might toss in a load of clothes, sit back and listen to a bit more southern rock, work on the book and try not to nod off in my cuppa!


TexWisGirl said...

how awesome! glad the concert was one to remember!

Sharon said...

Glad you got to hear Free Bird Live. I am thinking, these guys have got to be getting old! They were on the way 25 years ago, haha. Amazing that they still sound so good.

Fun night, I am sure, enjoy the memory!

Texan said...

ewww would have liked to have been there!

Gail said...

You just lived my dream!