Saturday, August 20, 2011

Pickles and Pink Eye

Morning all, or maybe I should say late morning? Whichever, the pots on so take a load off!

Things have been a bit frantic around here of late, busier than usual but it looks like the calm has set in finally. Fair week was a non-stop run but always a good time, but I`m glad it`s over too. This week just passed kept me hopping as well. Monday Miss had an appointment with the chiropractor, Tuesday she had to go to the optometrist for a before-school exam and new contacts and Wednesday she went over to friends for a day of video gaming.

Now the joy of rural living is that neighbors are few and far between. Also the downside of rural living is that neighbors are few and far between. So when your kid wants to spend the day with a buddy, they can`t just skip next door. Nope, we skip to the neighboring county! Or in this case the neighboring state, since the young fellow moved this summer. That’s a lot of skipping! But, she enjoyed herself and that`s all that matters.

We`ve been busy making pickles here on the hillside farm.

The cucumbers have gone insane and I fear have plans to take over the garden, if not the entire county! We kept the smaller ones for our batch and have been feeding hundred pound feed sacks of bigger ones to Patty and the geese and chickens. Hundred pound feed sacks! Patty will be a two thousand pound cucumber soon, which is a kind of funny image when I stop and think about it.

What else? *Sips java-juice and ponders* Well, the aroma of amore is in the air once more. Auron has been applying his manly love cologne with vigor. It`s a heck of a thing when you sit down for dinner and the aroma of buck wafts in over your plate of spaghetti and meatballs! Ah yes, and while we`re on the goat front my sable doe Jenny has come down with pink eye. *Sighs* I think it may be stress related from being at fair for a week. She disliked the whole thing greatly and spent seven days ramming heads with the boar goats in the next pen. We`re hoping (hoping being the really big word there) that this is the non-contagious strain but we`re still keeping a very close eye on the other girls. So it`s two trips to the barn every day with LA-200 for an eyewash, a rag with mouthwash to wash away the tears and a very disgruntled goat! Not to mention serious hand-washing when we come inside since humans can catch it.

This morning Mister and I set off for the feed mill to get our half ton of grain. We had a hitchhiker or two that wanted to ride along.

Turkeys are such goofs! Between you and me it`s going to be tough to butcher these fools when November rolls around. They are such friendly and humorous birds.

Not much exciting to relay besides what I already told you guys. My novel is coming along really well. At last peek I was up over 67,000 words! I`m very excited to get this book done and hopefully if all goes according to Hoyle (whoever the Sam Hill he is )perhaps next year I`ll have it ready for sale. I`m going to self-publish I think so there`s quite a bit to do. I do have an editor lined up for grammar and mechanical errors. Still have to locate a content editor yet and an artist for the cover but I have faith that I`ll find them as well. What`s that? I haven`t told y`all what the book is about? Okay, I`ll spill.

It`s a rural romantic comedy, called ‘Of Gods and Goats’. It`s about a widowed woman in her mid-thirties that raises goats in the hills of Pennsylvania that gets an unexpected guest in the form of a Greek god that is exiled from Olympus. This god turns her quiet life upside down in more ways than one and soon my protagonist is facing creatures from the Grecian mythological underworld, an amorous Greek god of war, nosy neighbors, pregnant goats, newspaper reporters and of course her own growing attraction to the leading man, Ares. I`ve been posting snippets on Facebook when I hit every 10,000 word hump, and if I may say so, the response from friends and in my two writers groups has been really favorable. If anyone is interested, I`d be more than happy to give you blogging buddies some sneak peeks as we roll along. Just shout out down in the comments section!

That`s pretty much what`s been keeping Feral busy over the past week or two. What`s been keeping y`all hopping?? Oh, before I forget which I do darned well, a big yodel of welcome to The Old Geezer Blog. Welcome to the hillside farm!


Toyin O. said...

That sounds like a great book!

TexWisGirl said...

sounds like your novel is a lot of fun!

hope your goat girl gets over her pink eye without it spreading! eek!

~from my front porch in the mountains~ said...

You are coming along with that book, arn't you!!!!! I know in my heart you will do well with it :)
Oh, the dreaded pink-eye! I know the drill! And yes, be careful the house dosen't end up with it. I know and found out the hard way. Nasty stuff :(
Have yourself a fantastic little day :)
xo, misha

Melodie said...

I love to have so much garden excess I can feed it to my critters! You are really making progress on your book!

Feral Female said...

Yeah, the book is coming along really well! I do have this thang for Greek mythos.

Oh the pink eye is a real bugger. We`ve never had it before here on the farm. We`ve had just about everything else but not pink eye.

Sharon said...

Ode de Buck - EW!

I couldn't eat those turkeys, they would have to be mean to me first, LOL!

I'd like to write a book, but really don't have the foggiest idea what is required. 67,000 words? Egad, isn't it a book yet? Self publishing, that's a tad expensive, isn't it? I'm serious, so any help with links would be appreciated. Thanks!

Feral Female said...

Hi Sharon-

Yes, self-publishing is a bit expensive but it has its merits, as well as its drawbacks. As the author you maintain control over the book when you self-pub, you also have to do all the marketing as well. Self-pub does eliminate having to go through the long, sad process of submitting your book only to have it rejected over and over by publishers afraid of taking on new, untried writers.

I`ve been to a seminar that gave us good info on the pros and cons(attending another next Sunday on marketing)and for me, self-pub is the way to go. Also, just as add on, quite a few folks have said that they wish they had self-published since they would have made more money. That of course all falls back on how hard you market your book.

If you have book to write, write it! Try your hand at submitting, you never know if a publisher might snap it up.

As to word count if the tale is told in 65,000 then yeah, you got a book. =) Mine is about two-thirds of the way done so I might hit 100,000 or thereabouts before it`s done. Of course, with editing it may get shorter if things need taken out or revised.

Hope that helps. If you have more questions, please ask and I`ll try to answer them the best I can.

Sharon said...

Thanks a lot! Guess maybe that's why there are so many children's books out there. Not so many words, LOL!

d'Artagnan said...

Your book sounds like a fun read! I'd love to read more!

d'Artagnan said...

Your book sounds like a fun read! I'd love to read more!

d'Artagnan said...

Your book sounds like a fun read! I'd love to read more!

Debbie @ Swampbilly Ranch said...

The book sounds great, the pink eye sounds horrible. Hope you have success with both of them!

Nancy @ A Rural Journal said...

The book sounds great! Please do post some exerpts here. Would love to read them. :)

Texan said...

How exciting on your book! My cucumbers didnt do squat this year! grrr Pink eye in the goat herd, uggg been there.