Monday, August 22, 2011

His Mind/My Mind

Sometimes, over a cuppa, I like to reflect or ponder upon things.

Today over my mug of heaven I thought I would ruminate over the differences in the male and female mind. Now I don`t profess to be any kind of mental health professional, and I know this subject has been debated since time immortal but sometimes the wide gap in man-woman brains astounds me. And this from a woman that`s been married over twenty years to the same man. (Got to stick that same man nugget in there nowadays just for clarification) What set my mind to mulling was a discussion Mister and I had Saturday.

It was our monthly ‘Go to dinner, see a flick and leave the kid at Grandma`s night’. So I called our little local theater to get the times and find out what was playing. After listening to the choices and pitching a fit that the new Ryan Reynolds movie wasn`t playing, Mister and I had this conversation. I think the subtle nuance of the mind-sets comes out rather well.

“Well,” I said with a frown over not being able to see my Ryan,” Out of all of them I`d like to see Conan.”

“It won`t be good,” my mate muttered. (He`s a huge fan of the original Arnold movie. Me on the other hand can barely tolerate watching the original due to the-well, we`ll see why-)

“Now how can you know that?”

“It`s not Arnold.”

*Sighs*” Yes, I know it`s not. It`s Jason Momoa. Maybe we`ll be able to understand what Conan says this time and hey, maybe Momoa can act!”

*Raising a brow at my slice at The Terminator* “He`s not as big as Arnold was.”

“And your point is?”

“It won`t be as good.”

“So the merit of the movie isn`t based upon the actor, his speech or his acting ability, it`s based on the size of the man`s pectorals?”

“When you look like Arnold it doesn`t matter if you can act or not.”

*Falling down into a chair to gape at the man*


“Nothing, I`m just trying to figure out what that even means,” I said dully.

“Look,” he said as if I were some silly woman,” If you look like Arnold it doesn`t matter if you can act. I mean, he was enormous! This guy isn`t nearly as-“

“But he couldn`t barely speak passable English when he made that!” I argued hoping my estrogen would wash over the testosterone words and somehow make them sensible to me.

“So? He was huge.”

“So`s an elephant but that doesn`t mean they can act!”

“What the hell does an elephant have to do with Conan?”

“What the hell does a man`s bicep girth have to do with good acting?” I inquired because I really wanted to know. A moment passed.

“It better have lots of blood,” Mister grunted.

I still don`t know what bearing a bigger chest has on a thespian`s ability to act. Nor shall I ever be able to figure out the discussion or the thought-process of the man I married. All I do know is that every male shall pale in comparison to Arnold I guess.

Oh, and the new Conan had enough blood to appease Mister.


Texan said...

rofl well go figure, though I do admit I like big muscles. But I too have never been a huge fan of Arnold.

Melodie said...

Do all men have man crushes on Arnold,lol!??I totally agree with you the new Conan is much better!

TexWisGirl said...

i used to really like arnold. not much anymore...

have been a fan on mr. momoa since watching him in HBO's Game of Thrones. :)

*~*~*~*~Tonia said...

LOL!!! Oh my that is so funny! Also shows the differences so Very well! I dont care what people say men and women see things Very differently! I remember watching the Original YEARS ago and all the men were like Yeah thats a good movie! I remember thinking Seriously?......Lol!

Mimi Foxmorton said...

At the risk of sounding eh, indelicate.......I would much rather be looking up at the new Conan any day...........
(on the screen....on the screen....!) ;)

And then.....(are you listening Hollywood?) I want a Wuthering Heights remake with this guy.......! PRONTO!

Men! ;)

Feral Female said...

I`m not sure what the fascination with Arnold is either gals. Don`t get me wrong, I like muscles.... *fades off dreaming of Ryan Reynolds* What? Oh sorry.

I much preferred Mr. Momoa in the role myself. He is quite handsome and a very good actor as well. A Wuthering Heights remake with him would be glorious Mimi!

Sharon said...

Not having a penchant for blood, gore or violence, I have not seen the original and I will not be seeing the new one either. I don't go to movies for the muscles.

They just have to be pretty! LOL! I believe at my age, pretty had a whole different meaning than it does now.

d'Artagnan said...

Ha! This cracked me up!



d'Artagnan said...

Ha! This cracked me up!



Anonymous said...

Pectorals = muscle man boobs

Some men gauge "talent" by size ... some women do too, but we measure a different body part ...

Funny post.

Toyin O. said...

Very funny, I can never understand the way some men think.

Anonymous said...

Can't stand Arnold... never could. HIs muscles were always bigger than his brain and I don't know many women that appreciate those kind of men. Just completely unappealing.