Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Gosh Diggity Darn-it!

Argh! Sometimes I make myself so darned mad!

*Flops down into kitchen chair and scowls at cup of coffee* Hey gang, come on in and rest for a spell. Don`t mind me, I`m just in a snit over the lack of memory my brain has. Wonder if I can upgrade it like a computer somehow. Jam a memory card in my ear or something along those lines?? Have my daughter upload important data into my head not unlike she does for my writing on my flash drive??

I had this wonderful, witty, clever idea for a blog post last night. These inspirations come to me at the most odd times and places. Last night it was as I was sitting in the tub trying to keep our black lab Trinity from dropping my slipper into my bath water. (Someday I`ll learn to close the door tightly) It was a boffo idea! I recall clearly thinking ‘Wow Feral that is such a darn humorous notion! You had best make sure you write it down!’

Well, life being what it is somehow I got diverted from the stellar witty thought. Probably it was either by the book I wanted to finish for a review later this week or by a video game. Or Toby Turner on YouTube, that guy cracks me up! Whatever the cause here it is morning and do you think I can remember what that great clever ideal was?!? Not even an extra cuppa has shaken it from my scattered mind. Where do these things go?? Is there some floating orb of random ideas somewhere in space that sucks up our brilliant notions? Is this the same place those missing socks in the dryer end up?

I don`t have one clue as to where all my witty ideas disappear to before I can locate a pen and paper but wherever they are they`re having one fine chuckle at me, I can just feel it. Cruel little taunting things that they are!

Aside from my lost blog entry idea things here are running pretty much as usual. I`m pleased to say that our battle with pinkeye and my sable doe Jennifer is about over. Her cloudy eyes are much improved! Now two others have it. *Sighs and takes a hearty swig of Folgers* So much for it being the non-contagious type. Ah well, such is the joy of being a goatherder I suppose. We`ve started drying down our milkers in preparation for breeding season in another 6-8 weeks. We`re still in the skip a day phase but soon we`ll notch it up to every third day for a few weeks. I`ll miss my goat milk. That store bought stuff just isn`t as good. I do like to give my girls a rest from milking though so I`ll suffer with that white water as I call the skim milk Mister grabs.

The birds are being birds. I`m down to one lone duck-my poor Qhuinn. He even looks blasé now since he molted his dashing drake feathers. He`ll grow them back, it`s normal for a Rouen drake to go through this girly phase, but I miss my handsome man duck. I`m currently looking for a friend for Qhuinn so if anyone nearby who reads this knows of anyone with some ducks to sell give me a holler.

What else? Miss is getting ready for school to start next week. Mister has been working overtime for a few weeks now, which is nice for the paycheck but makes him a darn worn-out goatherder. The book is going well I`m pleased to report! Got up over 76,000 words yesterday and the ending`s now in sight! When I hit 80,000 I`ll post a snippet here for y`all. Sunday I went to a marketing seminar at our local indie bookstore. Kasey did one heck of a job and passed along some great tips for selling and marketing our books before and after they`re published. Thanks Kasey and Kevin for doing these for us! Oh! I found an editor that will do mechanical, grammatical AND content editing all at once! That was a real boon and she`s local to boot!

Hurricane Irene didn`t hit us too soundly over the weekend. Just some rain on Sunday morning and a few gusts mostly. My thoughts do go to those who were hit hard.

Anything else I can think to pass along? *Ponders and sips* Not really I guess. Overall it`s been rather serene here on the hillside farm, well, aside from my missing thought bubble. If anyone finds that idea floating past them would you swat it back towards Pennsylvania?

So how are things going in your neck of the woods?


TexWisGirl said...

hope that idea comes back sometime! hate to see a good one lost!

(and i drink folgers too!) :)

Texan said...

just hate when I want to remember something and cant! Nothing new here, hotter than Hades still and still no rain ... summer is about over so thats great news!

Melodie said...

I always say the info is still in my brain I just have slow dial up and it takes awhile to access it!

Brenda said...

Stopped in to say Good Morning and to see what you were up to today. Congratulations on the book progress! I hope you find that missing thought soon ... and let us all know where they hide out!

Sharon said...

I often get the most ingenious ideas at night, but with the cold light of dawn, they have either flown or seem totally ridiculous, LOL!

Trying to write that book, um, I guess it will be a short (perhaps really short) story. Being the perfectionist that I am, I keep changing and rearranging and I know I should leave it alone until I am finished. It surely would be handy if I could actually type!I am a strictly hunt and peck sort of person. But it IS fun!

Pink eye, any chance of dosing the ones who don't have pink eye, just in case they are contracting it and they aren't pink yet? Just an uneducated comment there.

Feral Female a.k.a. Vicki Locey said...

If I locate that missing thought I`ll let y`all know it is was!

Glad to hear you`re enjoying penning your book Sharon. It really is enjoyable, and don`t let speed worry you. Every writer moves at thier own pace.

Mimi Foxmorton said...

Lovin' theat cartoon pic of the angry billy!

(And, you can shut the door tightly but they'll still wait on the other side.) ;)

Nancy @ A Rural Journal said...

I have those senior moments more than I like to admit. Very frustrating! :)

small farm girl said...

I hate when I forget things. It happens ALL the time!
We are drying up the milker here too. I think of it as giving ME a break too. lol

John Gray said...

what blog am I answering?

Feral Female a.k.a. Vicki Locey said...

You`re answering the blog written by the goofy goatherder John. =)

Well, the idea still hasn`t returned but as they say, such is life on the goat farm!