Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Fair Week-2011

Morning all, drop on down and join me in a freshly brewed cup!

*Flops into kitchen chair* I am done in! You ever heard the saying ‘I feel like I was rode hard and put away wet?’ Well I sure feel-Oh now, just stop that snickering! I swear you all have dirty minds. Oh, no-one was thinking that but me? Tee-hee and ahem. Anydoodles, the reason I`m so wiped out is that yesterday was our dairy goat show up at the Tioga Co. fair. As anyone who has a kid knows, show days are long days. Nine hours we spent up at the fairgrounds yesterday, and I have the redneck to prove it! *Peeks over at Mister* And not that one either!

Miss Yodeling did very well, Mama Yodeling said proudly, bringing in a second place prize for showmanship first thing off. Then as we went through the paces of the dairy show she won five reserve and grand champion rosettes for her LaMancha yearling Freya, Sable yearling Calliope and 5 year old Sable doe Jennifer. Here`s a shot of her and Jenny waiting for their class to be called.

And one of her and Freya, her pride and joy, after getting the reserve champion rosette. That`s my mother-in-law seated next to them. Bless her she sat through the entire show, juggling collars, papers, ribbons and cans of pop like a goat show pro!

Miss also won this blanket for grabbing the Best Overall Doe in the junior show.

She also placed fairly well in her group classes of Best Three Females and Best Doe Bred by Exhibitor, although if my life depended on it I couldn`t tell you guys what placing she got. She was showing her group class at the same time a girlfriend of mine was showing her four Get of Sires ( Three does from the same sire for non-goatherders) so I was running around trying to tug goats in the ring to aid my buddy. It was pretty funny actually. She would run up and shove two or three goats and me and anyone else with a spare hand, and into the ring we would run! Then we`d all dash out and have more goats shoved at us!

That`s just one of the fun things about fair I enjoy, kids and adults alike chipping in to help each other if needed. Also fair week is just one of those staples of rural living you know? Most of the kids here show something and so we adults get to catch up with folks we haven`t seen in awhile. Although there is one thing at the fair that I don`t care for-the smell of all that fried food! Oh my gosh, I about went into a grease withdrawal smelling all those glorious aromas on the air. I tried to behave and only had a foot-long hot dog with cheese for lunch but even that slapped me pretty badly with reflux. It really stinks to have ARD at times. I miss being able to enjoy foods I used to love, but, I suppose skipping all that grease isn`t a bad thing, right? Danged French fries sure looked good though.

Now that our hard work is done all that remains is the running back and forth to feed, water and milk every day. I just got back from the morning trip and Mister will stop on the way home from work to milk and tug our daughter home for dinner and chores. Thankfully the fair grounds are only about fifteen minutes away from home and no bridges are closed! Woo-Hoo! Thanks PennDot! Guess since we have our cuppa drank and the fair chat done I had best slug my way back to the washer and toss in a load, then maybe take a nap! Or read a book and have another cuppa.

Heck, maybe I`ll do all three!!


Sharon said...

Congratulations to Miss Yodeling for all those ribbons and awards! Makes all the hard work worth it, eh?

TexWisGirl said...

congrats to your daughter! glad you were able to resist the greasy fried stuff...

Texan said...

wow wtg to your daughter :O). French Fries mmmmmm

Willard said...

Congratulations to you daughter. I enjoyed reading about the fair. I was never involved in displaying animals, but used to go the fair every year.

Mary Ann said...

What a wonderful day you had! Congratulations!