Saturday, July 23, 2011

Thoughts From a Yodeling Puddle

Oh yes, this is me over the past few days-

Well mostly. My complexion isn`t quite that jade but my temperament has been identical. Seriously. You can ask Mister.

Dear Neptune it has been SO danged hot here I would actually enjoy getting doused with a bucket of cold water! Heck, I wouldn`t care if a certain farm girl with ruby slippers AND her little dog dumped it over my head. I have lived in these mountains for quite a spell and I cannot recall it ever being this hot so early in the summer. The past couple of days we`ve had over a hundred in the shade and the humidity….hell I don`t even want to talk about the humidity.

The goats won`t stick their noses out of the barn, can`t say as I blame them. The birds are wandering around panting and Sir Patrick of Moo stays hidden in the wooded lot of his pasture. As for Feral and her gang we`ve been trying to get done what needs done before eleven in the morning. Yesterday when I woke up at five it was eighty-two degrees. Eighty-two degrees at five in the morning! That is very, very rare up here in the hills. Usually we drop down into the sixties at night but not of late. I honestly don`t know how folks in the big city can stand these kinds of heat waves.

We three intrepid, or idiotic can`t decide which, goatherders have gotten a good chunk of our winter wood in and stacked over Mister`s vacation. And that is really about it. Trust me on this one after the last trip on Thursday no-one wanted mama outside anymore. If there is one thing I`m rather good at its bitching. Again, ask Mister. He will concur readily I`m sure.

We did venture out last night to go see Captain America but that was in an air conditioned car then sitting in a nice cool theater. The movie was a hoot. Being the Marvel comic nerd that I am of course I was thrilled to be seeing characters coming to life that I had only ever read about in my beloved comics. If anyone is looking for a great film to take the kids to see I highly recommend Cap. Although I may be just a bit biased. *Smiles sheepishly*

On another path we finally caught the rassafrassin` beast that`s been killing my ducks. I am now down to one drake thanks to a certain nasty varmint. In a last ditch effort to catch the blighter Mister placed leg-hold traps in the ducks pen. We herded my poor solo drake into his coop and locked him in tightly. Next morning when I let the dogs out I could hear Tinker braying and jogged back to wake Mister up. Right next to the duck coop he had caught a HUGE boar coon. Poor Qhuinn (That`s my drakes name) was huddled into the furthest corner of his coop when I let him out after the duck killer had been eradicated. I had to lure him out with some feed. Now he has to chum around with the geese who seem to tolerate him as long as he isn`t too close.

Darn but losing my birds, and especially my waterfowl, makes me SO mad! I know that the wild animals are only doing what they need to do to survive but still, why my ducks guys? Yeah I know, they`re easy pickings. Just like my buff silky hen Jo-Jo the Second was an easy mark for a red-tail the other day. Of course we can`t do a thing but watch the son-of-a-gun fly off but consabbit, I really liked that little golden Silky hen. That sadly is all part and parcel of having poultry I suppose. *Sighs*

So trying to end this on a more chipper note, I hope it`s been cooler where y`all are! Guess I had best get to the laundry that`s waiting so I`ll be flying off.

Now where did I put my broomstick?


texwisgirl said...

sorry you're struggling with the humidity. at least here we have dry weather so that's kept low, even as the temps continue to soar.

sorry about your fowl and your foul mood! :)

Sharon said...

So sorry about your birds, maybe a coon hunt is called for, maybe has been too much catch and release and the balance is upset.

This heat and humidity has a lot of folks in bad moods, being cooped up in the house, gets on a lot of last nerves!

Summer will end and bring a different misery - cold and it will start all over again. :-)

Sall's Country Life said...

So sorry about your ducks! I learned a long time ago not to name my farm critters, sure as the world as soon as you put a name on that cute little face something happens to them! We still have Sully the rooster, but he is a super-chicken. I'm sure Marvel could have based a few comic books on him! Try to control yourself and get through this heat spell, find a bucket of water and dunk your head in it. I hate to see you turning green!Yikes!

small farm girl said...

We use to have 24 ducks at one time. After 3 weeks we ended up calling them coyote bait. We don't have a one left.

Mary Ann said...

Oh my gosh, it was 84 here this morning... and 102 right now, I just checked. Everyone and everything is tired of it. I just ran cold water for everyone, and put out frozen ice bottles for the poor birds to lay against. I see some clouds drifting in and am ready to do the rain dance! I hope you get some soon, Feral!

Texan said...

I know this heat is wicked but in ways we are used to it here in Texas. We do see these type temps yearly, maybe not this many days without a break to at least high 90s but yes we see them every year....

I know some of you guys being hit with this just don't see these temps usually.

and yes the heat can surely make one cranky, just ask my honeyman and ummm that wouldn't me we are discussing.. Honeyman gets rather cranky in this non ending heat. LOL

Feral Female said...

You know I never used to mind the heat so much when I was younger. I`m not sure if the 'Change' has made me so touchy about weather extremes or if I was always so cranky and have just started letting it out! =)

Charlotte said...

Just found your blog and I love it.
Here in Louisiana we are all melting too. My dad raised rabbits and had 5 girls. Of course we named them and he would get so angry at us, because they were all to become breakfast.