Monday, July 18, 2011

This Doctor Makes Housecalls!

Hello and happy Monday gang!

Step inside out of the heat and we`ll have a fresh cup while we catch up. How was everyone`s weekend? Filled with fun and good times I hope. Ours was a pretty nice one despite the weather which is creeping up into the intolerable range once again. Friday night we three goatherders trundled into town to see the last of the Harry Potter movies. *Sniffles* What a grand and wonderful series of books and films those were. I`ll miss reading about Harry, Ron and Hermione. I can recall sitting down with my daughter and reading those novels together once upon a time.

The rest of the weekend raced by with cutting and hauling firewood, and man alive is my body telling me about it! This old gray mare ain`t what she used to be. I said to Mister as we were filling the stove room with last year’s leftovers to make room for the new wood something along these lines-

“You know snookie-pookie it is REALLY hot out here!”

To which he replied something akin to this-

“Yeah we`re getting warmed twice with this wood ain`t we?”

He`s such a wisenheimer at times.

Yesterday afternoon I went to a self-publishing seminar at our local indie bookstore. That was very informative and oodles of fun and really helped me a great deal. I also found an editor for my novel-in-progress! *Does happy goatherder dance*

Today is another sweltering one already and it`s only a little after ten as I`m typing this. Mister and Miss are off in the woods go fetch another wagon load of wood. I got to stay home and wait for our large animal vet Dr. Lisa to show up. The four ladies that are heading to fair in a couple of weeks need their health certificates. I mentioned to Dr. Lisa as we sauntered down to the goat barn that I only see her once a year. She commented that was a good thing and I guessed I have to agree!

Of course the girls were thrilled to have visitors and Dr. Lisa gave the fair going gals a good once-over. Now we need to get the tattooing and clipping done! I couldn`t tattoo since I didn`t get the papers from ADGA for Tali. Still don`t have them but I did manage to get a hold of the gal we bought her from last night, so Dr. Lisa at least had the tattoo numbers for the health certificate.

Clipping though…Ugh…tiny goat hairs stuck to every darn nook and crevasse (And yes I do have some crevasses) as sweat runs down through the buzzed goat hair plastered to your body. Did I say ugh yet? I did, okay, Blech! But that`s all part and parcel of showing animals. Itchy crevasses. That sounds risqué doesn`t it? Or it could be the name of a rock band! The Itchy Crevasses Live at Madison Square Garden. Gracious my mind goes off on the STRANGEST roads don`t it?

So what`s been keeping y`all busy since last we visited?


texwisgirl said...

oh my goodness. LOVE the band title! had me snickering good!

small farm girl said...

LOL! You need to show before and after pictures of the goat hair cuts. Extreme Goat Makeovers!

Sall's Country Life said...

HaHaHa! Just came in from doing a little weed trimming and I know all about those itchy crevasses! Now I'm filling up the grand-kids pool so Grandma and Grandpa can cool off!! You goatherders sure are ambitious in the heat!!!

Country Dreaming said...

Not a fan of this heat!
Sounds like a busy weekend for you.
We had a somewhat quiet one.
thanks for stopping by and leaving the nice comment.
Come back soon.


Nancy @ A Rural Journal said...

Bugs and hot weather. If I had to add in goat hair, I think I'd scream. :)

Mary Ann said...

I saw Harry Potter over the weekend, too, and LOVED it!

Llama wool is worse! Sticks to EVERYTHING!

Art and Sew Forth said...

Good good memories of our fair days! 4-H is the best...though shaving goats is not! All the wonderful shows, including the costume class...oh such fun! And they are the sweetest, sweetest animals!

Willard said...

An excellent post as usual. This hot weather is something--still in the 80s as I write this just before dawn.

I hope you make out OK with self publishing--there are so many things one could do with it if it were more cost effective, an example being a coffee table photo book in which I have found that they charge so much to make the book that one cannot sell it cost effectively, but in the case of making DVDs, it can be done quite reasonably. There is so much to think about when one tries to do something like this.