Monday, July 25, 2011

Sunday Morning at the Cow Barn

Good morning everyone! C.B. the cow barn rooster here to tell you about the day we had yesterday. Before I get into the rather rowdy morning we chickens had over at the cow barn I`d like to take a moment to crow just a bit. This is a picture of part of my family.*Puffs up breast feathers* That is me in the background.

I`m very proud of my little chicks and my lovely brides are doing an excellent job of raising them up to be proper young chickens! I must admit being the only rooster in a cow barn filled with hens is a right dandy job!

Okay, now that I`ve boasted enough I`ll get on with the post. Gracious knows what would happen if that goofy goatherder came back from doing chores and found me here at the kitchen table pecking out my story! It wouldn`t be pretty and would involve dumplings I fear! *Shudders*

Sunday morn was a sticky one. Actually it was quite warm all night. I even had to skittle away from one of the wives during the night on the roost to try to cool down. The sun came up early yesterday and although it was quite toasty it wasn`t too terribly bad. I was stretching my wings and trying to decide which of my ladies to impress first when the Kubota tractor roared to life just outside the cow barn. I nearly lost a few tail feathers in fright let me tell you!

It seems that the goatherder and her husband had plans on hauling the large pile of cow bedding to the fields before the heat grew too oppressive. My wives were not impressed to have their beauty sleep interrupted again. Can I help it if I crow in my sleep?? We got down from the roost and hurried outside to see what was going on. The big orange tractor had been pulled right next to the cow barn. Then of course those silly turkeys showed up. One even had thoughts of trying to drive the tractor after eyeing it very closely! Can you imagine the bedlam on our hillside farm if a turkey were behind the wheel of that tractor?! They are very silly birds if I do say so.

The goatherder and her Mister worked very hard and very quickly to get their job done. I spent some time preening and crowing as they worked. I also tried to show the youngest of my peeps how to dig and peck in the fresh dirt under that pile of bedding and cow manure. The bugs are just glorious! You humans really should try them sometime. Fresh maggots and worms for breakfast, yummy!

As I was pecking about I was rudely shuffled aside when Mister Goatherder got off his tractor and opened the sliding door of Sir Patrick of Moo`s barn. Apparently he was giving my friend and sometime resting perch, some fresh hay. Sir Patrick loves hay.

I have tried it a few times, at my bovine friends’ insistence, but it gets caught in my crop so I stick to bugs and scratch grain now. After the manure spreader was filled and the cow barn cleaned and freshly bedded Mister Goatherder hurried to spread the fertilizer and Mrs. Goatherder skedaddled back to the house and the air conditioning.

Once all the hoopla was over with I spent the rest of the day helping to watch the many peeps as they did what young peeps do. I also spent some time wooing a few of my pretty hens. It is a busy life here in the cow barn but no worries, I am rooster enough to handle it all and still greet the day with a loud cock-a-doodle-doo!

Oh yes, before I dash back to the barn I`d like to give a hearty crow of welcome to LaFemme Roar! I hope you enjoy your visits here, even if it isn`t always a handsome rooster such as me posting.


TexWisGirl said...

'i crow in my sleep' ha!

sir patrick of moo sure is a handsome fella. but so are you c.b.

Sharon said...

Such an interesting post, C.B.! I am sure you have lots to do, but you seem to be handling it quite well!

Country Dreaming said...

What a post!
This is the first one I have read by a rooster. Dos and cats--roosters no.
Way too funny!