Thursday, July 14, 2011

Sharing the Evening

Yesterday the humidity finally broke and the temperature dropped thankfully! After dinner it was a perfect 70 degrees here with a lovely cool breeze. So I grabbed my camera and out we went for an evening drive and some garden duty. I thought you might want to share the evening with us, just to see what we yodeling goatherder`s do up here in the Laurel Highlands of Pennsylvania on a lovely summer eve.

Some of that new hay Mister has been working on-

Spotted her alongside the road-

Some shots of our beautiful county and landscape-

The raspberries are ripe and oh so tasty-

A little garden tending for some very thirsty plants-

Some fruits or veggies I guess I should say of our labors. A big ole cucumber-

And a little bitty squash-

And of course some tom-foolery-

Hope your evening was as pleasant as ours was! And a big yodel of welcome to Lisa Sall! Howdy Lisa! Welcome to the hillside farm!


texwisgirl said...

love the family tom-foolery. wonderful shots of your vistas. :)

Sharon said...

70! You lucky! Looks like heaven! (We haven't seen 70 in a month or more - even at night!) So nice you could go out and not melt and do the things that need doing! Plus, a little playing around is really nice too!

Mary Ann said...

I'm glad it's dry and good there... we are expecting a terrible week of heat and humidity! Wanna trade?

~from my front porch in the mountains~ said...

Love all your pics! And what a fantastic garden.
Geez. Lucky you :) 70 degrees!!!!
Oh, how I wish! We had a heat index 111 again today. Hottest summer here for us yet. Oy!
Have a cool, fun weekend!
xo, misha

Flat Creek Farm said...

Those family shots are priceless :) It sure is beautiful in your neck of the woods! -Tammy

Carol............. said...

Picture number 4 is especially awesome...great job!