Friday, July 29, 2011

How I Became Feral

Morning y`all! Drop on down and we`ll share a pot.

It`s come to me that quite a few of my blogging buddies and friends have been wondering how I became Feral Female. Quite a few folks have asked me what my username means and how did it come about. Since we all know each other so well now I figured I`d pass along the particulars. It all started with this man-

Oh yeah, that`s Marvel Comics Wolverine, one of my top three favorite comic characters. The first comic I ever read was a Wolverine comic. I can`t recall which one it was now but I was immediately enthralled. And I wasn`t a child of seven or eight at the time either! I was a fully grown woman when I first read a comic book. I had just seen the first of the X-Men movies and after I picked my jaw up off the floor after viewing Hugh Jackman in the role I just had to have more! This was a world that I had never entered before. A world filled with mutants and heroes, villains and people that ran around in spandex and capes and actually looked good in their get-ups!

I did a fast search on local comic book stores and found my man Jared. Of course local up here in the mountains is not what local in the city is. Jared`s shop, Heroes Your Mom Threw Out, which is THE coolest name for a comic shop I`ve ever seen, was close to forty-five minutes away. Didn`t matter though, Mister and I and Miss made the trip one day and my life has never been the same since. I strolled into that cramped little store that was filled with shelves and boxes of comics and I was hooked. I came home that day with a bag full of Wolverine comics and a character I had never heard of before-Deadpool.

Of course those who know me now are fully aware of the love affair that grew between me and the Merc with the Mouth as Deadpool is sometimes referred to. But it didn`t stop with just Wolverine and Deadpool! Oh no, I found myself falling head over heels in love with Tony Stark as well as my love of Marvel comics began to grow. Iron Man quickly flew up to hold a firm spot for first place among my comic hero heartthrob list.

Once I found myself immersed in this realm of comic nerds I was kind of alone. No-one else I knew read comics in our little burg. Mister to this day will maybe pick up a Captain America or a Ghost Rider when they come from Jared in the mail but he`s not into the whole comic scene. Miss is somewhat but aside from my daughter there was not a soul to chat about comics with. So I went to the Marvel boards one day and gave them a quick peek. Lord alive but the place was packed with fellow comic aficionados! I hurried to register and then had to come up with a user name. Well fiddlesticks I thought staring at the registration page. What the heck kind of name can I come up with that would suit me? I thought back to what or who as the case may be, had brought me to this place, and decided to go with Feral Female since Wolverine is sometimes called ‘The Feral One’.

From that point on I`ve been Feral. I`ve had the pleasure of being made a moderator at the Marvel boards and I have to admit that it was writing fan fiction, which I still do heavily, that really opened up the world of writing to me. I`ll guess here and say I became Feral about five years ago. Now it is as much a part of me as my real name. I have friends on Facebook that never call me Vicki, it`s always Feral even though they know my real name! Heck, I answer to Feral just as quickly as I do my given name anymore!

I even went and had a tattoo done on my left bicep to honor the character that had brought so much joy into my life. Logan-James Howlett-Wolverine-Weapon X-Whatever moniker you are using my man, I thank you for not only showing me what a glorious world the world of comic books is but for opening up a whole new persona for me and for allowing me the joy of discovering the written word and all that being a scribe may bring me. Logan has also given me so many wonderful comic friends that I can chatter with daily, and do, about the world of Marvel comics and our regular lives as well. Wolverine, you rock!

So that`s how a farm wife from the hills of PA became a Feral Female. Now I must be off, I smell evil afoot! *Tugs on spandex costume and mask and flies to the door*

Before I take off to apprehend villains I`d like to give a big yodel of welcome to Charlotte Crowley! Thanks for stopping in to visit.


Nancy @ A Rural Journal said...

And here I thought it had to do with your many farm animals. Silly me.

Very cool that you have this interest, Feral/Vicki. Anything that feeds the soul is a good thing. :)

Sharon said...

We encountered a feral cat once, that was beyond wild............. it attacked us. Thought maybe that's where the name came from, thanks for setting me straight!

Good Morning, BTW, I think, I can hardly open my eyes yet.....

TexWisGirl said...

aha! i knew the comic character obsession, but didn't realize the FF moniker was due to it also! :)

Melodie said...

The mystery is solved!

Art and Sew Forth said...

LOL! Great story! But, of course, now I want to see the tattoo!

Mr. Pip said...

I always wondered where the name came from!

Your pal, Pip

Mimi Foxmorton said...

Everybody LOVES a Superhero! ;)

Feral Female said...

Tee-hee Sharon, Mister may say that I am at times like a feral cat!

Texan said...

There you have it, a name is born! A name I have always just loved! :O)