Friday, July 8, 2011

Fun With Numbers

Morning all, tug out a chair and have a fresh cuppa!

You know I adore numbers! And my favorite number is umpteen. It`s the most enjoyable number for a few reasons I reckon. First it`s just fun to say isn`t it? Secondly it fits so many different things in my day to day life! Seems at least once a day that silly number pops up in either mine or Mister`s conversation.

For example this is our umpteenth brood to hatch out in the cow barn.

Two mama hens did all the work, sitting side by side for three weeks. Then when the chicks began to hatch out Old Red Hen wiggled her plump little rump into things! Now those nine chicks have three mothers to fret about them. They should sure know how to be a chicken in no time flat with all that maternal attention!

Then there`s our yellow lab Poe who was first given the moniker Madame Umpteen.

You may be asking yourself’ Feral, how could such an adorable old woman like Poe have earned such an odd nickname?’ Well I`ll tell you how, after I get another swig of java juice. Ah that is good stuff! Okay, so Poe was bestowed that name way back when she was young simply because you have to tell her things umpteen times.

‘Poe, would you stop stomping on that bee`s nest?!’

‘Poe, didn`t I ask you to stop digging in the manure pile not three minutes ago?! Yes I know there are mice in there but seriously have you SEEN your paws?!’

‘Poe, are you deaf? I could have sworn I told you several times to NOT wallow in the goose pond and then come inside and leap on the couch!’

‘Poe! Poe! Poe! POE!’ (This is said umpteen times by me as I call her to the house)

Also aside from Madame Umpteen we have Lu-Lu, who I think is vying for the coveted title of Madame Umpteen-the Feline Edition. I swear on Ryan Reynolds rippled abs that I remove that cat from places she does not belong umpteen times in the course of the day. Such as-

In the base of the new turkey waterer-

In the dish drainer-

And knocking over my carefully arranged action figures! (Yes it IS important that Ironman be beside War Machine and that Nick Fury`s teeny little guns aren`t scattered hither and yon Lu-Lu! Another of my little foibles is now common knowledge.)

I could also list my dear husband in the above list of how often I use the number umpteen but we`ve already covered how many knots I`ve gotten on my head from open cupboard doors. I`ve told him about that more than umpteen times rest assured! Him and the animals listen about the same. Feral! Now that wasn`t nice at all! *Giggles impishly*Poor Mister Yodeling, he takes such abuse from me at times. Love you honey-buns! That should smooth things over don`t y`all think???

So due to the sheer number of times we use umpteen it is now our favorite number.

I ain`t really sure if that`s a good thing or not. *Scratches head and ponders*


phylliso said...

Your cat in the dish drainer is too much,& by the action figures,wonder why it is that they seem to think of themselves as being so small to fit in these areas?happy Friday,phyllis

texwisgirl said...

oh your sweet poe looks so much like my old marigold girl... love, love, love... :)

Willard said...

It is always good to catch up on the happenings at your farm. They remind me so much of when we were young and growing up on our farm.

Art and Sew Forth said...

LOL...this is hysterical! I have 7 kids (most grown and out now) and I could tell many 'umpteen' stories as well! Especially since 6 are boys!
I think your kity just wants to blend in and pretend to be a fly on the wall - or in a dish - to observe from.
Thanks for visiting my blog. I sure enjoyed yours!

Sharon said...

Yep, that's a very good number. Works for me!

Mary Ann said...

A most excellent post! My youngest collected action figures and STILL DOES (he's 41 this year). His grandma called them his "Little Men" as in "Jeff, get your little men off the floor so I can vacuum!"