Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Freedom, batteries and Fifties

Hello all and happy day after the 4th!

I hope everyone had a fun and safe holiday. Our three day weekend was a full one but a nice one! We goatherders weren`t the only ones to be feeling some independence either! Our meat turkeys are finally old enough to be let out and boy howdy are they enjoying themselves! We keep them inside until they`re feathered out, just in case a rain blows up.

I know some folks have heard that old saying that turkeys are so dumb they`ll look up into a rain and drown. From what I`ve read that isn`t true, what happens is that poults will get soaked and go into shock. One of the signs of shock is that their heads will tip back, so I can see how that saying got started. That`s not to say that domestic turkeys are Einstein`s by any means!

So far I`ve taken various bits of trash and plastic from their beaks, it`s like having six two year olds running through the yard! Although they did do Mister a favor! He was out front chatting with one of his buddies when he saw one of the turkeys running around with something. Over he went to take it from the bird and lo and behold that turkey had a fifty dollar bill in its beak!! True story I swear. The bill is kind of mildewed but that didn`t stop my husband from cramming it into his wallet so fast I barely saw the face of the president on it!

Sunday we went to my sister-in-laws for a family cookout. I was all sorts of set to snap some pictures, even making sure I took fresh batteries out of the charger before we left. I sat and waited for the rest of the kinfolk to arrive, since everyone just loves having their pictures in the blog she typed sardonically. I had a good one all lined up only to find out my camera wouldn`t work. I snapped and cussed and snapped and nothing! Then Mister took the camera and popped the batteries out. Oh the look he gave me then. You ladies know the look.

“What?” I asked.

“These batteries aren`t rechargeable,” he said and showed me the words LITHIUM clearly stamped on the sides of the AA`s. Well color me sheepish.

“Well they were in the charger!” I huffed as I crammed my camera into my front pocket.

So no pictures of the cookout due to poor battery labeling, the words were too small for my bifocals to read clearly. That’s my excuse and I`m sticking to it!

Yesterday we had a nice day at home and cooked some hot dogs on the grill for dinner. We had thoughts of going to the fireworks down at the lake, but Mister had to be up at three this morning to go back to work. I did get some housecleaning done yesterday so I figure today is a free day right? Miss Yodeling has one of her friends over today. She and he are back there in her room playing video games at the moment so Mama is going to sit back, sip some coffee and do some blog catching up!

How was your holiday weekend??


Sharon said...

Wouldn't you know it? Think you are on top of the game and ffft! My camera has it's own type and a charger - hate to think how much a replacement will be!

Found $50 huh, maybe I ought to get some geese............

texwisgirl said...

well, glad the batteries didn't explode in the charger or anything... the $50 would just about cover a new set of rechargeables... ha!

Nancy @ A Rural Journal said...

My turkeys have only cost me money, not earned me any! Lucky hubby!

Sorry about the camera batteries. Nothing worse than a non-working camera on a holiday. :)

Country Dreaming said...

I'd like to find $50 buckeroos in my yard. Congrats.
Soiunds like you holiday was a grand one.
Don't you just love batteries and technology?


Feral Female said...

Now if we could only get the goats to burp up some cash we`d be set for life!!

small farm girl said...

Maybe I should get me some turkeys. lol

Texan said...

Well gosh I might need some Turkeys! LOL

and hey I am with you on the writing being so darn small on EVERYTHING anymore you can't read a word of it! Most annoying!!

Sheeps and Peeps Farm said...

Did the exact same thing with batteries recently... couldn't figure out why the re-charger kept blinking... even tried them again before finally figuring it out.
Love the turkey pictures!

Sheryl at Providence Acres Farm said...

Love your blog!

$50 ! Wow! I have to get some turkeys!

Kritter Keeper at Farm Tails said...

that was interesting about the turkeys in the rain...never knew that. and way to go with the good little money finder, that turkey needs to be a pet. he might find more goodies for you! glad you had a nice fourth celebration!