Thursday, June 23, 2011

What This Blog Means To Me

Howdy all! *Drops into kitchen chair and takes a long loving gulp of java juice*

To quote one of my favorite X-Men Hank McCoy, ‘Oh my stars and garters!’

I have been trying to find time to sit down and pen a blog post for days!’ Well, Hank isn`t bemoaning his lack of blogging time I don`t think when he says that, but I just like the saying and figured Hank wouldn`t mind me borrowing it. Those comic guys are pretty good sorts most generally.

Life has just been crazy with a capitol K here on the hillside farm, and sadly my blog seems to get the brunt of my lack of writing time. For that I apologize. Mister had Tuesday off and we spent the day laying a drain pipe down at the goat barn. Not that a moat isn`t cool and radical or whatever the kids say nowadays but slurry is not cool or radical or even groovy. Our pretty Pennsylvania red clay sure stinks for drainage! But the problem is fixed now and we don`t have to wallow through that mess anymore! But there went my writing time for Tuesday.

Yesterday we had to have Miss Yodeling down to Danville to see the orthopedic surgeon to check her back. A few years ago the school nurse informed us Miss had scoliosis. We ended up seeing one of the surgeons down at Geisinger who, after some x-rays, told us that although she did have some curvature he thought it was coming from one leg being a tad longer than the other. Wednesday she went back for another check-up and more X-rays. Her spine hasn`t gotten any worse, thank heaven, so now we`re looking at getting a lift made for her right shoe.(See Miss, Grandma was right when she said all those years ago that running up and down these side hills would make one leg longer than the other! Grandma`s are ALWAYS right!)

After stopping for lunch and some odds and ends we came home, did chores and then Miss and I let out for Wellsboro.

There is a new writers group forming at the book store in town (One of my favorite haunts as y`all know) and I was pretty keen to be a part of the organizational meeting. I run a writers group that meets at our library in Wellsboro once a month and this new one sounds like it will really complement what we do at the library nicely! There really is nothing like interaction and feedback for a writer. I adore my writers group and have learned so much from it.

Anydoodles, during a break from the setting up and general discussions I spent a few minutes chatting with one of the ladies that is a regular at our library group. This is a link to her blog, she is a delightful person and a very skilled scribe that just recently self-published her first children`s novel.

Life is short-Write it all down

As we were talking amid the books I mentioned to Michele that I always feel so badly when I can`t find time to do my blog entries. She is a busy blogger and I really just stand in awe of folks who can update their blogs almost daily AND find time to write novels and just do the whole life thang. After the meeting I got to thinking about blogging and what it means to me.

I know many writers use their blog to get their name out there, because hey, a blog is a form of publishing right? So I suppose in a way I use this here blog for that, although my name isn`t listed but my username from a comic board is. That`s okay though, I`ve been Feral for so long I now answer to it as neatly as I do my real name! Sometimes better truth be told.

So yeah, while I do think that part of my blog is to help get my name out there, I don`t think that`s the real core reason I love to blog. I don`t use my blog to push my fiction work so I don`t suppose that really is aiding me any in that distant dream of someday seeing what I write published. I don`t use my blog to shout out my feelings on controversial subjects like politics, religion or any of the other things millions of bloggers blog about. I don`t stick to one subject-say writing or skiing or hunting-so this blog isn`t a venue for me to show how knowledgeable I am about things. Actually the thought of me on skis is pretty funny isn`t it?? Ah, sorry, I digressed there for a minute. I try not to prattle on about the novel I`m working on all the time so this blog isn`t meant to be a means to hype folks up about that either.

Why then do I blog? And why then do I feel so badly when I can`t get back here?

That was what had me ruminating all night after the meeting at Kasey`s bookstore. I think I`ve come up with the answer.

I feel badly about not having time to blog, and devoting the majority of my writing time to my book, because this blog is about friendship. Just like when you want to talk to that friend you haven`t talked to in SO long but you just can`t seem to find the time to call, and when you do get a breather it`s too late at night? That is why I get so guilty when other projects and life drag me away from this wonderful community. This blog has come to mean more to me than just a means to get my name ‘Out There.’

It`s grown to be a breather of sorts for me, a time to sit down, have a cuppa and just chat with friends about the day to day. To catch up with the friends I`ve made blogging and see what`s cooking on their farms and homesteads.

Over the past couple of years it seems my life has grown by leaps and bounds. For a woman who is fifty I`ll admit that I`m pretty tickled over that! When I was a pup I couldn`t imagine that I would be looking at a new love (Writing that is, Mister is my old love. *Waggles brows*) and thinking of stepping into the sometimes shark-filled world that is publishing. Heck I figured I would be sitting on the porch shucking beans and rocking in my creaky rocking chair at fifty! Goes to show what I knew at eighteen huh?

That I now have the fortitude to strike out, either by the traditional publishing route or self-publishing, I owe in large part to all of you. Yup, each one of you, be you new friends or old ones, have given me the encouragement I needed to do what I love to do. Knowing that y`all come here for a cup and a chuckle warms me like a fresh mug of Folgers on an icy winter day. With your support and kind words and the backing of my husband and daughter and family, I now stand here at fifty, proud to say that I`m a writer. Whether I`m a good writer or not isn`t for me to say but I think I`m fair to middlin` as my mother was known to state.

And this blog is a large part of that confidence. Even if we only chat about our goats or our dislike of a certain piano playing man on my classic rock station, the friendship that has blossomed from this blog is a large part of my life now and man do I miss it when I can`t get here to shoot the breeze!

That is what this blog means to me. Friendship and a hot cuppa, what more could anyone ask?


texwisgirl said...

amen. and cheers to this wonderful blogging community we have found. (just had to chuckle at the jab to billy joel on the radio...) ha!

Sharon said...

Really good that you are getting the young miss straightened out! I have scoliosis and it never was addressed and now that I am old and arthritis is setting in.... well, glad you can do something about hers!

Nancy @ A Rural Journal said...

I just posted something similar on another blog a few minutes ago. A blog can be whatever you want it to be. Sometimes our views or interests change, and out blogs usually change with us. I think it's wonderful to be able to converse, comment, whatever... via this medium. It satisfies a need I have that isn't fulfilled by standard methods.

You put it so beautifully. I'm so happy to have met you. :)

houndstooth said...

I guess I'm not sure how to respond to this. I think friendship and support are very important, especially in the often lonely world of writing and publishing. I hope the book turns out really well and wish you the best with it!

John Gray said...

blogs are a strange thing

we bloggers love our blogs...and I think they act as another friend to us needy blokes and lasses

Mr. Pip said...

I love the idea of blogging as a breather! I agree, blogging is my time to breathe, laugh, be silly, learn, make friends, etc. I wish I had more time, but I enjoy the time I have.


Debbie @ Swampbilly Ranch said...

I have found my blog to be a much bigger part of my life than I ever expected. I love the heart in the coffee. :)

phylliso said...

My daughter-in-law`s mother has scolosis so bad,she is 60 & really needs to go to assisted living,but I am the one who drives her places when she`s not up to driving.Her right ribs are resting on her right hip.I shudder to think what that means to her insides.Hopefully your daughter found out soon enough & can work with the doctors on helping herself resolve this & walk without pain.I wear a lift in my right shoe too,when I can find it to put it in,it`s better than having a built up shoe.
I wonder what you are up to when you don`t blog,so now we know!!!Glad you`re a blogger buddy,phyllis

Feral Female said...

Thanks for the good wishes for Miss Yodeling. Her spine hasn`t gotten any worse so we`re thankful for that. Hopefully once we get the lift made it will aid in keeping anything from progressing as she gets older.

I`m glad to have met y`all too!

Hobo's Books said...

Thanks so much for the kudos, comments, and shout-outs for our bookstore, Yodeling/Feral/Awesome Bookish-writing-farming friend! :) You feel about your blog the way I used to feel about my journal ... but my journal didn't have a community to get support from. The interactive part is something new and special, in this digital world, if we choose to make it work for us that way. Seems like you've done a great job at that.

My only contention: what's wrong with Billy Joel? lol! I LIKE his music!