Sunday, June 12, 2011

What Does the Yellow Light Mean?

Howdy all! *Collapses into chair with fresh cup of decaf*

Man alive it has been such a busy week I don`t know if I`m coming or going. I hope everyone had a nice weekend! I think we did. I`ve been doing so much running since school let out I`m now beginning to feel like Reverend Jim, played by the amazing Christopher Lloyd on Taxi.

Some of you may recall during that classic bit with him asking about what the yellow light means during his driving test and Jeff Conaway`s character Bobby Wheeler replies ‘Slow down’. With perfection of comedic timing Reverend Jim then whispers ‘What…..does……the……yellow……light………mean?’

I`ve been hustling my own taxi back and forth all week and tomorrow I`ll have another run. Miss Yodeling, we`re rather proud to say, has been chosen to attend FFA Activities Week at Penn State University from June 14-16 as part of our high schools land judging team. Since school is over for the summer she and her three other land judgers have been reporting to their Ag teachers home every other day, or there about, to study as hard as they can in preparation.

Of course a trip to Penn State for two days meant a clothes shopping run on Thursday to Wal-Mart for a new swimsuit and other last minute items. Friday I had to take my MIL to the eye doctor so she could have her eyes checked and pupils dilated. This trip to the optometrist ran into the trip to the Ag teachers house but thankfully Miss Yodeling`s friends, and fellow judger of land, mother picked the girls up and brought them home.

Also during this time of the yellow Mom taxi frenzy I`ve had an ad in the paper trying to sell goats, ducklings and goslings. So of course the phone has been ringing and I`ve been jogging down to the goat barn to talk to prospective new goat owners while arranging to have my buck Auron take a love trip to someone who has three does in heat and no mature buck! Oh, and of course there was the usual weekly grocery run and a not-so-quick trip to town to purchase Miss Yodeling her first cell phone so I could call down to Penn State and make sure all is well. Yeah but I`m a mom and that`s what we do so learn to live with it kids!

Friday night was a big event as well as my nephew Shane graduated high school. Today his folks threw him a party and we all had one heck of a good time. I ate WAY too much but the food was just too good to pass up, and yes Kelly, those were deviled duck eggs! I have a few snapshots of the get together to share, not too many, I promise!

A table filled with cousins-

Me and the graduate (Congratulations Shane!)-

And one of my niece just because she didn`t want anyone taking her picture!

Tomorrow is the last trip to the Ag teacher’s farm then Tuesday we have to be at our local fire hall by 8 AM for the pick-up for the FFA trip to Penn State. I`ll be back tomorrow morning to catch up on everyone`s blogs, I have to dash now and meet another person who wants to take a look at the goats I have for sale. No wonder Feral is slightly fried much like- And here he is now!

Phew, fast addition before I go collapse for the night. Sold all my buck kids! Yippee! Okay, now I`m going to go sit my butt down and relax for a spell!

Have a grand evening all!


texwisgirl said...

whew, you made ME tired just reading this! :)

Michele Stefanides said...

I could barely read the whole post, after reading the beginning. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE that scene from Taxi. I'm laughing out loud now just thinking about it!!

phylliso said...

If it`s any at all helping you feel better,I too am know as the taxi driver to many people.It wears a person out being on the go.But that`s what we do...
And when you try to sell something,alot of times people come & want to "visit" more than anything else.But if we are lucky,the unknown people will give us a story or two to pass along sometimes.
I`m playing catch up tonight,missed your humor,looked like a nice get-together you had,phyllis

Feral Female said...

It`s been a hectic week, let`s hope this upcoming one settles down a tad!

Sharon said...

I am almost glad the kids are grown and I am retired(?)!

Nancy @ A Rural Journal said...

Wow -- what a whirlwind! Graduation time is always a busy season, it seems. Weddings, vacations, etc... all fall into this time.

Hope you get to put your feet up and relax at some point. :)

Country Dreaming said...

I'm tired too-----I think you need the RED light instead of the yellow light!

Have a great evening.