Friday, June 17, 2011

There Must Be Something In The Water

Hey all come on in and have a sit-down while I grab a couple of cups!

You know how sometimes you look at your pets and wonder what they`re thinking? Well over the past few days I`ve begun to look at my outdoor critters and wonder if someone spiked our well. I`m not sure who, or why, anyone would want to slip my farmyard beasts a Mickey Finn. Maybe it`s some odd microorganism that just suddenly decided to ferment in our well. If that`s the case when why the Sam Hill isn`t this fermentation effecting me and Mister? Hell we both could use a nice cool glass of fermentation daily. I digress, where was I? Oh right, the conspiracy theories about our tainted water supply.

Perhaps, and this is a long shot, but perhaps some fraction group of bio-terrorists thought it would be grand fun to put goofy-juice into our-Oops hold on----It has just come to my attention that it would be a FACTION and not a fraction group. *Sniffs* Well who knows right? It very well could have been a band of mathematical geniuses who got tired of dallying about with numbers all day and wanted to see some poor goatherder who stinks at algebra deal with doofy waterfowl.

Whatever or whoever it was I am left scratching my head daily at the goings-on`s around this here place. Now when the inside pets act scatterbrained I think nothing of it. I`m used to the black lab with the shoe fetish, the yellow lab that guards our home from anything in the yard that starts with the letters SQ and the beagle with the foot slurping while Feral is trying to drift off to La-La Land foible. Heck I don`t even cock a brow at the cat that likes to sit in my dish drainer or the other feline that comes in and then has to lick every dog in a five mile area. Old news! Been there and seen that!

It`s this new and odd behavior of my waterfowl that has me eying the well with trepidation. Last night it was discovered that all the young ducks and geese, instead of returning to their own coop for beddy-bye time had decided to bunk with the chickens. Okay, that`s a mistake that I can overlook mostly although the chickens were none too pleased! They`re young and they`re new to the whole ‘We Are Not Web-Footed So Stay out of Our Coop!’ ways of the chickens but uhm, what`s up with the older waterfowl??

My ducks have decided it`s time to stage a rebellion and flat-footedly out and out refuse to return to their pen at night. The geese then thought that since the ducks gave up their coop they would move in. Three squatters are now making the duck coop their home while two other geese are hogging the entire goose coop. Ducks are laying eggs hither and yon, geese are laying eggs in the duck coop! Dogs and cats living together!! It`s mass hysteria!!!!

Sorry, had a small moment of Ghostbusters there, it`s all good now. If anyone has any clues about the culprits please notify the FBI or me promptly! Until I know otherwise I`ll be sitting on my back porch keeping a very keen eye out for be-speckled young men with high waistbands and pocket protectors milling around suspiciously by my well cap.


I`m going to take a moment here to do some motherly bragging. Miss Yodeling and her team of land judgers nailed first place at the FFA State Activities Week down at Penn State and will now proceed to the FFA National`s in Oklahoma!! We`re so proud of all four of the kids that worked and studied thier butts off! Way to go CVHS FFA! Onto Oklahoma City you go!!


Nancy @ A Rural Journal said...

Congrats to Miss Yodeling -- well done!!

About the ducks -- could there be something or someone in their coop area that poses a threat? Might want to take a close look around.

Have a wonderful day!

Texan said...

I was going to say the same thing Nancy did... I would bet on some predator.

Congrats to your DD :O)...Best of luck at the next round!

small farm girl said...

Good Job Miss Yodeling!!!!!! I think that all of your fowl creatures were substatuted with invading ailiens. They don't know where they are suppose to go to. Beware!!!!! They might be there to suck out your brains and take over the world!

texwisgirl said...

congrats to your success, miss yodeling and teammates!!!

good luck with the house-invading ducks! next they'll be on your porch wanting in!

Mary Ann said...

What the hey! (or HAY) ... congrats to Miss Yodeling and her group!

Willard said...

Congrats to Miss Yodeling!

I enjoyed your humorous writing about the waterfowl.

houndstooth said...

You'll have some sort of new hybrid chicken that can swim the next thing you know! It sounds highly suspicious!