Sunday, June 26, 2011

Shiver Me Timbers!

Ahoy there me mateys! Gracious someone stop me before this whole post sounds like a bad snippet from Pirates of the Caribbean. I guess I was in a nautical mindset because yesterday Mister and I spent the day celebrating our 20th wedding anniversary. Since he has to work on the 29th, which is the actual day, we decided to set sail yesterday! Leaving my child at home to supposedly do something productive we two young lovers *Snorts* went gallivanting off to Watkins Glen New York for the day. There be lots of pictures me hearties and-- Someone stop me!!

We had reservations for a luncheon aboard the Seneca Legacy-

While we waited to board the ship we dallied some along the marina.

Man I wish I had one of those in my yard sometimes!On second thought it`s probably best that I don`t or he`d be in there most of the time and who would kill the hornets that get inside?? This is a lovely hotel that sits beside Seneca Lake-

A shot of the marina-

This is the schooner 'True Love' that takes folks on a long sail around Seneca Lake-

And here be the young couple. I can`t even type that without snickering!

And some ducks! Yes, I know, I have ducks just like these I can see everyday but come on, Feral just loves ducks and they were so cute and web-footed-

Another picture of the Seneca Legacy as we were getting ready to board for the two hour luncheon and cruise-

Here`s my handsome hubby looking very spiffy in his nautical themed shirt as we wait for the meal to be served-

And me mumbling 'Feral need coffee'-

Coffee!!!!! It was so good it really deserved its own photograph. The meal was delicious as well! We had roast beef that melted in your mouth, mashed taters with gravy, corn and a tasty little slab of chocolate cake.

This is Seneca Lake, or what can be seen of it from the boat. Seneca Lake is thirty-five miles long and is five hundred feet deep at its deepest.

This is a picture of some of the vineyards that produce the fine Finger Lakes wines. Seneca Lake helps the wine-makers. Since the lake very rarely freezes in the winter due to it being spring fed, it helps shelter the vineyards.

Here is some of the bedrock that lines the lake-

And one last picture of that georgous schooner moving over the lake.

Mister and I had a really wonderful time and I highly recommend the cruise if anyone is ever near the Finger Lakes. I`ll have something special for Wednesday to touch on my thoughts about being married for twenty the same man! Hope you enjoyed sailing along with Mister and me! Now I`m off to swab the poopdeck!


texwisgirl said...

congrats to you and Mr. Feral!!! hubby and i are going on 21 end of this year...

small farm girl said...

That really looks like fun! That lake is REALLY DEEP! Can't wait for your thought on a 20 year marrage. lol

Mary Ann said...

What a wonderful celebration of what appears to be a very happy union! Congratulations! (even though it's before the date) loved the pictures of the beautiful lake!

houndstooth said...

Happy Anniversary! Sometime, you should post that story about your honeymoon! ;)

d'Artagnan said...

Congrats, Feral!

Sharon said...

Best Wishes to you both, on your anniversary! That luncheon cruise looks very enjoyable. Glad you had such a grand time!

Feral Female said...

Thanks all, we had a grand time. Too short sadly but ya know, had to get home to milk the goats!