Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Searching for that Silver Lining

Hey gang, tug out a chair and I`ll grab us some mugs!

I hope everyone had a safe and pleasant Memorial Day weekend. Things in my neck of the woods have been busy and pretty darn scary at times! Over the past week we`ve been caught in a terribly turbulent weather pattern. The temperature has climbed as has the humidity until we`ve been sweltering at around ninety degrees with bone-sapping moisture in the air. That kind of weather means thunderstorms for us in the spring. Now usually we get a few here and there and most don`t build into something worse. They just rumble past and douse the chickens with those gulley-washers we all are familiar with.

Since Thursday of last week our county has gotten its rural rump kicked by horrendously strong storms. A neighboring town of ours Mansfield got socked with a very strong line of storms that downed trees, cut out their power for at least two days and caused a few injuries when the storm system moved over the Coal Festival occurring in Blossburg, a small town beside Mansfield. It seems as if every day we had one of these nasty cells cranking overhead. Our power companies have been pulling triple-time to try to get everyone`s electricity back on. Then Sunday morning around 2 AM we were awoken with yet another nasty storm ripping through. Our farm didn`t get hit too badly, just some terrible wind and heavy, heavy rain but the small valley village of Knoxville about fifteen minutes from us got hit and hit hard. I have a link from our local news to share with y`all.

Tornado touchdown in PA

The NWS has said that our neighbors did get hit by an F1 tornado. It has been a very nerve-wracking time here and my wishes to go all those who suffered through that terrifying experience.

We here on the hillside farm had a night without electric Friday night, although there was no storm in the area at that moment. I almost had to think that perhaps the utility companies were tying into lines that had been taken out in other areas of our county. Thursday evening, the same night that Mansfield got nailed so badly we kept our power but did the Unplug! You know the Unplug, when you tug the cords from the sockets on your satellite dish and modems in a big ole` hurry?!

Since we were sitting here, surrounded by winds and lightening we decided to pop in some of our old home-made videos. Miss Yodeling chose one that covered easily a year from when she was four to her fifth birthday. Oh but did we laugh at some of the things she did back then! She was so precocious and so innocent. We watched her coloring eggs and talking about the Easter Bunny coming. We chuckled at some of her song and dance routines to Barney songs. Lord sakes but did that girl blush as we sat and enjoyed the younger version of our lovely young lady.

Our old yellow Lab Poe was just a youngster in that movie. Filled with enthusiasm and vinegar, all long legs and lolling tongue. Ready for any adventure she was. Her legs were strong and powerful and her fur just as yellow as liquid gold. Now I look at her and see more white than yellow fur, her hips are shot and her eyes are cloudy. As I said to Miss Yodeling, the only difference between the movie and now is that most of us are older and fatter.

Then the home movie moved past spring and glided through summer and slid into fall. There sat Miss Yodeling on the couch we used to have, dressed in an adorable dress my mother-in-law sewed for her playing with my mother after our Thanksgiving Day feast. Its been several years since my mother passed away, and in all honesty I thought I had gotten over her loss. Sitting there, with my family while the winds churned and the skies lit up I realized that you never get over losing your mother. It was wonderfully heartwarming to see Mom sitting there and playing with this tiny little horse stable with Miss Yodeling. How she adored her only grand-daughter! Yes, I ended up crying as did Miss Yodeling.

“Keep this in mind,” I said as she and I dabbed at our eyes with tissues,” You never really get over the loss of your mother.”

I`m not sure if she actually grasped what I said. Hell before my mother passed I would have of course understood that losing your mother is hard. After living through it though I have come to know that it is a hole in your soul that can never be filled. Our home video evening turned out to be very bittersweet and yet I`m glad I got to share those memories, and those tears, with my daughter.

I think that it`s really nice to tug those old tapes out from time to time. Just as it is to have a night with no power once in awhile to remind us of what being a family is all about. Seems today we all get wrapped up in our own worlds-Television and video games and the wonder of the internet. It`s a good thing to have those things taken away from time to time.

It makes us reconnect.

It makes us have to entertain ourselves, something the kids of today seem to have some trouble with in my humble. It forces us to sit down with only the light from a kerosene lamp and make up stories and laugh and sing theme songs from old sit-coms and cartoons. It reminds us of what is really important once all the games and TV shows and Facebook is gone.

It makes us a unit and it reminds us of how much we love each other. I guess even during the most trying and scary of times we can find something good amid the bad.


Just to let y`all know I am STILL not able to comment on this blog or any other Blogger blog. To say Feral is getting a wee bit tiffy with Blogger is being gracious. I am reading along with all my buddies who have Blogger accounts I just cannot comment. Any other blog I seem to have no trouble. I will keep reading everyone`s blogs while I continue to nip rather viciously at Blogger`s tech heels.


texwisgirl said...

don't know if you've tried this, but it works for me - i've been able to leave comments all over bloggerville. uncheck the box to 'stay signed in' when you log in to blogger.

also, if you change your comment box to a pop-up window instead of embedded below post you'd have less issues too as it seems embed below post is blogger's most fickle setting.

hope it helps!

and yes, i can relate to the loss of a mother... stay safe in this roiling weather...

texwisgirl said...

p.s. congrats on winning the kid coat from Texan!

Feral Female said...
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Feral Female said...

Thank you SO much Texwisgirl, changing my comments to the pop-up window seems to cleared up the problem. *Hugs*

Looks like I got me some commenting to do!

Texan said...

Hey girly your comment came through on my blog ... My email is on my side bar on my blog so you can send me your snail mail using it ... your set at no reply so I couldnt email you back from your comment :O)

Sharon said...

Seems like a whole lot of us spent some time in the dark or in the storms. Now it's hot and humid. Those stormy times, do give us a chance to reflect and reconnect.

Nice post!

Texan said...

It hasn't shown up on my end as of 3:00pm. Checked my spam folder nope not in there LOL. So um it is either taking the cyber scenic route or some thing LOL.

Feral Female said...

Hmmm, okay, I`ll send another one Texan. Let me know if you get the second one or not okay?

Nancy said...

We had a few of those bad storms roll through here the other night, but no power loss or damage, thank you!

I love the part of your post about your mom. My mom will be 82 this month and I don't know how I will deal with her passing. I really don't.

NancyDe said...

Forced electronics breaks help our family, too - but sometimes, it isn't the electricity that's out, it's the sneaky dad who puts a timer on the router (my husband is a smart guy!)

Debbie @ Swampbilly Ranch said...

I love old family movies. So nice to get to relive some of those moments.

John Gray said...

us Brits cannot understand the powerful damage and fright that your storms cause
we are the lucky ones

Feral Female said...

It`s unusual for us here in the mountains to get such violent storms. Seems to have abated now thankfully!

Willard said...

I can't recall ever seeing a spring with such violent weather. At least we have had almost one week now without a major thunderstorm and I certainly hope this continues, although I notice there is a chance of rain on Sunday.