Sunday, June 5, 2011

Patty`s New Friends

Hello everyone, it`s me, Sir Patrick of Moo doing a blog post!

Actually I had to have C.B. the cow-barn rooster and my good buddy do the typing, my hooves and laptop`s aren`t a very good combination. That C.B. sure can hunt and peck though!! We had a really good weekend here on our hillside farm and got to welcome some new friends.

The first group of new buddies was born right in my own barn! The yodeling lady calls these hens the ‘Hole in the Wall Gang’ for some strange reason. She`s pretty strange anyway so whatever she says I take with a lick of salt. All those peeps were hatched under three mama hens, and the moms share the peep-raising responsibility! How cool is that? Three moms to fuss over you! I think those little chickens are darn lucky!

I also have more friends coming very soon! If you peek over the railing in my barn just so you`ll find another member of the ‘Hole in the Wall Gang’ sitting on eggs. Her eggs are peeping. I heard them just this morning!

Of course, once the peeps start arriving the humans put up some sort of Anti-Patty devise to keep me from eating the peep food and stepping on the peep water fount.

I have to say in my own bovine defense that peep food is really, really good! Can I help it I have a long tongue??

After the peep situation got settled I got a scoop of grain which I enjoy a great deal then I stood in my pasture to watch the two lady goatherders driving off. They said they were going to go pick up a new goat. Like they needed another one??? Who am I to say though? I asked if I could go but the young Miss said she didn`t think her lap would hold me like it would a goat kid.

I fear she may have meant my butt was fat but I am after all a beefer and beefers have beefy butts, am I right?! They came back in about an hour with this new doe kid, a Sable goat I heard, that they named Tali. She got to go with the other goats and hang out in the goat barn. She seems nice and really cute, for a goat you know.

It`s been a really busy and new friend filled Sunday! I think I hear a cud calling though so I`ll sign off with a hearty Moooooo!


Sir Patrick of Moo

(Who has a big beefy butt that is really comfy to sleep on!-Addendum by C.B. the typing barn rooster)


Sharon said...

Sweet post! Baby chicks going to run all over the place! A new kid too, things are really happening at your place! Thanks for the up-date, Sir Patrick (with help from C.B.!)

texwisgirl said...

love those baby peeps!!! don't step on them, okay?! thanks for the post (and your helpful hunt n peck buddy!)

houndstooth said...

Patty, I think it was terrible for them to insult you like that! Still, those babies are awfully cute!

P.S. Feral, in case you didn't hear from Coil, his dad is really sick and probably only has a few weeks to live since his cancer has spread. I've talked to him off and on a few times, and this is hitting him pretty hard.

Michele Stefanides said...

Sir Patrick sure can dictate a good story!

Debbie @ Swampbilly Ranch said...

SIr Patrick did a great job! I love the new peeps and a new doe, wow! Looks like you guys have been busy!

Leontien said...

Nothing wrong with a big butt!!!



Mary Ann said...

Oh, my, the snakes around here would have those peeps in a sec!

Mr. Pip said...

Nothing wrong with a big beefy butt - I have got one myself!

Your pal, Pip

Feral Female said...

You know I think I have a beefy butt as well! Sir Patrick thanks you all for your kind words and is now lounging in his barn chewing that cud...or maybe a different one!

small farm girl said...

Wow! You do have more friends! Good for you!

♥ Sallie said...

Sir Patrick is the man! I mean cow!