Friday, May 27, 2011

Word of Mouth-Stray

Time again for more Word of Mouth about a paranormal romance novel called Stray by Rachel Vincent.

Let me tell you folks I`ve read lots of Para/Roms over my fifty years. Many tend to fall to the wayside, being good books but nothing that makes you run out to get the follow-up novel. Stray is not one of those soon-to-be-forgotten books and yes, I`ll be calling upon my lovely LBS owner very soon to get the other novels in the Shifter series-Rogue, Pride, Prey, Shift and Alpha.

Stray is actually a few years old and I`m sorry I didn`t catch it when it debuted! It centers on a young college woman Faythe Sanders, a werecat (Yup, her and her pride turn into large cats as opposed to wolves) and one of only eight breeding females left. Faythe is your typical rebellious youth, running away numerous times from the pressures of what she thinks her father, and Alpha of her pride, demands of her-Marriage and babies.

When she runs into a stray ( werecats with no pride that are constantly on the lookout for an attractive fertile female) on her college campus she successfully fends him off, then turns to find Marc, an enforcer for her father and the man she had a very passionate relationship with back before she set out to live her own life. Seems dad has been keeping a very close eye on his daughter even though she has left the ranch. That one brush with danger is all that`s needed for her Pride to call her back home for her own protection. Faythe then learns that two of her fellow werecat tabbies (males are toms and females are tabbies) have disappeared.

From then on it`s a compelling and no holds barred read that keeps you turning page after page to find out who and why these women are being abducted. I fell in love with the character of Faythe right off the bat. She is full of sass, grit and this lady has claws and knows how to use them! She does break a few hearts along the way but being born to rule you have to expect that, and some rule breaking as well! The romance between Faythe and Marc is touching, erotic, painful and joyful. The action throughout the book runs full bore, and the sex scenes are have real bite. Pun painfully intended.

The story is told in first-person and really gets us into Faythe`s head and heart and Ms. Vincent does a wonderful job of conveying the secondary characters emotions, something sometimes lacking in some first-person novels. Ms. Vincent has a very strong voice that is dark, charming and evocative and gives us characters that we grow to genuinely care about. I`m looking forward to picking up the rest of the books and getting to see where Ms. Vincent and Faythe take me!


On a side note,it seems Blogger and I are having some problems with comments. I can`t leave comments in my blog or anyone else`s. Please know that I am reading along with everyone and hopefully this situation should be taken care of soon.

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Texan said...

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This series sounds good, will have to make a note of it. I have not read it either and like you I have read a ton of the Paranormals :O).