Sunday, May 8, 2011

What a wonderful weekend for a geeky goatherding Mom!

First off I`d like to wish all you mothers out there a very happy Mother`s Day!

Here on the hillside farm my special weekend was terrific indeed, as was it for my goat moms as well. Friday afternoon we had a lovely day brewing and so Mister and I decided to do some fence work. Winter and a VERY wet spring had shoved our fence posts halfway to Asgard. Yes, I`m afraid there will be some Thor reference`s since that was one of my mom day geeky gifts. Figured I would warn y`all ahead of time. Mister was the driver of posts and I was the rider of metal steeds. Here he is hefting mighty Mjolnir!

And here I am, astride my battle horse Polaris!

Yea verily my steed is stalwart and most economical with hay consumption. Although with the cost of gas up to four dollars a gallon it might well be cheaper to feed a war stallion!

While we were repairing and redriving we found this in our cattle pasture.

Pretty good sized bear by the size of that paw print comparison. Must be he got entangled going in, ripped the electric fence down then once that was shorted out made his escape. After all was righted and back to zapping we let the does and their kids onto new pasture. Mm-Mm good!

Then it was time for one of my mother’s day gifts! Dinner at the Frog Hut in Wellsboro then off to the movie theater to see Thor, the newest hero film from Marvel Studios!

The movie was great and the atmosphere superb, right down to a patron coming in with a long blond wig, red cape and silver helmet! We comic geeks ROCK! Also, just to pass it along, Chris Hemsworth, the Aussie that played the Norse god of thunder Thor minus his shirt is simply scrumptious! Feral would not lie about such things.

Saturday gave me another glorious geek gift since it was Free Comic Book Day! Yippee!!! We piled into the car and made the trek to Elmira Heights. That`s where the closest comic shop is. Jared`s shop ‘Heroes Your Mom Threw Out’ is a great place to poke through boxes for old back issues as well as finding the new releases Marvel, DC and all the other comic companies release weekly. My comics come in the mail from Jared usually bi-weekly but he always calls Thursday morning as regular as clockwork. That is what I call service! Here I am, in full geekdom, standing outside Jared`s packed shop with the one and only Green Lantern!

Oh but how I wish it had been Ryan Reynolds in that green spandex!! *Sighs and drifts off dreamily*

Oh, uhm…tee-hee. Yes. Anydoodles, after the yearly pilgrimage to comic nerd Mecca we made a stop at the mall and returned home where my daughter gifted me with this lovely begonia!

Today the family is gathering to cook dinner for my mother-in-law and give her the gifts all her kids have gotten her.

Yes, it was a wonderful Mother` s Day weekend for me, and I hope it was for all of you as well!


phylliso said...

I`m so happy your cat got back home safely,especially since you had a bear so close.It sounds like you had a wonderful mother`s day weekend.
Wow,you grow huge turkeys in your neck of the woods!
We are going to try to go out to eat at Ryan`s for our day today.My son works there & we get a discount.My grandson`s birthday is today,he is 9 & my son`s birthday is the 10th,he`ll be 37.Time sure does fly,have a wonderful Sunday!phyllis

Willard said...

Another excellent post. The portion on the fence fixing brings back a lot of memories.

texwisgirl said...

you are too cute. happy mom's day, Ms. Yodeler!

Jim said...

That's not fair! I want to be a Mother too!!!
You really are into the comic world. I read a good review of Thor and would probably like it by the sounds of things!

Glad you had a good weekend and thanks for dropping by.

Mister Oz said...

Verily Jared's shop sounds like my kind of place, and great name!

Hope you had a fabulous Mom's Day (though it sounds as if you've had) and the Uber-Kewl Ninja Cat back home is a gift unto itself.

Debbie @ Swampbilly Ranch said...

Very scary to find bear tracks! Glad you had a good Mother's Day!