Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sunday Night Wrap-Up

Evening all, tug out a chair and I`ll top off our cups!

What a weekend it`s been here on the hillside farm. It started out Friday morning with so much rain they cancelled school due to flooding. Sadly that same flooding also washed out the ZZ Top/ Lynyrd Skynyrd concert we were going to go see. It has been rescheduled for July 31st and they`re honoring the tickets so we`ll see get to see those southern bad-boys, just won`t be for a few months.

Since Miss Yodeling was home I had some grocery shopping help and turkey carrying help as well! Our meat turkeys that Mister had ordered had arrived, so she and I stopped in to get them after our food shopping was done. We got five bronze and one white broad-breasted. Cuter than darn bugs they are!

This little guy was caught in a spit and drum already! He be a big man indeed!

Trinity had to give the snoodle-birds a check when she and I were doing chores. Wonder what she was thinking??

After Mister got home we decided to go see Pirates of the Caribbean Friday night, since the concert was washed-out. I really enjoyed the movie! Captain Jack is always fun, at least I think so.

Saturday morning the sun finally decided to shine down upon us. We did some last minute goose repairs to the electric fence around our small front pasture then let the herd out. Oh, goose repairs you may be asking? That`s when the ganders get to flacking and flapping each other so hard they roll arse over tin cups down the hill into the fence and knock the plastic rods aside.

We like to get the kids into electric for a week before we move them from their mothers. So next week I`ll finally have some fresh goat milk to drink! *Does goatherder clog dance of happiness*Seems it takes each kid a time or two of touching that fence then they learn the lesson and don`t forget it.

Hawke!!! You`re getting too close!!I can`t look, tell me if you hear a goat blat.

After the fence fixing and kid lessons Mister decided to try to mow the bog that is our front yard. Poe stood up where it was dry and supervised. I stood on the porch and supervised. Mister was well supervised wasn`t he?

I got a chance to snap a couple of shots of this helicopter and it`s cargo Saturday afternoon. This whirly-bird has been flying over our heads for days and is part of the natural gas mining that is going on all over our county. Mister thinks that the cargo may be cables used in seismic testing that`s been done.

Sunday morning at seven we were out and down in the cow pasture, Mister`s long-time worry finally about to come to an end. This old half-dead poplar tree has been bothering him for a few years. It sits right next to the road for one worry. The other being that if it came down when Patty was in there it would take the fence and there would be our Hereford standing in the road! I was the traffic controller and he was the lumberjack. I was pretty anxious. Anytime he gets under a tree with a widow-maker in it I get worried.

Here he is snugging a chain around the poplar so that he can get some pull on it with the tractor.

We really didn`t want to drop it on the fence and road if we could help it. The cables and chains should help pull it down into the pasture.

Now the traffic controller really needs to pay attention and stop snapping pictures, before that poplar falls on her head or a car runs into her rump!

TIMBER! And down she lays, right where he wanted her to fall!

After the tree job I got the bedding washed and did a small bit of whittling on a fiction tale. Dinner rolled around and we tossed some hot dogs on the grill and my mother-in-law brought us a rhubarb cake and some of her famous potato salad! Now it`s time to sit back and sip on a fresh cuppa!

How was your weekend??


texwisgirl said...

ooh, congrats on felling the widow-maker without harm to fence or road or person! hope the poor little kids learn their fence lines soon! :)

Nancy said...

Very good weekend here. Weather was off and on -- very nice now, because the weekend's almost over of course! :)

Rina ... also Chester or Daisysmum. said...

Definately not as exciting as your, will Mister be cutting it up for firewood? Baby turkeys, will they be ready for Christmas. Love rhubarb, in a roly poly desert, crean and ice cream Yum:)

Rural Revival said...

Nice job on the tree fellin'! We've been gardening as the forecasted rain has held off for the most part and we still have one more day to go, it's a long weekend here in Canada!


C and C Antiques and Animals - What a Life! said...

Glad the weather cleared up enough to get the tree down!

Debbie @ Swampbilly Ranch said...

I always get nervous when they do things like cut down trees. Glad all went well. I love the turkeys, we have been thinking of getting some also. I know you are sick of rain but your fields look so lush and green, I am jealous.

small farm girl said...

Good job with the tree! It looks big enough to maybe get some logs out of it to sell. Hey, extra money is extra money. lol

Anonymous said...

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