Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I`ve Been Up The Coconut Tree

Now before y`all run off to call the men with the big nets and the coats with real long sleeves let me explain.

I know that here in the mountains of Pennsylvania we`re pretty short on coconut trees. Leastways I`ve never seen any. And I know you guys are wondering how Feral could be up in a coconut tree if there aren`t any coconut trees in her home state. Did she go on vacation you may be wondering? Is she right now on some white beach, sipping a fruity drink while a handsome young man that resembles Ryan Reynolds sans shirt waits on her hand and foot and rubs mango scented oil into her weary feet? Sadly, no, although that scenario is a constant one running around my head!

Being up in the coconut tree is a saying that a dear friend of mine Houndstooth over at Tails & Tales blog used to toss out on occasion. She and I would be chatting on the computer and another of our writing buddies would log in and then he would up and disappear. After an hour or so would go by I would ask if he maybe got abducted by aliens or maybe taken hostage by pirates. She would say he was probably up in his coconut tree writing.

So yes, that`s where I`ve been for the past few days, up in my coconut tree with my trusty Dell laptop writing. I had all good intentions of posting up a story on Monday, well actually it`s a ramble about napping and a moose (Don`t ask) but I decided to save that one for later in the week. Today seemed like a good day to chat about climbing into the tree. Maybe it was because it`s raining here or maybe the mood seemed to be better for this post. Hard to say actually because when the muse speaks we must heed her words! That is one thing I`ve learned about writing. If I`m in the mood for something it will flow from my fingers onto the Word page but if I am not, there I sit, staring at that blank page for hours and hours. It is very frustrating to say the least!

That`s part of the whole mystique of writing I think, at least for me. See as we all know Mister was home for two weeks of vacation. I love having him home but my writing takes a hit when he`s buzzing around all day. I can`t write with distractions. Actually I was amazed I got my book review done and posted on Saturday! I knew I needed to get something written for the blog but farm life has been kind of humdrum lately so there wasn`t much there. If I don`t get back here every other day I start to feel badly about it. So I had warm and wonderful intentions of sitting my rump down on Monday and doing a blog post. Well, you know that road to the real warm place is paved with good intentions!

Instead of my muse directing my fingers to a fun little story about sleeping during the day it led me to my novel in progress. This muse of mine, I like to call her Wilhelmina because it fits her for some odd reason, is a very retentive muse with very sharp teeth. Great, my muse is a piranha with a Germanic moniker. Why that does not shock me is anyone`s guess. Anydoodles, Wilhelmina has had her pointy little choppers in this idea I had for this year’s Na-No-Wri-Mo and she will not let loose! She is tenacious this muse of mine! That`s another amazing thing about being a writer, how you can be suddenly overcome with this frenzy and you cannot shake its grip! It`s like being wrapped in a fiery swirling dervish of words and thoughts and you must-YOU MUST- get them onto paper!

Wilhelmina has been waking me up at night with ideas. That gets a bit old at times folks let me tell you. I mean, a dog with the runs getting you up is one thing but a muse with a line of dialog shaking you awake at 2 AM is a bit much. And yet, when that muse speaks, we humble scribes must listen. I have kicked out over fourteen thousand words for this romantic-comedy in two weeks and still the story calls to me. A siren song that will once again lure me from the duties of housework. Okay, I`ll admit one note can lure me from the drudgery of housework but the point remains.

This little nugget of an idea has just exploded into something that I am merely along for the ride with. I pray that my muse continues to speak to me, even if it is during the night, because I think this story has potential. Will it ever get published if I finish it? I can`t say. I do plan to submit it to a recommended publisher but if that angle doesn`t pan out maybe I`ll self-publish. Or maybe Wilhelmina and I will just sit back after I write the words ‘The End’ and toast each other with a cocktail served in a fuzzy coconut shell decanter.

Whatever the ending, if anyone is looking for me and can`t find me, just direct them to the nearest coconut tree and tell them to look up.


NancyDe said...

I really can climb a coconut tree - actually have to check where I park at work to make sure no coconuts or fronds are ready to fall and crack my windshield....so could I say I'm "up an oak" instead? We're short of those over my way....

Mister Oz said...

Ah yes, I know how fickle a muse can be at inopportune times!

Just don't fall out of said Coconut Tree like a famous guitarist did ;-)