Monday, May 2, 2011

Birthdays, Goats and Wee Webbed Birds

Morning all! Come on in and grab a mug.

It`s been a busy couple of days here on the hillside farm. That`s not unusual by any means, especially for a weekend. Saturday of course started off with my tale of a near miss while out turkey hunting. Then Miss Yodeling and I ran uptown to look for some new jeans for her while Mister got to work on the task of cleaning the cow barn. He got the short end of that stick for sure!

Sunday dawned bright and early with a list of things to get done. Good thing for my hubby he has the next two weeks off for vacation to go turkey hunting! Seems those to-do lists never get any shorter, we just keep adding more to it! I hustled about and did the bird chores then took care of my new ducklings and goslings.

Ain`t they just too darn cute!? Then I got around and whipped up a bowl of macaroni salad for a family celebration we were having at dinner time. I got the salad done and then scampered down to the goat barn to worm and change name bands on the kids.

Some I can tell by sight and others I can`t. That happens here a lot, darn bucks make little carbon copies of themselves! Mister had gotten the cow barn cleaned and was working on the outside mounds of hay and nanny berries that had grown to monumental proportions over the winter. He was more than glad to lay down the pitchfork and help catch and re-band kids let me tell you!

Lunch then came and it was time to make a run to one of my goatherding buddies to scope out a Sable doeling she had for sale. Had is the key word there since I grabbed the little cutie-pie up in a big hurry! I`ll have some pictures of her when we go pick her up in a few weeks. Over the past few years I`ve grown to really enjoy my Sable`s and am planning to get out of raising Nubian`s and raising Sables, which are colored Saanan`s. They are a more laid back breed it seems to me and I can keep 3-4 does and get the same amount of milk that I`m getting out of 6-7 Nubian`s. Of course Miss Yodeling`s LaMancha doe Freya will not go anywhere, rest assured!

She adores her Munchies!

We visited for quite awhile with Miss Lisa and then stopped to chat with Madame Marcia who runs about two hundred head of dairy goats. If I had a brain I would have taken my camera. Sometimes I have to wonder where my head is gang! Stopping in to chat with Madame Marcia is always a hoot. That woman is a card! Outspoken and hilarious and just plain people like me and Mister.

After the visits and goat ogling and having to ensure Miss Yodeling didn`t abscond with one of Madame Marcia`s Munchie kids under her jacket we hurried back home, got the chores done then went down to my mother-in-law`s to celebrate her 75th birthday! We had a great time and tons of laughs. And yes Tina, I`m putting up pictures just like you knew I would!

All my mother-in-laws five kids were there and quite a few grandkids. The food was great as was the fresh pot of java brewed to go along with a delicious lemon cake my sister-in-law Tina made.

This morning dawned kind of cloudy and with a definite feel of rain in the air. It has rained almost every day for weeks on end. I think I`m beginning to grow gills. Mister was up and at it and out the door before 5 AM, his camo on and his shotgun in hand. Feral was still zombie woman when he rolled out. By 6:30 he was home with this 20 pound mature gobbler!

His beard was 8 inches long. Look at these dandy spurs of an inch long. Bet he used them to get into some knockdown skirmishes!

Now the kid is at school, the laundry is laundering and Mister is cleaning his bird. He has two turkey tags to fill so I imagine he`ll be heading out tomorrow morning to try to find another tom.

So how has your weekend been??


Kritter Keeper at Farm Tails said...

ah the duckies are adorable and goaties are gorgeous! looks like a nice warm gathering with friends was had...glad you had a good time!

texwisgirl said...

so if he gets another tom tomorrow, does that mean he's on full-time farm duty for the rest of his vacation? :) seems like he'd wanna avoid shooting anything else for a few days...

Jim said...

I'm exhausted just reading about your 'schedule'!
My grandmother had a saying: 'There is no rest for the wicked'! What can I say. lol

Feral Female said...

Hmm, you know texwisgirl I bet he keeps his shells in his pocket for awhile!

Jim it seems you know me too well! =)

Paula said...

Goodness~ you've had a busy weekend, girl! The little web-footed peeps are so cute... Love your goat pictures, too.
Looks like turkey will be on the menu! YUMMY!

Nancy said...

Sounds like you had a great weekend. Was very nice here weatherwise, so we did some much-needed yard work. :)

Nezzy said...

I can answer that in one word...


We've had 15.7/8 inches and it's still comin' down out there.

What a great celebrations...75! Happy birthday to her.

Congratulation to your Hubs, that's allot'a turkey! MMmmmm!

Your goaties always look so happy.

God bless ya and have a splendid day!

C and C Antiques and Animals - What a Life! said...

Wow very busy but fun sounding weekend you had! The sables sound very interesting. I am going to have to check them out.

Michele Stefanides said...

Darn Wellsboro ordinances, I can't get any duckies or little geese, or chickens, there were so many cute ones at Tractor Supply yesterday. Turkey dinner soon?

Feral Female said...

It was a busy day, one of many I`m sure while Mister is home on vacation! =)

Willard said...

Tell your husband congratulations on getting the mature gobbler.