Friday, March 11, 2011

Rainy Days, Roast Beef and Preparations

Happy Friday all, come on in and have a sit-down.

Things here on the hillside farm sure have been damp! Yesterday it poured like nobody`s business. We are now watered up to our goatherding keisters but the ducks and geese are enjoying the rivers in the yard! Since it was such an ugly day yesterday I figured it was time to get my pre-kidding prep done.

Towels washed, dried and folded. Check. Kidding box tidied and fresh supplies placed inside. Check. New bottle of iodine for new belly buttons. Check.

Goat kid family pool. Check.

Does ready and willing and quite preggers. Check sort of.

As of today they`re all standing about looking at me and Mister looking at them. Oh but I know the games they play all too well! I know when I least expect it-KABLAM! Kids will be hitting the ground faster than you can say 'I was just down here ten minutes ago and only left to pee!'They are wily. Don`t let thier innocent looks fool you.

Last night was Miss Yodeling`s FFA banquet and award ceremony, so we creeped and crawled to CVHS in the deluge. The food was delicious and we shared a table with some family friends and thier daughter, who happens to be one of Miss Yodeling`s best buds.

So many blue jackets! Fills my old farming heart to see so many young people taking an interest in agriculture so it does. Miss got a nice certificate for saying the FFA Creed and public speaking.

And not to be outdone by the FFA feast and fun or the rain I am pleased to say my waterfowl ladies hit 100% production this morning! 3 ducks + 2 geese =5 fresh eggs!Way to go my web-footed lovelies!

Oh! And one more small tibbet before I go fold my wash. Yesterday Mister found his tape. You all remember the tape don`t you? The one that was yellow and called 'Crow Revelry'? The one he and I spent two hours ripping and tearing for just a week or two ago? That tape? Yup, he done found it yesterday morning. You`ll never guess where. Nope, although I did want to put the missing tape there during the mad game of search and no locate. The exalted and holy yellow 'Crow Revelry' tape was lying on the living room shelf under a pile of his hats. Uh-huh. The same hats I vaguely recall asking him to place back on the dryer weeks ago. Oh the look of sheepish male guilt that crept across his face when he discovered that tape.

Not that I am the type of wife who would EVER say I told you so snookums.


Verde Farms

Once more, since it is so danged much fun, we yodeling goatherders are joining Verde Farms in thier Friday Farm Friends blog hop! It`s a real hoot and much easier to do than clog dancing whilst yodeling!


Teresa said...

We just started kidding, so I'm doing the "between the births laundry". I must say, we've had some fast kidders already this year. Good luck on getting all your babies safely here.

Sharon said...

Congratulations on your award, Miss Yodeling!

What is going to happen to those eggs?

Does the winner of the baby goat pool get anything? (back rub, special dinner etc?)

Husbands.... yep. I just love that "I told you so feeling"!

texwisgirl said...

You always make me laugh when I come here.

First, Miss Yodeling, I love the FFA jackets. Warms my heart too!

Second, good luck with all the kidding! I want to know what the 'winner' of the kiddie pool gets too!

Third, hurray for your fowl girls!!!

Fourth, lord help that hubby! SO glad he found his yellow tape. UGH!

Feral Female said...

Howdy ladies!

Usually the winner of the goat kidding pool wins a dinner out at the diner of thier choice and bragging rights.

Those eggs will be used for baking and eating. I`m going to give the drakes and ganders a couple more weeks then I`m going to start saving the eggs for incubation. I`ve never incubated goslings before so I`m rather excited about plugging in the old magic box!

Michele Stefanides said...

Congrats to Miss Yodeling! Good luck with the kids. Let me know how good those "eggies" are, as my granddaughters call them! And God bless Mister... :-)

John Gray said...

I cannot move for duck eggs either... cant sell em!

Nancy@A Rural Journal said...

How proud you must be that your daughter is wearing that blue FFA jacket. :) Well done, Mom and Dad!

Nezzy said...

Your gal looks great in her FFA duds!!!

Woohoo...fresh eggs!!! What an assortment ya have to pick from.

Good for Mister and the missin' tape.

Have a beautiful day filled with wonderfully warm blessings!!! :o)

houndstooth said...

Ah, yes, we ladies are always right, but when the opportunity comes for it to be proven, it is so much sweeter! Enjoy it for a while!

Jim said...

Thanks for the update! Things are really busy at your place.....can't wait for the 'kids' to arrive! Photos I hope!

Verde Farm said...

You always give me a good laugh--I just love the way you write. It’s like I’m right there :) I do remember the search of the yellow tape. I’t always fun to be able to say “I told you so” to the hubbies--even if we choose not to say it :) LOL
I am a big fan of FFA and it is wonderful to see the young folks so interested in it!
Thanks for sharing with FFF!