Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Phew! Busy Monday!

Good morning gang, pull out a chair and we`ll have us a good catch up!

I hope everyone had a good weekend. Ours was a pretty nice, the weather has been up and down but that`s March I suppose. One day you`re out cavorting in a t-shirt and the next you`re back in your winter coat! At least Lady Spring is working her way around Ole Man Winter and for that I commend her!

I had all good intentions of whipping up a blog entry yesterday. You know what they say about that road to a certain place and good intentions! Yesterday was packed right full of running. First Miss Yodeling had a doctor’s appointment (Nothing serious just getting boosters) at 8:30. After that I had to take her to school and stop and grab some Diet Pepsi. Next to coffee, the Black Dagger Brotherhood and comics Diet Pepsi is a necessity for Feral. No sooner had I returned, let the dogs out to do their doggy duties and ran a fast check on the does then my mother-in-law arrived with her dog and one cat in tow. She had appointments for both and can`t handle Patches and the cat carrier. Into her car went I and to the vets we rode!

Now by this time noon had come and gone. We got back to the hillside farm and I see Mister`s car parked beside my truck. Curious I thought. Found out that something had broken down at the foundry and the men had been sent home. He didn`t seem very upset about it I have to say. Seems whatever broke is still broke because he got the call last night that they wouldn’t be working today either. As I type he`s down at our neighbors helping make maple syrup. So, since hubby was home little writing got done yesterday, which is par the course. I can`t concentrate well to write when my darling groom is here. Is it just me or do they seem to wait until you`re doing something and then decide they want to talk??

Then at the 7 PM goat barn check we discovered my doe Fran was giving birth to her third kid. Third! Yup she gave us triplets! This is my first set of live triplets and was I excited! She gave us 2 bucks and a doe which we named Hawke, Carver and Bethany. Bethany is the black kid!

I told Franny that she would have her hooves full with 3 to attend to. Mother and kids are doing wonderfully I`m happy to report. Apparently my ligament check of four days ago was off the mark. I`ll chalk it up to being tired. Now I think my other girl Felicia is getting very close so perhaps she`ll go today….or perhaps not. These ladies do like to keep their attendants hopping!

Speaking of which, I had best tug my Muck boots back on and trundle down to see what I can see. Oh! Before I gad off to the maternity ward I`d like to give a yodel of welcome to Rox!

So what did y`all do over the weekend??


Nezzy said...

Woohoo!!! It's always full and 'round here we just joke about 'free' time. Hubs holds a job off the Ponderosa and since I'm 'retired' (yet another joke) I do much of the outside work. I got to spend several hours with all my grandkiddos Saturday...ya'll know what it's like when all the cousins get together!!! To say the lest this rockin' grandma was rockin' a little slower by Saturday evenin'!!!

We bought an offset plow to be unloaded Sunday somewhere between teachin' my Pre~Teen Sunday School Class and Leadin' my KiD's Church. We did catch a bit of Nascar...Hubs is addicted and loaded a load of silage to deliver. Another joke....as we walk to the car on Sunday mornin's I often say to Hubs, "day of rest, day of rest, day of rest!" Heeehehehe!!!

God bless ya sweetie and have a most incredible day! :o)

Michele Stefanides said...

How exciting--triplets! Congrats. When I worked at home some years ago, when my husband was home, it got so I had to schedule a site visit with one of my grantees to get out of the house, he bothered me so much! Couldn't convince him that the operative word about working at home was WORKING!

A Rural Journal said...

Yard work! Laundry, catching up. You know the drill.

So happy about the triplets! They look happy and healthy -- what a blessing! :)

Mimi Foxmorton said...

I ran back and forth to Darla's farm and tried not to let her convince me she was being murdered when I drove away. lol

Those kids are for snuzzling!

Have a happy, busy day!

texwisgirl said...

Hope she can manage to feed all three of those cuties!!

Paula said...

*Squeeeal* New farm babies!!!

Sharon said...

Busy, busy, busy - you are definitely busy! I on the other hand, do what I can - did get an area rug in the womb.

The triplets are so cute! I hope she has milk aplenty!

Millie said...

Congratulations on the triplets! We've been having kids here too. Now we're done until June.

d'Artagnan said...

Congrats on the triplets. They look like such precious little goaties.

Sandy said...

OMG....I can't imagine how excited I would be with triplets. Post lots of pics so that I can get my baby goat fix.

houndstooth said...

Wow! Triplets? Give that mama a lot of extra feed! She's going to need it!

Feral Female said...

No worries, we`ve bumped up Fran`s grain ration already! I`ll keep y`all updated on the new kids as they come.

small farm girl said...

Awwwwww! What a wonderful addition to your goat family! So,so cute!