Wednesday, March 23, 2011


There`s been a kidnapping!!!!

Ole Man Winter (That nefarious sneaky sod) has kidnapped Lady Spring!

Someone call the Mounties or Scotland Yard or Fox Mulder! Or perhaps Robert Downey Jr. in his Sherlock Holmes attire. *Drifts off with dreamy eyes*

I seriously have to wonder why we awoke to this today. I mean, really?? It was all gone….all the old snow was gone…..and now this!? Egad, what a sight huh?

The geese were most displeased.

The ducks did some belly sledding.

Trinty helping do chores.She looks pretty happy about the snow!

I`m guessing there`s about 8 inches. And of course Mister just took the snow plow off the four-wheeler. Ah well, what are you going to do beside sit inside, sip coffee, read romance novels and maybe play video games with the kids?

Miss Yodeling has a snow day which is always fun, although I have to wonder if these kids will be in school until July with all the snow days!

Anydoodles, beside the crime committed here by Ole Man Winter (That dirty dog) we did have another set of twins yesterday. Two more bucklings to add to the testosterone fest down in the barn! So far I have 7 kids and 6 are bucks. We have yet to name them but both are doing well and mom Farrah is very pleased with her boys.

Here`s the trips doing an early morning sleep in not unlike my daughter. Snow days apply to goat kids too I wager.

My chore helper Trinity doing what she does best, helping. Of course her helping does tend to make my fingers chilly but hey, if it makes her happy right?

So if anyone has any tips about this horrid crime please notify your local police, or let me know. I`ll be investigating and shall not rest until Lady Spring is returned! Come along Horse there is evil afoot!


Sharon said...

Awwwwwwwww, sorry :(
It's too late to be fun!

texwisgirl said...

SO sorry for the criminal activity! But that Trinity is just a beauty! Love her!!! Such a great helper!

Michele Stefanides said...

There's a theme in our posts this morning...Although crime or not, I'm ready to call in Fox Mulder ANY time! :-)

Feral Female said...

Yeah Fox is a real...well fox!

I`m not sure what`s worse, the snow or the fact that my kid didn`t know who the cartoon character was. Okay now most of us know Dudley right??

Nekkid Chicken said...

I just love Trinity's smile. :O) Mal

NancyDe said...

I feel like the perp has visited us here on the Big Island, too. I am sure you won't feel sorry for my 58 degrees, but I feel chilly - and it is of course, wet and nasty. Not enough for a weather day, but enough to make gardening pretty difficult.

A Rural Journal said...

Bummer! It's about 40F, windy and cold here, but I won't complain now. :)

phylliso said...

Thank the dear Lord we got only rain here,the rawness is playing havoic with my RA arthitis.phyllis

Mr. Pip said...

Yep, we are supposed to get more snow tomorrow. UGH! Those babies sure are cute.

Your pal, Pip

Country Dreaming said...

Oh goodness---Looks like quite alot.
Hopefully it will melt soon.
Love the new additions--so cute they are.

Enjoy the snow. :)


John Gray said...

60 degrees here and I am in shorts!
(it wont last so dont get too envious)

Feral Female said...

This morning we awoke to a robust 12 degrees. Thankfully no kids were dropped overnight or we`d have frozen ears, or worse!

I`m still looking for Lady Spring and will not rest until she is found!!

Texan said...

oh my gosh, well girly I hate to say it but um well I am glad its you that got the snow and not me tee hee... well ya know I am just like always looking for the other person to have something. :O)...

Such cute kids and such great color. I am seeing all these cute colored up kids in blog land. Now don't get me wrong our kids are cute as bugs but um they are all white and grey. Our buck is white and grey and boy does he pass that gene along! I just wish he would pass that long hair gene along! Oh sure his kids are furrier than most but I want some with the flowing long hair he has!! Um sorry lost myself there for a moment lol...

Hope your snow melts fast!

Willard said...

Let's figure out how to get old man winter, arrested, charged, convicted, and then lock him up and through the key away!