Sunday, March 6, 2011

Bowl-A-Rama B-Day Party

Morning everyone! Have a seat and a fresh cup and we`ll catch up some.

Well hopefully we can catch up! The past two days Blogger has been a real pain in my rump, not loading up other folks blogs and various assorted other annoying habits. So I`m crossing my fingers that after I update I can read all my buddies newest posts!

Okay, onward to the bowling party we had for Miss Yodeling and-Oh! Just a fast diversion since I wanted to share what I found this morning when I did the ducks.

Yup, it`s my first duck egg of the season!

Alright, now that the earth-shattering excitement of a duck egg has now passed we`ll move onto the party! It was raining lightly yesterday afternoon when we arrived at the bowling alley. Miss is very proud of her new FFA jacket and wears it everywhere even in Hornet country!

Mister and Miss

Aunts, Uncles and Grandma

Aunt Tina and Miss gearing up to knock the pins down

Cousin Shane showing his form while Miss uses the force to will the pins to fall

And speaking of form! I look like a penguin from the rear which explains why my score stays so low. Hard to bowl with flippers as opposed to fingers.

One last picture of the birthday girl

We had a really good time despite the fact that I never once broke 50 and that I have the sound of Burgess Meredith`s cackling penguin laugh now stuck in my head!

A big yodel of welcome to Sheeps & Peeps Farm, Leontien and Wefroggy! Welcome to the hillside farm!


Teresa said...

What a fun event! Congrats on the duck egg--spring must be getting closer.

Millie said...

What? No goats invited to the party!

Sharon said...

What a neat Birthday Party! It looks like everyone was having a good time, and the Birthday Girl is getting prettier every day!

Duck egg - that's one! More to come!

texwisgirl said...

I fixated on the FFA jacket as soon as the photo came up. Brought back great memories of growing up with farmers in Wisconsin... Happy birthday, Miss Yodeling...

Kritter Keeper at Farm Tails said...

how proud she must be! i remember the kids with their jackets in high school ( i am from western pa). had i known how my life would turn out, i would have joined then. sounds like a great day and kudos to the good ducky who gave you a gift!

Jim said...

Yes, Happy Birthday to Miss Yodeling! And congrats on the duck egg! First of many more, maybe?
I haven't bowled in a long while....used to a lot....even in a league once!
Have a good one!

Heidi H said...

Thanks for the welcome, I found your blog through another friends blog, I didn't realize you were in the wellsboro area, very cool.
Heidi Hart aka wefroggy

Feral Female said...

They are pretty spiffy coats I have to say! I found another duck egg this morning so the girls are getting busy up there.

Hi Heidi! Yup, we`re out in Middlebury! Nice to have another county neighbor visiting!