Thursday, February 3, 2011

We Made It!

Howdy gang, wade on in through the snow-bank and we`ll have a hot cup of coffee to thaw out!

I hope everyone managed well through the storms that barreled across the country. I`ve given up talking to Ole Man Winter since my pleas seem to fall on deaf ears or incurs his wrath, I`m not sure which to be honest!

We made out pretty well here on the hillside farm all things considered. Thankfully our power stayed on even during the worse of things, although our bathtub was filled with five gallon buckets and watering cans for the animals just in case. Tuesday we got 4-6 inches of snow which I feel helped us tremendously when it switched over to freezing rain Tuesday night. The snow absorbed a good deal of the water and now is a crusty mess but still better than just ice. Hose-Man is up to his pipe navel now!

Wednesday was all freezing rain and sleet and man did it come down! Then the wind kicked up. If anyone of my neighbors finds one of my chickens in their yard just give me a jingle and I`ll come round them up. I thought this was a pretty cool sight so I snapped a shot. If you look at the top of the hill you can see the ice line on the trees. I`m betting a good many came down yesterday with the ice accumulations and the strong winds.

During all of this of course school was cancelled, so Miss Yodeling and I had plenty of time to catch up on the girl talk and play video games. It was so nasty outside we only ran out to do chores and scurried back into the house afterwards. Funny how when it`s that ugly we don`t see nose nor hoof of a goat outside! I can`t say as I blame them either! Today looks like it`s going to be a nice one, colder than a witches heart but at least the sun is going to shine and no precipitation is coming down.

Here`s how some of the yodeling gang spent their time during the two day assault of Ole Man Winter.

Lucius did a lot of this—

Poe did quite a bit of this---

Miss Yodeling did a ton of this—

I`d like to point out that even though the guitar for Warriors of Rock is around her neck her notebook is not far away. How she can play a video game and chat with seven friends simultaneously is beyond me! I`m lucky I can chew gum and walk at the same time.

Mister spent far too much time doing this---(Notice Patty the Hereford supervising)

After the freezing rain and ice abated our four-wheeler was useless for plowing, the snow was just too heavy. Cue the Kubota! That tractor has proven itself a blessing over and over.

As for me I spent the past two days shaking a fist at the storm, whittling away on a few fiction tales and sipping cups of java. Now that life is back to normal meaning Miss is on her way to school and Mister is at the foundry I think I may just sit back, sip another fresh cup of that heavenly brew and catch up on my buddy’s blogs!

So how did y`all fare with the storm in your neck of the woods?


Michele Stefanides said...

I was in Pittsburgh to give a talk on writing at my old high school. The storm was mostly a bust, but just enough ice very early that morning to cancel the talk. I sure could see the aftermath of a nasty storm up here when I got home, though.

Nancy said...

We faired just fine. Hubby made it to work on the worst day (yesterday) despite many high drifts on the county roads. He's a trooper!

He was at it until dark on the Farmall, clearing our lane. It's really windy today and I'm afraid all of his work will be undone, but what can you do?

Have a great day!

Rural Revival said...

It wasn't the storm we were expecting or hoping for! We still ended up with a snow day though, so we're still happy!


Sharon said...

Lots of rain and lots of wind.... then lots of cold! The wind dried off most of the roadways, so not a problem!

houndstooth said...

We pretty much had to stay indoors. After getting two feet of snow dumped on us, we're now bracing against wicked bitter cold! I'm ready for Spring any day now.

texwisgirl said...

Bitter cold for us wimpy Texans. Have been in the 20s and low teens overnight since Tues. Afraid of water pipes bursting in our less-than-stellarly insulated homes here...

Nezzy said...

We got hit head on here on the Ponderosa and we're gonna be diggin' out for awhile baby!!!

Now I have to say with all the 'frozen rain' that fell I said a big 'WOOHOO' when we kept the power. A girl can whip the world when she has the 'power'!!! Heeehehehe!!!

God bless ya sweetie and have a warm fuzzy kinda day!!! :o)

phylliso said...

We didn`t lose any trees here,just a few limbs,I`m thankful for that.Now it`s bitter cold & we are maybe getting more snow Sat.Is there no end?
I did see a strange light beginning yesterday in the sky,it was the sun shining!phylliso

Mr. Pip said...

We made it home just in time before the storm started. Others around us were not so lucky and some were stranded in their cars for over 12 hours!

The snow finally stopped, but now it is crazy cold! I am not sure which is worse!

Your pal, Pip