Friday, February 25, 2011

Snow Days, Down Days & Crow Days

Howdy gang! Let me turn the pot on and we`ll have a nice visit!

You know usually Feral spends all day home alone but not this week! Monday and Tuesday Miss Yodeling was home from school for a President`s day break. My thumb is still recovering from the video gaming we did! Then when my daughter went back to school Mister was home. He has down days from the foundry and has been home since Wednesday. It`s wonderful to have Mister home. He is a much better conversationalist than the dogs and cats! He also has been a busy bee trying to get some of his honey-do list done so that he can do some coyote hunting.

Now of course as we all know, hunting is a very gadget heavy pastime. Predator hunting is no different than deer hunting or turkey hunting in that regard. And thusly and therefore the more gadgets and gizmos one needs the more likely said gadgets and gizmos are to become misplaced. It is tradition in this house that the day before a hunt (Or morning of said hunt also works) the hunter will discover something imperative that is missing from his gizmo/gadget bag.

Also, if said hunter is male and married, he turns to his spouse and asks where the missing item is, even if the spouse has not used the missing item. Why this is I cannot say but perhaps it means husbands feel we wives have a sixth sense about things that they-the husband-have misplaced. Trust me gents we do not and you asking where it is over and over and over will only result in you being told unsavory things by your lovely if not somewhat aggravated bride.

The missing item of this day actually has absolutely nothing to do with coyote hunting. Why then, you may ask, would finding this particular item be so important to the man. Go ahead and ask yourself and if you can find an answer that makes sense to my estrogen filled brain I am all ears! Yesterday Mister and I spent two hours searching for a tape that sounds like crows. No not Counting Crows although they are a darn good band. A tape that plays the screams of about one hundred crows called ‘Crow Revelry’. This tape was yellow I was told twenty-three times. It also says ‘Crow Revelry’ on it I have also been told numerous times. Thank you darling. I now know what the missing tape looks like. It is committed to memory and shall never be forgotten.

Although on a plus side we did get the top of the refrigerator cleaned off during the mad search for that yellow tape called ‘Crow Revelry.’ Sadly the tape, which must be as valuable as the Holy Grail given how much time was spent searching for it, was not amid the forty-three boxes of shells atop my Whirlpool. We did however find a broken turkey call and the bottoms of a pair of old pajamas stashed away in an old strawberry basket.

“Why did I keep these?” Mister asked me from atop my kitchen chair.

“I couldn`t say,” I replied as I pawed through a drawer in search of that yellow tape called ‘Crow Revelry’.” Maybe you kept them to clean your guns with. Oh look! Here`s another old pair of safety glasses that were supposed to go to the garage!”

“I`ll take them later. It was a yellow tape,” he said and returned to his quest atop the Whirlpool

“Yes pumpkin doodle I know and it said ‘Crow Revelry’.”

And so the conversation went back and forth until the missing tape was given up on. Where it went I cannot say but I do know it is nowhere in this house. Although I did find a receipt from my Christmas shopping trip back in 2009 so it wasn`t a fruitless two hours!

After the quandary of the yellow tape he then opted to try out his coyote calls. Every coyote call he owns. He owns quite a few. Why? I cannot say. It seems if you have one call that sounds like a coyote then you should be set. This though is not the case as the thirty-nine turkey calls the man owns can attest to. Oh and how the dogs love to reply to those coyote calls! Why the house was fairly alive with howling and yipping and barking! There is nothing more soothing to the ear drum than the keening call of dogs is there?

“Honey boodles you know I love you right?” I said when my eardrums threatened to implode. He blew on his howler for a reply.”If you don`t stop blowing on those calls I am going to get touchy, and not touchy-feely either so stop waggling your brows!”

“I have to practice,” he replied earnestly but I could see the spark of mischief in his eyes.

“Then go outside and practice dear sweetness and light.”

“I could,” he murmured with fourteen calls hanging from his neck and three dogs winding down then gave me a wink and another round of pup distress wails.

After that last call he did decide to take himself outside to tidy the back porch. Wise man that Mister Yodeling is. Being the kind and considerate wife that I am I agreed to stop at a local sporting goods store on my way to pick up Miss Yodeling at the high school (She and the rest of the freshmen FFA members had to stay after to learn how to do their project books) and see if I could find a replacement for the missing crow tape. Mister had an appointment with the optometrist or I`m sure he would have went along. So I toodle along and a half hour later arrive at the sporting goods store. Yeah, round trips to the high school and home are sixty minutes.

In I go and I do a fast search of the calls back in the archery department. I can find no cassette tapes of any kind and so I head back to the archery shooting range. There a very pleasant young man (And I do mean young) asked if I needed assistance. I smiled at an older grey-haired gent perusing the compound bows then stepped closer to the counter.

“I`m looking for a tape for my husband to play in his predator caller,” I said most genially,” It`s yellow and called ‘Crow Revelry.’

The young man looked at me as if I had begun to spout Latin.

“A tape?” he asked with great sincerity and loss.

“Yes a tape. You know?” I said and stared at the young fellow.

“A cassette tape?” the old gent interjected and I nodded heartily. Finally someone who had heard of cassette tapes!!

Blank stare from the whippersnapper.

“They`re about this big,” I said and made the appropriate size and length dimensions with my hands, “And they have things recorded on them. Mostly music but in this case crow calls.”

“Lady you can`t buy cassette tapes anymore,” the young man replied with that ‘Old folks, aren`t they just precocious?’ tone.”You can buy discs or go to this website and download the calls you want then store them on a memory card.”

“Well that would be wonderful if my husband`s caller used memory cards as opposed to cassette tapes,” I said. It may have sounded snarky and I do apologize to that young man since he really was only trying to help out the doddering old woman.

How the heck can someone not have heard of cassette tapes?! Am I really that old?

Anydoodles needless to say I came home without a new yellow ‘Crow Revelry’ but I did have my daughter. I won`t go into the discussion she and I had as I tried to explain what the difference between a cassette tape and an eight-track tape was.

This morning I awoke to Tinker doing his beagle ‘I-Have-To-Pee’ dance on my lower lumbar. I was still kind of disgruntled over tapes in general and shuffled out to the front door muttering ‘Tapes’ as opposed to ‘Brains’. I opened the door and this is what greeted me.

(You just can`t tell some cats anything!)

It is still coming down like gangbusters and school has been cancelled. Mister just left to go sit in the snow and see if he can snipe an coyote.*Rolls eyes and shrugs*

Looks like another snow day/down day for me, thankfully minus the crows.....I hope.


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Nancy@A Rural Journal said...

When we were dating, my husband entertained me with his assortment of predator (or is it prey) calls and was thrilled to lure in a raccoon. :)

Michele Stefanides said...

Lord love a duck, where do I begin?? :-) This was hysterical! I'm as clueless about WHY hubby needed a tape of crow calls as the young man was about what cassette tapes are. And I loved the picture/sound of all those dogs answering all those coyotes! Luckily, my children do know what cassette AND 8-track tapes are. Not only do I have quite a collection of both, I even have an 8-track player. True story!

Anonymous said...

Great story! Talking about how old we are a recent conversation at work with a 23 year old co-worker, we were talking about Ground hog Day. she said she never heard of it!! And the same person did not know what hitch hiking was!!! WOW!! I really feel old!

Anonymous said...

I am so glad I started my day with you. You put a BIG old (yes old) smile on my face. I think it is amazing that kids have heard of 8tracks, even if they do not really understand the concept. Once upon a time computers even used casette tapes. How times change.
You do have me curious about the connection beteen crows and coyotes.

texwisgirl said...

Too funny! :) Thanks for sharing your search for the mysterious yellow cassette accompanied by coyote calls!

BTW, PLEASE send your hubby on a road trip to Texas. We've got more coyotes than we can shake a stick at - all night, every night from every direction. I just told a neighbor lady that obviously all of our coyote shooting neighbors have moved away because the population is getting out of control!!! He wouldn't need any calls. Just a night scope - and he could just sit in our yard...

Buttons said...

Hello Love the story. We have lots of coyotes but am having a problem with a wolf a first for us. B

Texan said...

I too love when my honeyman is home :O). I must admit I could relate to the help me find story. LOL ...but its really fun having them home!

Sharon said...

I can SO relate to your story! Curious too, that he would want a crow tape to take hunting coyotes, that is a new one on me.

Sorry about your snow!

Dreaming said...

Oh, my sides hurt from laughing. I have just figured out that things that I read that are similar to things I experience are often very funny. And, hunting, for hours, for something - a yellow tape, for example, is so like hunting for stuff around here. I loved your post. Thanks for making my day! And, sorry, we don't have a yellow tape of Crow Revelry around here. But, did you happen to find my camera as you were hunting for the tape?!

Flat Creek Farm said...

As always, you have me rolling! I can so relate to the joy of coyote calls. Yes, indeed, my hubby also has dvd's of coyote hunting. I don't know which is more annoying - the calls or the 'movies' :) Enjoy your weekend.. hope it's peaceful! -Tammy

John Gray said...

a blog hop eh?> what ever next!
good blog today

Verde Farm said...

I have laughed my butt off on this story. You and the good hubby looking for that tape and his statement about taking something to the tool shed “later”---do you know how often that one bites me in the butt here? The CD vs. cassette tape convo is mind blowing. Good heavens, we didn’t walk to school barefoot in the snow for crying out loud. What is wrong with these people! ;) LOL

Country Dreaming said...

I love it!!! Oh, sooooo funny.
The images of you ans the hubby looking for this yellow tape and then your conversation with the "whippersnapper" about made me fall out of my chair laughing.
Boys and their toys!!!!!

Enjoy your snow--we have had fog for the last two days. ALL DAY LONG!!!!

Enjoy your evening.


Feral Female said...

My thanks all! It does my heart good to know others have these kinds of conversations with spouses and whippersnappers! =)