Sunday, February 6, 2011

No Rest For the Wicked Or The Weary

I`ll let you guys decide which of the above I am. *Hurries to cover horns*

What a crazy few days we`ve had here on the hillside farm! It all began on Tuesday of course during the winter storm that rumbled across the country.

My cat Lu-Lu started throwing up while suffering some explosive diarrhea. This went on all through Tuesday and into Wednesday. I called the vet Wed. to see if they were even open since the weather was so horrid with snow and freezing rain. They were and so I set up a tentative appointment for three that afternoon, hoping the weather would improve. It didn`t. So another call to reschedule, this time Friday at one and I prayed things would straighten out both with Lu-Lu and the weather.

The weather settled down. Lu-Lu did not.

Friday arrived and I got her to the vets. After a very complete exam they took an x-ray to see if perhaps she were suffering some sort of intestinal blockage. They did give her some fluids sub-Q since she was so dehydrated by this time her collar was hanging off her neck. She did drop three pounds I was shocked to see. The good doctor came back and said that she had a large loop in her lower intestine that was filled with gas and quite a lot of feces in her colon.

They suggested that they keep her overnight, get more fluids into her and give her another X-Ray in the morning. If the loop was still there they may have to operate. Sadly I left her there and began worrying. I know she`s only a cat and some folks may say they`re a dime a dozen but we all know how special our pets are, and how irreplaceable also.

Okay so let`s skip to Saturday. I have groceries to buy and am now close to pacing beside the phone. Thankfully the vet called and said that the loop had gone down but she still hadn`t had a bowel movement so they had given her an enema. They wished to keep her for another few hours, draw some blood to see if they could find out if it were systematic or not and hopefully she would have a BM.

Alrighty then I said to myself, I have time to get to the store and back before they call back. Off I go with Miss Yodeling to town. We come back home and it`s now raining. Raining quite hard and the temperatures hovering at about 31 degrees. Ah yes, welcome back Old Man Winter you dirty rotten rassafrassin`…..Well you get the gist of what I said mentally.

Miss and I creep up our driveway and get the food toted in. Mister returns from doing some work on the Kubota down in his garage. The phone rings and it`s his mother asking if he can come back down to pull someone out of the ditch by her house. He leaves to tug the guy free with the tractor and the phone rings. It`s the vet and she`s happy to say Lu-Lu did have a BM and we can come pick her up.

I looked out the window and saw the glare and sighed. Okay, back out we go. Miss Yodeling and I skid and slide to the truck. We creep back down the driveway and find Mister has gotten the poor unwary driver tugged from the ditch. Our stretch of road is notorious for being terribly icy since the sun never shines on it. Of course the entire road was an ice patch by this time. Mister asks if I want him to drive. I accept graciously and off we crawl to town.

Lu-Lu is returned to us along with some bland dry food for her to eat for a few days. The blood work results should be back soon I hope. So off we go once more, disgruntled cat now in the back seat with Miss Yodeling. Cats do not like enema`s-not that anyone does for that matter-and she was quite vocal about the perceived mistreatment she endured! Once we got back up the hill was when the weather got funky crazy! Rain began to turn to sleet then back to rain. Thunder and lightning erupted overhead with enough force to rumble the house, then it began to snow like no-one`s business! We got a touch of everything yesterday that is for sure!

Somehow I did get the laundry done amid all the running and skidding and thundering and disgruntled cats. Oh! I just remembered this too. Last night our satellite dish wasn`t working well since it was covered with ice, snow and whatever else fell from the sky. Mister has this rather good technique to clear the ice. He fills a pan with hot water, stands on our front porch and flings the water onto the dish that sits on the corner of our roof. While he was out flinging he heard a terrible ruckus over in the cow barn.

“Something`s over there killing a chicken,” he said as he ran inside and grabbed the 20 gauge.

“Maybe Patty`s laying on one of them,” I said.

“Don`t think so,” he replied and out he went, shotgun in hand, hunters headlight on his forehead and still in his slippers and lounging pants.

These are the kinds of things one only sees if they live rurally my friends. Of course the two labs went banana`s since he left the house with a gun. Within a few minutes Miss and I and the labs heard the shot. Shortly thereafter Mister Yodeling returned and informed us an opossum had been attacking one of the hens.

It had been cornered by the steer Mister thinks and he had to reach down and pull it out of the wall by its tail since he didn`t want to blow a hole in the barn wall. Better him than me! I don`t even like looking at opossums let alone reaching down and playing with their old ratty tails! I guess the nighttime raider managed to severely pluck one of our gray silky hens. Good thing for her Mister just happened to be flinging hot water when the ugly old thing grabbed her!

Now hopefully it will be a nice quiet uneventful day. I think I might just go grab another cup of that wondrous brew and spend an hour or two catching up on some of my buddy’s blogs. That is if I can get Lu-Lu from my arm.

Meh, maybe I can sip coffee and blog visit with a purring cat on my arm.


Sandy said...

Here's hoping Lulu feels better and the Silkie re-feathers quickly. Stay warm and have an awesome Sunday!

Michele Stefanides said...

Good golly. You deserve at least a whole pot of coffee. In and out of town in that weather yesterday earns you a medal. Poor kitty, hope she feels better soon. Our Sammy was in a "stabilization" crate for 10 days at the vet last month. I was beside myself. I know how you feel about leaving Lu Lu at the vet.

Kritter Keeper at Farm Tails said...

that is very strange about the loop in the intestines. wondering how that happened? glad you shared in case something like that happens here. thank heavens you survived that awful weather and ice! i have possums that eat the leftover corn, they are cute, but if i had chickens i am sure i would think otherwise. any way to secure the chickens in a possum proof area? poor things, cannot defend themselves. i am not allowed to have them (boo husband!) but if i did i would get a great pyr to guard them. see, i have it all planned out in my i get to live vicariously thru my farm blog care and i hope lulu recovers 100%!! and you too! ;-)

Millie said...

That's way too much excitement for anyone. Hope your kitty gets to feeling better. You need a llama to keep those nasty opossums away.

texwisgirl said...

Poor kitty. I know you must have been watching the weather the whole time she was ill, trying to decide whether to brave the drive to get her to the vet or wait even longer. Torture! And I'd never say "just a cat". My animals are my babies and I worry about them terribly when they're sick or at the vets. Glad LuLu is back at home and hopefully won't have a reoccurence. I wonder what caused it?

And poor chickens! Had to laugh at the image you painted of your husband flinging hot water at the sat. dish. :) Classic!

Verde Farm said...

I love to read your posts. They are like great short stories and I am right there with you all the way. I am so, so sorry about Lu-lu. I completely understand how much you love your pets--we are the same way here. I would have been worried sick. Hope all the blood work comes back good and glad she is home. The frozen satellite dish technique is one to be proud of. I need to share that with hubby as he would appreciate such a fine technique himself. As for the opossum-I just hate them. Our dog corners them often and they are the ugliest things out in the woods I think. Glad farmer was able to save the hen. Good farmer for sure!! :)

d'Artagnan said...

Poor kitty! I hope she keeps feeling better! *hugs*

Sharon said...

You sure have had the lion's share of bad things happening. Poor Lu-Lu, the humiliation of it all! I hope there is good report on her results! I imagine the trip to pick up Lu-Lu was so scary, you couldn't push a pin up your butt! I would be having the "vapors"! For defrosting the satellite, I think I have a plan - put the hose to my vacuum to the blow position and stick it through the window and blow the warm(hot) air at it. Next time it freezes up, that is. I hope your silkies get their feathers back quickly - are they warm enough for this next batch of weather? Rotten possum!

~Tonia said...

Poor Lulu!... I hope she is better and its nothing lasting!
NASTY NASTY Possums!! You know if you grab the tail just right they can wrap it around your hand and hang on... <> Glad they didnt get your little silkie!

houndstooth said...

I'm glad Lulu is feeling better! We had a cat, Alex, who used to have a problem with a certain part of his intestine sort of ballooning out. After four months in a row of having to take him in to get enemas and get things moving again, the vet offered a surgery option. They went in, cut out the part of his intestine that kept having the problem, and sewed it back up. It did wonders for him! I guess you know that I would never say "It's just a cat." A pox on those people!

Will the chicken be okay until her feathers grow back in?

Texan said...

Well holy cow woman! Could you cram just a little more happenings in that time span.. whew I think not!

Glad your kitty is home and so glad Mister saved the chicken. I laughed literaly in your description of him going out in jammy pants, head lamp and gun.. rofl I have seen honeyman in the exact same get up going out the door gun in hand LOL.. gotta love a guy that will go into protection mode with jammy pants on lol...You know I rolled my eyes when he came home with that light for his cap. but I can't tell you number of times that way bright thing has come in handy!

Jim said...

Now THAT was a day to remember! You can tell a very good story! You had me glued to the screen. Good to hear that Lu-Lu is OK. Your winter sounds as crazy as ours here in Nova Scotia!

Feral Female said...

Thanks everyone for the good wishes. Lu-Lu was very touched and even penned an entry! It was one crazy day for sure and I`m hoping not to have another like it for awhile!

small farm girl said...

Wow! That was an eventful day!!! I don't even know where to start. First I want to wish you best wishes for Lu-Lu, I hope everything goes good for her. Second, I hope you guys are careful in that awful weather. You can keep it over there though, I don't want any. lol. Thirdly,(is thirdly a word?) possums can really take down a flock of chickens fast! I'm glad Mr. got it. Here's hoping for a nice peaceful rest of the week.