Sunday, February 13, 2011

I Wanna Rock And Roll All Night


Oh, sorry for the shouted greeting, my hearing isn`t quite back to normal must be. Come on in and have a visit! I`ll fill up a couple of mugs for y`all!

You might be wondering why I`m a wee bit hearing deprived this morning and why this entry is the title of a KISS song. Well firstly anytime I can work KISS into a conversation this ole-I mean classic-goatherders day is set! I`ve been a fan of KISS for longer than I should disclose but suffice it to say my sixteenth birthday cake had the cover from ‘Rock & Roll Over’ on it!

Ain`t that the cooliest? Ah Gene Simmons you are my idol despite the fact that even now we both are not quite as spry as we used to be lo those many years ago. Anydoodles, my rampant fangirl mania for Mr. Simmons aside last night Mister, Miss and I went to a fundraiser in a nearby town to enjoy a night of metal music. We`re all metal heads here, something that seems odd I`m sure given that we`re so very rural. I`ve nothing against country music, heck I was raised on Conway Twitty, Freddie Fender and The Possum George Jones, but my heart and soul is tightly bound to rock.

I knew this would be quite an experience for my two family members. Mister and Miss have never seen or felt a live band. Now the feeling part isn`t like running up to grab the bassist although if given a chance Feral would leap at Gene Simmons….sorry, I found another of them side roads. Feeling the live band means that the music is so loud it runs up into your chest as it rattles your eardrums. I could feel the beat outside the community center and knew it would be a good show! Hearing is vastly over-rated any metal head can tell you…well they would tell you if they could hear the query.

There were four local bands slated to perform to raise money for HISTIO, a rare form of blood disease that the organizer`s sister suffers from. Although I was there mainly to see A Dawn Becoming since Miss Yodeling had shown me their YouTube videos, the other bands were Null, The Peelers and Burden My Surrender. I thought I`d give you guys a chance to catch the band here so I`ve embedded one of their videos for you. If you`re not a fan of heavy metal you may want to simply skip over since there is much screaming and banging of heads. If you`re brave enough to enter the dark world of metal then rock on my friends!

As we were standing amid the crowd and wondering if we having heart palpitations from the bass reverberations slamming into our breastbones via our feet I got to thinking about my very first concert. Seeing Miss Yodeling and her friends that we met there rocking and rolling may have stirred up the memories. Or maybe it was just being in the same room with the sweaty hair-flinging godliness of rock and roll.

I was sixteen when I attended my first KISS concert. I even have the ticket stub to this day. The show was on January 30th, 1978 at the Spectrum down in Philadelphia and it cost seven dollars to get in. Seven dollars! I bet it costs a wee bit more nowadays to see a band that huge. This was the very first time I had been allowed to go to a rock concert. I made up for it over the years by seeing many a show! I`ve been lucky enough to see KISS three times, Ozzy Osborne, Def Leppard, Peter Frampton, Steve Miller and Yes all on the same day, and Motley Crue. My first concert though was an experience I shall never forget. It was winter of course and my mother was not one to drive in the bad weather. Since me and my girlfriends had these tickets and were beyond spastic my mother’s girlfriend Sally stepped up. God bless her. She also was a fan of country music so her volunteering to take three screaming teens who had painted their faces to look like demons, cats and spacemen was a real show of her stamina.

The night was a cold one I remember that. We piled into Sally`s car and off we went! I seem to recall Sally`s mutterings when we pulled into the parking area of the Spectrum. I also recall her mutterings when she and her three frenetic charges waded into the venue. To say that her eyebrows climbed to her hairline would be putting it mildly. I think they climbed to the top of her blond head and leaped off to hide inside one of the concession areas. The place was packed, and I do mean packed, with other KISS aficionados. Thousands and thousands of people all clad in black leather with kabuki style make-up on their smiling faces. We were in KISS Army heaven. Sally must have thought she stepped into one of the gates of Hell.

If the poor woman thought she had tread unknowingly into Hades domain then, when we pushed and shoved our way across the floor I`m sure she knew she had fallen into the pits of Tartarus. Somehow, lucky us I know, but somehow we managed to get within fifty feet of the walls of amplifiers. When the lights dimmed of course the place went insane. Every person there rose to their feet and screamed. Well, not everyone. Sally sat in her folding seat and gaped as the sound waves issuing forth from the mountain of Peavey`s blew her hair from her face. This was not The Oak Ridge Boys by any wild stretch of imagination.


Total and absolute bedlam erupted as Gene, Paul, Peter and Ace appeared. I think I went into total teenage mind meltdown when the guys blew into their opening number. I don`t recall much aside from moments of utter delirium as I breathed in the same air that Gene Simmons had just breathed out…minus the fire of course since that would be very painful. I can remember looking down a few times-didn`t want to miss anything-to see Sally, arms folded over her breasts with napkins shoved into her ears. Where she found the napkins to this day I don`t know but there she was. What a trooper! She persevered through the entire show, never tugging those napkins free until we were in the car. I think she made some comment about something but between the sheer glory of seeing KISS and having my earholes assaulted so wonderfully I couldn`t hear what she commented.

And so I stood last night, surrounded by teenagers bouncing up and down while flinging their heads, and realized that although A Dawn Becoming may not be KISS, the power and energy of rock and roll is something that will never die and thank the gods of metal for that!

So you all want more java? WHAT? NO I DON`T HAVE ANY CRUMPETS! Oh, creamer. Tee-Hee.


♥ Sallie said...

Woohoo! Long live Rock and Roll!

See you at our Valentine's Weekend Party!


Michele Stefanides said...

Oh Vicki, what a picture you paint! I've been going to concerts since I was 15, all the way up to last night! Mostly "big name" acts, but quite a few local/regional bands along the way. Heavy metal and similar types are among the very few kinds of music I don't like, but your description of the feelings mirror mine exactly when I'm at live music, there's nothing like it. About 15 years ago, I was the "cool" mom who took a van load of teens and pre-teens to a show that the kids neglected to accurately describe to me, they knew I wouldn't have gone. Main reason--I ended up in a flippin' mosh pit, wearing my "PTA"-style outfit of wool blazer, jeans with a crease pressed in, and loafers!! Seriously! And when some very tall fellows stepped in front of my short son, I told them to move out of the way. They said he should go to the back. I said, in my best "mother" voice, that my sons' 15 dollars were just as good as theirs and they better MOVE! Those fellas said "Yes ma'am," and moved out of the way! I've been to so many concerts of my own choosing, I actually have made a list! I'm so glad you had a great time!

Kritter Keeper at Farm Tails said...

yes, i am a rocker too but no concerts. swimmers ear all my childhood left me with barely an ear drum. glad you got to go back in time a bit and remember the good old days.

Melodie said...

I love KISS! I was lucky enough to go to a concert when I was 19,had to drive all the way to Shreveport Louisiana to see them but I would have driven all day if I had needed too!

Feral Female said...

Woo-hoo! Fans of rock unite! I`d drive to Shreveport and beyond to see KISS Melodie.

Michelle I laughed so hard I nearly fell over trying to picture you in a mosh pit!

Sharon said...


So great that you had a fun family night! I have to wear ear plugs to go to the theater - don't think I could handle a band!

When we used to go to concerts - they were always my husband at the time's choosing. I am NOT a true country fan, so the only concert I really enjoyed was 3 Dog Night and it was outdoor and it began to rain. Better to stay home, I guess. You have that lovely memory from your 16th year, and that is how it should be! Bless Sally for her patience!

Country Dreaming said...

What fun for you---quite a pic there.

Good loud music is super for the soul!!!


Mister Oz said...

Whose got the harness caught in the fan?? I can't hear a thing over this terrible ringing in my ears!!

Ah yes, when you feel the music in your chest cavity...that's THE BEST, no matter what genre.