Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A Winter Ramble

Afternoon all, come on in and have a fresh cup.

Things on the hillside farm have been pretty darn snowy today! Overnight we got a dumping of about 4 inches of the fluffy stuff. That of course meant a snow-day for Miss Yodeling. You know as I grow older I begin to wish there were more snow days to spend with my daughter. As I sit here, cup in hand, I can recall when she was younger and that announcement would come over the radio. I would sigh and chug down another cup, knowing my day would be filled with trying to entertain a six year old.

Not that I or any mother doesn`t love our children, for we do, but the difference between six and fourteen is astounding! Now mom doesn`t have to entertain her. Now it seems, I tend to go looking for her to try to lure her away from her friends and IM chats to play with me! Funny how the years subtly change our way of thinking isn`t it?

Also as I was meandering mentally whilst sipping my beloved brew I stumbled upon how winter seems to make us pine for spring. I admit it freely-I have had enough already thank you very much Old Man Winter! I want to be able to step outside in just my t-shirt and not freeze my assets off! I want to play with goat kids in fresh grass! I want to see spring peeps scurrying across the yard after their moms! I want to go down the road to my mother-in-laws and sit on her glider with Mister and just watch the hummingbirds.

As I walked down that path of thought I somehow ended up with this random memory. I suppose it could have been due in part to thinking about my mother-in-laws porch in the summer, or it could simply have been due to the way my mind works. It don`t stay on a set trail…..It kind of dances and jukes from one thing to another like a drunken frog in mid-day traffic.

I recalled my grandmother’s front porch. I was just a child of course but her front porch also held wonderful things. It was completely enclosed. The fear of stinging insects must be genetic. As wide as her house it was and crammed with every kind of swing and chair and table she could cram. All the chairs and swings were covered with old blankets, no matter the season. To this day I can still smell the mixture of moth balls and old wooden floors and how the musty smell of the basement underneath crept through up into the screened-in area.

I used to spend as much time as I could during my childhood at my grandmother`s. I was quite the princess in their eyes, being the only grand-daughter. My grandfather was particularly enamored of me. Yeah I was the apple of his eye without a doubt. Popeye as I used to call him would go to whatever lengths were necessary to please his grand-daughter, a trait all grandparent`s possess I know. When I was there for a week or so you didn`t have to look too hard to find Popeye. He would be with me either in their pool or riding the rides at Hershey Park a large amusement park near Harrisburg where they lived.

Or he would be with me on their front porch. There we would be, Popeye and me, with all manner of doll houses and dolly clothes and stuffed animals. The heady aroma of lilacs would blow in through the screens as he sat on the floor despite his aching knees to play. Sometimes on grandma`s front porch we would make tents out of her blankets which always got her goat for grandma liked things just so! How he managed to crawl about under blankets playing whatever game I wished to play I`ll never know but he did.

So somehow the snow that fell overnight led me to grandmother’s front porches. I know, it`s quite the leap isn`t it? Even Miss Yodeling asked how I got from snow to her great-grandparent`s porch. I couldn`t really say how I got there but there I got there just the same. Maybe it was just the recollections of spring and the want of warm weather that made me recall the warmth of grandparent`s, front porches and how much love they heap onto their grandchildren.

Loving grandmas and Popeye`s, even in memories, can warm the most blustery of winter days.


Nekkid Chicken said...

Aaaaaah Such lovely memories. Perhaps the silence of the snow allowed them to visit you.


Sharon said...

Strings of thoughts can take you anywhere, I have the same thing happen to me all the time, I was thinking it was an old thing, but obviously not. It's nice to remember the long ago times that were so good, especially when it's cold and dreary outside - is kind of like day dreams.

Michele Stefanides said...

Beautiful memories. If we're lucky enough to be able to stay inside and warm when it snows, it can be calming, and that can surely relax your mind into wandering who knows where.

Your "Popeye" sounds very much like my husband, aka "Pap." It's nice to know my granddaughters will have such beautiful memories when they grow up.

Rural Revival said...

Lovely memories, thanks for taking us there. I was the apple of my granddad's eye too and how I miss him so but right now I'm thinking about sitting on the back steps counting all of his tomatoes from the garden set out to ripen. I think I can even taste them!


phylliso said...

My best friend who still is my best friend & I would take our sheets & blankets & clothes pin them to the fence & anchor them down with heavy rocks.You`ve led me down a path of memories too,my grandchildren & I might have to do that together sometime.Thanks for the memories,I can still hear Aleta screaming when all the ants came into our makeshift tent during the night after our snacks,he,heee,phylliso

Verde Farm said...

You just took me down the same path with you. First spring and that picture makes me want to jump right in. Then to my childhood, remembering the voice saying “no school today in Logan County.” I would be so happy I couldn’t stand it. Then to my step-daughter-now 18. How I go looking for her company now and enjoy her so much. Then to my grandmother’s front porch--not closed in but piled with chairs, rockers, glides, flowers and we would all pile in on Sunday afternoon. Thank you for taking me with you today :)

Mister Oz said...

And taking a sharp left turn...I was just reminiscing about Hershey Park today!! We Oz's made the journey at the end of the 70s (in fact still have some remnants of a souvenir, not to mention the silent home movie and the cherished memories.

I, too, spent many an hour on my own grandmother's screened in porch, rocking away and watching traffic whiz past.

In fact, I still rock to this day, even in a fixed legged chair! It worries people, lol.

Nancy said...

Awww, how fortunate you were to be able to spend time with your Grandma. What great memories!

John Gray said...

love the prevous goose pic

Feral Female said...

I`m glad my meanderings helped spark some memories for y`all as well!

Little Wren said...

Loved reading this post. :) Thanx for sharing your memories.