Sunday, January 23, 2011

Welcome my friends, welcome!

Welcome to the Waterfowl Riviera Spa, a wonderful get-away location suited to and for the fantasies of waterfowl!

The Waterfowl Riviera Spa is just a short waddle from any poultry coop and includes the following amenities at no cost to our web-footed friends-

Fresh bedding courtesy of Sir Patrick of Moo for those with chilly webs to recline upon and absorb the glorious January sun! Watering dishes filled with warm water twice daily that should tempt any goose or duck in for a relaxing bath even if temps are down below zero! And of course the food! Breakfast consists of fresh water and a heaping helping of mash. Dinner is served on the fresh bedding and is a sumptuous meal of soaked whole kernel corn! An epicurean delight to please any discriminating bill!

And of course the view! What can we here at the Waterfowl Riviera Spa say about the view?! It is simply glorious as you can see, with a stunning outlook of the old propane tank that has yet to retrieved by the propane company!

Also in the dazzling vista afforded those who are elite enough to stay at the Waterfowl Riviera Spa is the back of a lovely mobile home, complete with buckled skirting and snow piled along walkways!

Advance reservations are recommended but not necessary. The management accepts no responsibility for pinched tail feathers that new guests may incur.

So come! Come and enjoy a day at the Waterfowl Riviera Spa!


A big yodel of welcome goes out to Mandy! Welcome to the wacky world we live in here on the Hillside Farm!


texwisgirl said...

If I were a duck, goose or what have you, I'd surely book a suite! :)

Sharon said...

Cute post! Isn't it amazing that the waterfowl still go for a bath in these freezing temps? BRrr!

d'Artagnan said...

One of my dreams is to someday have my own farm. I love reading about yours!

houndstooth said...

It looks a little brisk for my liking, but they seem to think it's just ducky!

Brenda said...

Sounds like a heavenly retreat for your web footed friends. Sure looks like they're enjoying it too!

Country Dreaming said...

This is just way too funny!
Very creative.

See you soon!