Friday, January 7, 2011

A quiet winter day

Morning! Shake off the snow and have a seat, the coffee`s just about done perking.

Looks like a quiet day on the hillside farm for me today. We got a fresh blanket of snow overnight, not enough to cancel or delay school much to Miss Yodeling`s dismay, but enough to keep this old-I mean classic-goatherder home.

I had plans to go to the grocery store and stop to buy dog licenses but tomorrow looks like a better day for gadding in my humble.

Speaking of dogs, the little pup we found last weekend was taken to the S.P.C.A. on Wednesday. As much as I hate to do that to any animal we simply couldn`t keep her. Three dogs and two cats plus three humans makes for a very full mobile home. After travelling our neighborhood all day Sunday and no-one showing up to inquire about a lost dog, Mister and I concluded she was dropped off. The attendant at the local shelter scoured her lost and found reports to no avail.

I know I`ve ranted about this before when someone dumped Lucius off in our driveway but I feel the need for the soapbox once more. It`ll be short I promise.

Why in the world do people take puppies and/or kittens then when they begin to turn into dogs/cats toss them aside like a bag of fast-food garbage?! Dogs and cats are not disposable. Before you-And I am speaking to those who throw away pets here like old newspapers-think to bring that adorable kitten or puppy home, think. Think and try to be responsible. A dog or cat is a lifetime commitment. If you are not ready to provide a home, food, medical care and love to the precious little fluffball then do not take it home! If you find later that you can`t handle having the dog or cat be an adult. Cough up the ten dollars the humane society asks for drop-offs and turn the animal over. At least your dog or cat may be able to find a loving home as opposed to being hit by a car, starving to death, catching and/or possibly spreading infectious diseases and reproducing with abandon.

*Exhales slowly* Okay, I`m stepping off that box now. I hope the pup finds a home. She was a very sweet and timid girl, young also, so I pray her chances are good.

Moving on past my rant things here are darn peaceful. The goats are gestating. Kids won`t arrive for another couple of months. My mother-in-law went on Wednesday to have carpal tunnel surgery on her right hand so Mister and I are tending her coal stove for her twice a day. I go after the bus leaves in the morning and we have a nice sit down with a cup of …..You guessed it, coffee!

My dad got some bad news last week. His cancer is back and he is slated to begin chemotherapy this week. Since he battled this nasty thing before with chemo they`re going to give him pills this time and adjust as he goes through the therapy. God bless him though he is going into it with fighting spirit! Let`s hope this time they can kill those horrid cancer cells and that the chemo doesn`t knock him down too badly. I know how he cherishes his independence.

What else is there to chat about?? My writer`s group was last night and as always was quite fun. We meet the first Thursday of every month at our local library and read what we are working on. This allows us to get feedback and tips that are really valuable! Last night we had 5 at our group. It`s not large but it is a good group with some fiction writers and a couple of poets, a very nice blend and a great group of scribes!

I`d like to give a welcoming yodel to Sarah Rachele for dropping in for a visit! Welcome to the hillside farm!

Looks like I done talked myself out. It does happen once and awhile despite what my hubby may say otherwise. Since I`m staying home I`m torn….strip the beds or write a bit of fiction. Hmmmmm.

Which do you think it will be? *Winks impishly*


Brenda said...

I pray that your Dad recovers well and keeps his fighting spirit! Have a great day over on your hillside farm. :D

Leigh said...

I am so sorry to hear that your father is ill again. He will be in my thoughts. Good luck hun.
All the best,

texwisgirl said...

Hi there, Feral Female. I saw you post comments on a couple of blogs I follow this morning, so like a stray dog, I followed you home. I share your soap box today, for sure! We have 5 big dogs - 2 adopted from shelters, 2 rescued from being dumped on the back road and starving. I've been driving 3 mi. down the same back road for a month now to take food to 2 sadly neglected female dogs that "belong" to someone who never feeds them and lets them have litter after litter of pups. I'm trying to work with a neighbor to get them spayed since we're the only ones feeding them. Anyway, just wanted to say I'll look forward to more of your rants in the future! :)

texwisgirl said...

And PS, I hope your family members can recuperate and fight off their illnesses! God bless you for helping them!

Michele Stefanides said...

I vote for writing, writing, writing this snowy morning! It's what I'm gonna do after I get through my morning reading!

Prayers for your Dad.

houndstooth said...

I'm sure writing fiction wins!

I'd also add spay and neuter your pets to your rant! Most shelters will do it for low cost and it's a small price to pay for what can end up being lots of homeless puppies or kittens. Not to mention the health benefits for spayed and neutered pets. There's a much less liklihood of mammary tumors and other cancers for those pets. Ah, I could go on and on! Irresponsible people just tee me off.

Texan said...

I hope your Dad does well on his treatment!

and "you tell em sister on the whole dumping of dogs-cats and not being responsible for the puppies-kittens that people get" this is a major pet peeve of mine! No pun intended. Our last two dogs we have got from Boxer rescue, they were abandoned grrr... they were-are super dogs and lucky they wound up in Boxer Rescue. Many are not that lucky...

I know I would not have picked changing the sheets!

Hopefully this post only post once. The first attempt didn't take LOL..feel free to delete one LOL if it does :O)

Nancy said...

Just want to say I hope your dad finds the right combination of medicines to get him back up on his feet. I know it must be a great worry to you.

Nekkid Chicken said...

I pray that your family members heal well. I say you drank some more coffee and started a tome of pithy yet, classical stories of a simplier life. :O)


Feral Female said...

My thanks all. I`m sure Dad is feeling the goos wishes swirling around him.

Rural Revival said...

Sending big prayers for your dad. I'm glad to hear he's in a fighting spirit.

And as for that soapbox, stay on it sister because it's the truth. It's a lifetime commitment. So many people don't understand the meaning of the word and it's a crying shame.

Hugs ~Andrea~

small farm girl said...

I'm on the "dropping your dog off" soap box all the time! I hate it!!!!! Sorry to hear about your dad. I hope everything comes out fine.