Friday, January 21, 2011

Okay Ole Man Winter!

Enough is enough already!

Morning gang let me shovel a path so you can get in. Just park your sled and dogs beside the front porch.

Hope this chilly day finds you all hale and hearty! Here in the north-central part of PA it finds us, yet again, digging out. This is what we got overnight while we slumbered.

The only good thing I can think of to say about the steady snows is that…..well, I`ve run out of nice things to say about the snow it seems. I`d shake my fist at Ole Man Winter but he doesn`t seem to care what a stout little goatherder thinks about his fluffy stuff.

School is cancelled for the day, so at least me and Miss Yodeling will be having some serious video game time. And the dogs will enjoy the new snowfall. Trinity loves to roll about in the snow although Tinker has trouble getting his plumbing above snow-level. The cats are torn between stepping out into the white stuff or staying inside where it’s warm. Lucius did venture out for a bit then came racing back to the front door, after which he got in his orange box and sat looking at me as if I could make the icky stuff dissipate.

I would like to mention that I did have a cat-bed that neither cat would use. When we got our fruit order from Miss Yodeling`s FFA chapter the cats fell in love with an empty orange box. To the point that they now fight over who gets to sleep in the orange box! So I gave up, got rid of the perfectly pretty cat-bed and placed an old scatter rug in the orange box. Go figure. So yeah, I have half an orange box in my living room. It don`t bother me any since I have had brood boxes filled with chickens and an occasional goat kid using my sofa to play a game of ‘King of the couch’.

I recall one time we had hatched pheasant eggs in the incubator and had about twenty chicks in the huge white brood box in our living room. We of course didn`t know that pheasant chicks can fly pretty darn well at just a few weeks old. We were used to hatching chickens and ducks. Every single time you would open that lid to clean the box and give them fresh water and feed those little blighters would explode from the box like a swarm of angry mud wasps! And there would be the dogs…waiting….bird dogs trained to hunt pheasant….talk about a flail trying to round up chicks while the dogs were trying to round up chicks! But I digress yet again…..

What was I complaining about originally? Ah yes, snow. Mister did get off to work this morning at 4 so I`ll trudge out later to plow the driveway for him this afternoon. We have a really nifty little plow on the four-wheeler and it’s more like playing than actual work, at least I think so. Of course, I only have to do our driveway, he has to do all the paths and then go down to plow out his mother.

So I guess I had best make another run to the stove room to toss a few logs into the woodstove. I shall leave you all with the image of the path made by a Hobbit up the hill to do the birds. Please do note that there is no sign of said Hobbit falling to her rump. My chest swells with pride at my nimbleness.

Okay, maybe our little Shire DOES look kind of pretty with fresh snow, but I`m still cross with Old Man Winter and am ordering a dose of summer for tomorrow! Who`s with me?!


Mr. Pip said...

Wow, that's a lot of snow. We have some snow, but mostly just crazy cold temps. I think I may stay inside until spring!

Your pal, Pip

Michele Stefanides said...

Add me to that order for summer! Even spring, I'm itching to start my veggie garden already. I shoveled most of the driveway myself; the only good thing I can say about the snow is that it's the light, fluffy kind and it wasn't so hard to shovel.

texwisgirl said...

You're too cute. I can just picture the fracas in your living room with chicks and dogs and cats and goats... :) And orange boxes!

Sharon said...

Winter! UGH!!! You sure got lots of snow! I always thought that February was the worst month for snow, and we always had snow (in MN) during basketball tournament time, in March. No, old man Winter isn't done with us yet.

Your lot does look pretty though!

Baby pheasants in the living room, how fun! Always some fun at the Yodeling house!

Nekkid Chicken said...

That looks freaking cold. Brrrrrrrrrrr We have two boys that keep getting sick with each change of weather here. This year has been tough with each cold front one gets sick.

Why don't you put the cat bed into the orange box? I miss having cats; truly amazing critters to have.

Take care,
Stay warm,

Brenda said...

That's a lot of snow to find in the morning! I only got about 3 inches yesterday. It does make things pretty, but I think we've had enough too.

Nancy said...

We're gearing up for more in the next few days. Seems were in the snow-on-the-weekend pattern. Oh well. What can you do? :)

Verde Farm said...

So much snow you have. I have a feeling there is more to come. Stay warm--surely spring will be here eventually :)