Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy 2011!!

*Tosses confetti into air and breaks into goatherder clog dance*

Happy New Year all! May the upcoming year be wondrous and prosperous for you and your loved ones! I hope this New Year finds y`all hale and hearty. I can tell you it`s finding me rather full and no, despite what Mister Yodeling may say, I`m not full of that! At the moment I`m stuffed to the gills on corned beef and cabbage. Our brisket came out wonderfully! I really enjoyed it a great deal. Mister Yodeling said he thought perhaps the cinnamon was a little stronger than he would have liked though. Next time I make brine I`ll omit the cinnamon I think.

It`s been a nice quiet time here on the hillside farm over the past two days. Yesterday we were up and at `em at 7 in the morning to butcher roosters. Oh the fun we have here at times boggles my mind. We ended up with 25 roosters to process. No wonder the hens were up in arms-or wings I guess I should say. We now have four fellows to woo and romance the hens, and grateful men they are let me tell you!

Although being up that early enabled us to catch this beautiful sunrise, so there are good things to be said about being up with the chickens! If you look closely you can see the moon and to the left of the moon was a brilliant star.

After the butchering was done I ran to town to get my groceries. I took the car because I have doubts about my trucks tire. Can you believe that Mister took it off, filled it with air and it held?! Something is quite odd about that if you ask me. Methinks it was perhaps the anti-shopping imps that sabotaged my tire last week. It bears watching.*Glances out front window at suspicious tire*

Last night to celebrate hubby and I went out to dinner then to the movies. We were home by nine. We are party animals. Actually I prefer to leave the roads to the over-indulgers and the state police.

Today, the first day of 2011, we rolled out hung-over from the popcorn and the extra-large Diet Pepsi at the theater and gave the goats a treat! Yup, it was time for their New Year worming!

I bet they thought they were getting left-over flat champagne or something, but all they got was a lower eyelid check and a nice gulp of Ivomec.

My senior buck Anakin, as you can see, said he would have much preferred the flat bubbly. He is a head-shaker. Oh yeah, you fellow caprine raisers know what I mean don`t you?

Once he has the wormer in his mouth he`ll shake his head violently to fling it, and the always present cud he burps up, into your face, hair, eyes and earholes if you turn your head. No kidding, I have had Ivomec inside my earholes at times. At least my ear will be worm free I suppose. *Sighs*

Of course, some of the pampered ones who live here *cough* Calliope & Freya* cough* got special attention. The Fabulous Flying Freya here with her assistant got to cleanse her palate with some pine needles. Nothing like the scent of pine to freshen up a goatie smile!

Oh! Yesterday our new Hoegger`s catalog arrived in the mail! Land sakes but I love to page through Hoegger`s and dream. I already have a couple items on my wish list and am only on page 27!

I MUST get me some of those paper neckbands for the kids that you can write on! Fifteen kids that all look like tiny little cookie-cutters of their father gets darned frustrating when you need to know who is who. I may even buy both sizes and replace them when the kids get older!

Now that the corned beef is cooked and the dishes done I think I`ll mosey off to visit with some of my favorite blogs, maybe go check my virtual tomato`s on Farmville and take a nice long bubble bath.

How did everyone spend their first day of this New Year??


Sharon said...

Oh, my first day of the year, started out just before 10:00, I ate, did my meds and commented on blogs for 2 1/2 hours, then DH made lunch and though I wasn't ready to eat yet, I managed to eat (LOL, I can always eat!) and posted a blog, checked out FB and shared (?) some banana bread with the 3 little pigs (Jack, Jill and yes - even DC eats people food now - must be her old age). DH is busy watching football and it will keep him occupied for the rest of the day - that's ok, he was busy painting in the other room all day yesterday - one wall and the ceiling to go and we are out of paint. I gave up on Spider Solitaire after losing 5 games in a row, and here I am. Exciting, huh?

Have a great rest of the afternoon!

Millie said...

I just hung out in the barn with Bambi and chewed my cud. The human finally came and gave us corn and hay. I do not like that Ivomec either. I much prefer the herbal wormer.

Mary Ann said...

Just found you and will be back to read your older posts... we are studying goats with an eye towards buying in 2012... thank you for the wonderful pictures and what we hope will be interesting reading about future farm critters here!

John Gray said...

a happy 2011 to you too

houndstooth said...

Happy 2011 to you!

Rural Revival said...

A happy and safe 2011 to you. Thank you so much for your comment today. It's been a quiet day here, goes without saying I guess.

Be well ~Andrea~

Texan said...

Yep we just did the Ivomec ourselves.. yeppers.. always fun, um not! Especially since honeyman was on his own to catch and hold them.. I have a torn muscle in my left arm right now.. so no grabbing and holding goats for me.. I was in charge of prying open mouths and squirting in the Ivomec..then clamping down mouths till everyone swallowed ROFL..

small farm girl said...

Happy New Year to you!!!!

Brenda said...

Isn't worming goats fun! I've been enjoying the pages of that same catalog. The paper neck bands are wonderful and do help a lot with keeping the kids sorted out. Have a wonderful 2011!

Nancy said...

I've never heard of Hoegger's. I'll have to check it out -- neckbands? Haha! That just makes me laugh.

Pretty low-key here yesterday. So cold. Maybe I'll get out today for a walk. Supposed to warm up to 20 degrees! Woo hoo! :)

Feral Female said...

Sounds like everyone had a nice relaxing first of the year!