Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Elvis and his pelvis

*Stares at picture with dreamy expression*

Oh, uhm howdy gang! You know I really get distracted far too easily. I`ll start out on a road of straight thought and/or action and somehow by the time I`m done I`ve ended up in Saskatchewan with a moose riding shotgun. Where the moose came from I don`t know and how he managed to fit into my thought-truck with such a wide set of antlers is anyone`s guess! But I digress….

What I wanted to relay before the moose climbed into the passenger seat was how easily I get side-tracked. Yesterday was a prime example. I had posted my pictures here about Poe and the snowmouse, whittled a bit on some fiction, ran an errand and returned home to have lunch. After chatting on Facebook with some comic buddies I saw that the dogs had not dusted the living-room as I had requested before I left. (It`s so hard to find good domestic help these days.)

So with my dusting plans made I forced myself to grab my yellow duster and advanced on the dust.

“Wait!” I said to myself,” Why don`t we put some tunes on? Work goes much better with music!”

I may have been stalling but that`s not the point. I padded over to the entertainment center, rummaged through the stacks of CD`s, yellow duster under my arm, and found a two disc set of the King`s greatest hits.

“Viva Las Vegas!” I shouted and slipped the first CD in.

As ‘Hound Dog’ blared from the speakers I danced around dusting. Yes I do dance and dust simultaneously. Bootie shaking enhances the dusting process I firmly believe. I had worked my way over one end-table and lamp, the coffee-table and the drop-leaf between our recliners. ‘The Wonder of You’ slowed me down some as I battled the goose-bumps the King`s voice gave me. I lightly dusted the desktop and wafted the duster over the entertainment center. No I did not make my collection of Marvel action figures dance but Nick Fury did sway slightly to and fro.

Then ‘Bossa Nova Baby’ came on. I had to imitate the Kings moves. It`s a law that if Elvis is singing and rotating that pelvis you MUST copy his moves. (Well, if it`s not a law it darn well should be!)

Sadly as I was bossa novaing my phone rang and I had to scurry to crank down the volume, catch my breath and try to sound normal when I picked up the phone. It was my dad calling. We chatted for a good long while and I`m very happy to report he is feeling super as his cancer regime goes on. After the call dinner needed to be decided upon so I tossed my duster under the kitchen cabinet and moved on.

Fast forward to last night.

There I am with my well-worn copy of Dark Lover pushed to the end of my nose (I`m re-reading Wrath`s story simply because I love those Brother`s so!) when I reach over to turn on another lamp. One sometimes ain`t enough I`ll admit it. Between the bifocals and the grime on my spectacles since I tend to forget to wash them it’s a wonder I can see my hand in front of my face at times! Chicken feed is darn dusty!

When I turned the light on I found, much to my chagrin, that I had completely missed dusting a whole end-table and lamp! I quickly covered the gaffe in my mind by turning the lamp off, making the beagle move and cramming my butt into the other side of the couch. I`ll have to finish the job today. So my one dusty table and lamp is due to Elvis, his pelvis, and the way my mind wanders down side-roads.

*Glances out kitchen window* Was that a moose??


Brenda said...

You're too funny!

texwisgirl said...

Very cute! My hubby loves to clean to music too. :)

Michele Stefanides said...

Gee whiz, this is just too funny! I can stall with the best of them! Is that moose available for hire?

Sharon said...

I use Simon and Garfunkle - Celia (sp?) can get you in the groove and on the move!

Nancy said...

I seem to wander in circles -- trying to remember what it was I was going to do next.

houndstooth said...

Ha ha ha!

While you're waiting for the next installment of The Brothers, you might enjoy tracking down Dead After Dark. There's a short story by JR Ward in it called "Story of a Son" that was written before she started the BDB. It's one heck of a story!

John Gray said...

but i never liked him

Feral Female said...

Oooooo I`ll check that out Houndy!