Sunday, December 19, 2010

Sunday Night Lowdown

Howdy-do gang, come on in and grab a cup full!

I hope this last weekend before Christmas has been a good one for everyone. Are y`all done your shopping? I just finished mine up today thank goodness. Just have to wrap what I bought and then I am officially done. We`ve had a busy three days here on the frosty hillside farm.

Friday Mister Yodeling took the day off to begin the butchering process of one of our steers, the Holstein Bubba. We had initially planned to do Patty the Hereford first but changed our minds. Bubba was a lot more skittish then Patty and we worried he would react badly being alone. So while I was uptown buying groceries Mister did the deed. He`s a better man than I am. I`m fine after the fact but cannot handle the deed doing.

Here`s what five hundred or so pounds of beef hanging looks like.

We`re going to let him age for another few days then begin cutting our steaks, roasts and ground beef. I`ll show you the process as we go along. This is a first for us. We`ve processed about everything else at home but never a steer. Our brother-in-law is getting half so he`ll be here to help as his work allows. I foresee a lot of grinding and wrapping in my immediate future!

Saturday is laundry day so I did that and Mister went up to help our neighbors. Miss Yodeling helped with the wash then went to a holiday party around 4. It was an all-girl party since none of the boyfriends could attend. They watched a movie with Zac Efron as opposed to the football story they had planned to placate the boys. Tears were shed, presents exchanged and much giggling and boy talk ensued. My kid came home with two new posters of Taylor Lautner. I tell you it`s starting to look like a shrine to Team Jacob in her room! I would shake my head but if I recall correctly when I was her age my walls were plastered with KISS posters, so I don`t have room to say too much do I?

Today we woke up to a whopping 4 degrees and hurried to get some wood hauled into the stove room.

Thankfully the daytime temps have been reaching the mid thirties so it`s been rather nice considering. The ducks and geese have enjoyed the nicer days and even Lucius snuck out to peek at the geese, although they turned their heads when he appeared. They`re so snotty at times!

After the wood-racks were filled we three yodeling goatherders hit the shopping trail. Three stores we rummaged through this morning. By the time we got to Wally World things were beginning to really get hopping. Of course I had something to return so Feral sauntered to the return desk and stood and stood and stood some more. Can someone please tell me why, on the last Sunday before Christmas, they have one girl handling returns???? Please, I need someone to explain that decision to me so that it makes sense. The line had snaked to the front doors by the time whoever decides such things sent another checker to the return desk. *Rolls eyes*

By the time we got home I felt much like Tinker looks.

At least it`s done now and I can relax. Dinner is whatever anyone can find and I`m going to visit with me blogging buddies then go watch ‘The Proposal’ for the fifth time. Ryan Reynolds prancing about nekkid is my Christmas gift to me. Oh! I almost forgot! I got an early present! Take a gander at this!

My old vacuum died. It was a good vacuum and had served this house well for nigh onto ten years. May it rest in peace in vacuum cleaner heaven, amen. This new one is bag-less!! Oh yeah, no more messing with dusty bags that dump dirt and dog hair back onto the carpet! No more stinky smells from the vacuum bag when you turn it on. Oh I do like this pretty yellow Eureka a lot….almost as much as Ryan Reynolds.

Well…. okay, maybe not THAT much. So how was your weekend??


Anonymous said...

I dont know what it is but every time I read your posts I want to yodel.

Sharon said...

Oh, boy, just look at those lovely steaks hanging in that tree! MMMmmmm!

Lucius - what would he do if he got really close up and personal with any of those big birds? Would he get a surprise?

Shopping at Wal Mart - EEEEE! They probably only had one girl at returns, because they have cut people's times and there probably wasn't anyone to handle it. It's all about the money. I hate that place!

Snappy vacuum cleaner, good for you!

Sounds like you need a well deserved rest after all your weekend!

Leigh said...

When I look at your tree I see Tbones!!!
Btw adorable picture of you pup. that made me smile. O and I have been wondering the same thing about why Walmart hasnt added some xmas help!

Jabacue said...

Not a bad weekend here on the coast of Nova Scotia.....a little time with some family on a long walk up a steep hill! Got a few good pics.
Tinker has the same pose as Sophie does! So laid back! Those geese look very confident around Lucius.....ever a problem?
Thanks for comment on my post today.

houndstooth said...

We had a weekend of Christmas parties! My stepmom's family yesterday, my stepdad's family today. Two down, three to go! I'm pretty happy with an early Christmas gift I got and now I'm just hoping the next three days go quickly so I can get to the more fun part of the holidays after work is done for the year.

Those vaccuums are the cat's pajamas! I'm betting you'll love it!

Brenda said...

That's a lot of good looking meat hanging there. I hope you don't have any hungry bears or mountain lion's around! Of course your geese would probably take care of keeping them away!

Michele Stefanides said...

When I was a teenager, it was David Cassidy posters. Your daughter probably doesn't know who he is any more than I know who Taylor Lautner is!:-) I don't know who Ryan Reynolds is, either, but he sounds like what my daughter and I call a "very nice boy." Sounds like a great way to spend your weekend! :-)

Feral Female said...

Ah David Cassidy, I remember him. Taylor Lautner is Jacob from the Twilight movies.

Looks like we`re going to begin the process of cutting meat on Thursday since Mister has off for a few days over the holiday.

Michele Stefanides said...

Well, I do at least know about the Twilight movies! Your meat will be so good. We get our beef and pork from Hillstone farms. I'm so spoiled now, I can't even think of buying meat in the grocery store anymore.