Sunday, December 12, 2010

Sunday Night Lowdown

Come on in gang and dry off!

My gosh has our weather been crazy here in Pennsylvania! First it`s cold enough to freeze a ducks breath then it climbs up into the forties and rains bucketfuls. Tonight the weather service is predicting our temperatures are supposed to drop out once more, so all the rain may turn into ice. Glorious days are here again! Feral and her arch-nemesis ice. *Sighs* I have enough trouble keeping my feet under me on a dry summer day. Ah well, such is life here in the Laurel Highlands. Despite the winter troubles I cannot imagine living anywhere else.

Since the weather has been so ugly we`ve been busy doing inside things over the past few days. Yesterday we went out in the cold and found our Christmas tree. We opted to get a short one this year for three reasons.

Reason 1-Feral fell down a couple of months ago (I know, shocking right?) and my left knee hasn`t been the same. Kneeling down to water the tree on the floor sounded downright painful.

Reasons 2 & 3-Lu-Lu and Lucius. Their interest has already been piqued and warnings have been warned numerous times.

Oh sure I know he looks innocent but trust me an imp lurks behind those green eyes.

To keep himself occupied on the long and cold winter nights Mister has been doing a European mount for Miss Yodeling`s buck. He got it finished and I think it looks really good! She has it hanging in her room amid fair ribbons and rock posters.

Today I spent a bit of time on one of my fiction tales then locked myself into the bedroom to wrap presents. Two hours later I emerged with a goofy grin of victory. Everything purchased had been wrapped!! I broke into a goatherder clog dance then recalled I had yet to do my shopping for my mother-in-law and dad. I`ll grab those later though. Too much wrapping makes me slightly loopy or loopier depending on who you ask.

After lunch Mister and I finally got the molding up! Only took us a month since the new floor was put down but this, like wrapping presents, is something a person needs to build mentally for. Mister and I concluded that the job looks darn good considering it was Mr. & Mrs. Slapdash doing the work! As long as our one brother-in-law doesn`t look too closely next time he`s here it`ll all be good. (Tina, when you read this just inform your husband to keep his eyes above molding level.)

Dinner is now done and over and the night has come far too quickly. So here`s hoping that things tomorrow morning aren`t too precarious, ice-skating at six in the morning is NOT on my top ten favorite things!

How`s your weekend been???


Michele Stefanides said...

The floor/moulding looks pretty good to me!

Sharon said...

Lucius has really grown! Oh, yah, bet he can't wait until your back is turned....

The rack looks great!

Floor molding - it's been, what? A year, and I still don't have mine! I believe he has completely forgotten it, even though I mention it now and again... So - Good Job!

We have ice under our little bit of snow and I have heard it's a tad slick out there! Aah, isn't Winter just grand?

Leigh said...

The European mount looks great! He has done some polishing! Great Job!
Hope you knee gets to feeling better.
All the best,

Verde Farm said...

I love your shorter tree. It look like a real old fashion Christmas tree to me and it’s so pretty and green. The molding looks great if you ask me :) No ice skating allowed without skates. Love Lucius. I was talking to a friend yesterday who was taking his live tree down because his cat woudlnt’ stop eating it and he was afraid she was sick. Thankfully, our Janie Cat is too lazy to mess with it. She just like sleeping under it on the skirt :)

Millie said...

You are getting the weather we just had. I must say, it's not fun living outside with the roller coaster weather. It's why we're having a hard time shaking the colds around here.

houndstooth said...

We've been enjoying a nice old blizzard that I'm betting is heading your way!

I'm shocked that you would imply that innocent feline would do something untoward with that tree!

~Tonia said...

The mount looks great! We have had bitter cold and winds with an inch of snow that has almost all blown away...

Kristine said...

I like your little tree. We tried to get a smaller one this year as well. It was nice to actually fit it in the stand with few issues!

Hound Girl said...

The mount looks great! I love the tree - there is nothing wrong at all with a smaller tree, some years I wish I had done a smaller tree - its alot of back ache!

Feral Female said...

He did do a good job on the mount didn`t he?

So far the tree remains atop the table, although we did secure it to the wall after a near cat-astrophy.