Friday, December 31, 2010

Freya and the Night Whizzies

It was dark in the goat barn and each little caprine was sound asleep, except one. Freya, the black and white LaMancha had come awake with a jarring start just a minute ago. Outside the barn all manner of loud noises had begun. At first she had simply tucked her head into the thick hay bedding and tried to ignore the scary sounds and lights in the midnight sky. But, being a Munchie and by virtue of such, she soon found her curiosity getting the better of her. Being very careful as to where she placed her hooves (For she didn`t wish to step on her barn-mates) the two-toned goat crept to the open doors of the barn.

Another volley of multi-colored lights soared into the cold dark winter sky. She tipped her head back and gasped at the brilliant fireworks and loud bangs and pops that accompanied the sight. A chilly wind blew over her, chilling her elf ears and making her long eyelashes sway gently. Suddenly behind her she heard the sound of someone rustling about in the hay manger. Freya pulled a face. She had been caught tip-hooving around in the middle of the night. With a sigh she turned her head to find old Fawn chewing on some tasty alfalfa hay and staring at her with wizened brown eyes.

“I wasn`t planning on going outside in the snow to play on the logs or castle,” Freya quickly explained because she knew the oldest goat in the barn would suspect her of such things. The fact that she had done such things was not the point the Munchie thought.”The human`s woke me up with their bangs and whizzies and bright sky lights. What are our attendees doing?”

Fawn chewed a bit more then swallowed loudly before she hobbled to the wide door to look up at the house on the hill.

“They`re celebrating New Year`s Eve,” the brown goat replied then burped up a cud.

“What the heck is New Year`s Eve?” Freya asked as she tried to scratch behind her stubby left ear with her hoof.

“It`s a new year,” Fawn replied around her cud.

“So what`s a year? Why do our attendees need a new one? Did they break the old one? “The impish LaMancha asked, hoping for once someone other than her had broken something.

“They didn`t break the old year it just wore out.”

“Kind of like you?” the kid asked. Fawn sniffed at the remark.

“Something like that,” the eldest doe replied then swallowed down her well-chewed snack.”A year is how humans measure time. When the old one is worn out they make lots of noise to say goodbye to the old year and hello to the New Year.”

“Ohhhh,” the Munchie said as if she knew what the half-blind old doe was talking about.”Why don`t they just use the sunlight and different seasons like we goats do to measure time?”

“I can`t say,” Fawn mumbled as the sky over the barn flashed with bright shades of blue and red.”Human`s are down-right odd creatures at times.”

“I like them though! They bring us good hay and water and take us to the fair so we can win prizes! I won a blue ribbon and everyone called me a grand champion Munchie,” she said then got a puzzled look on her lovely face,”Although I`m still not sure why they needed a ribbon to tell them I`m a champion. Is champion LaMancha the same thing as champion trouble-maker?? That`s what they call me most times.”

“Yes, I kind of like the humans too and yes it`s the same thing,” the old doe replied softly before turning around to return to her bed between her daughter and grand-daughter.”Now you had best get your little bottom back to bed,” Fawn called over her shoulder.”Tomorrow will be a new year and you`ll need your rest to greet it in proper caprine fashion.”

“What`s proper caprine fashion for meeting a new year?” Freya queried.” Do we get all snazzied up like we do for fair week?! Will lots of people come and pet us and ask where my ears went? I love that question!”

“Proper caprine fashion is waking up and standing outside looking forlorn and shouting at the humans who were up too late for our morning grain ration. Now come to bed little LaMancha,” Fawn said

Freya sighed deeply. She didn`t want to go back to bed! She wanted to stay up and celebrate with the humans that took care of her! She wanted to run across the pasture despite the snow and kick up her heels! She wanted to hoot and holler and watch the whizzies light up the sky! With great care she picked up her front right foot and placed it ever-so-gently into the snow.

“To bed young LaMancha!” came from the old herd queen.

Freya`s shoulders drooped at the command but she lifted her hoof from the crispy snow and turned from the festivities. As slowly as possible she crept back into the barn. A few of the milking does raised their heads and gave the yearling a dirty look. She stuck her little Munchie tongue out at them then flopped down with a huff beside her bestest-best playmate Calliope the sable yearling.

“Did you find out what all the hoopla was about?” Calliope inquired as Freya nestled into the warm hay.

“A new year is coming and we have to make trouble so we can greet it…..or something like that,” Freya whispered to her friend.

“I bet you and me can welcome the New Year really good then! We`re experts in making trouble!” the sable yearling snickered, then fell quiet when one of the milking does hissed at the duo whispering in the corner.

“Yeah, I bet we can come up with all KINDS of ways to make sure this New Year is a good one!” Freya giggled gently.

“Happy New Year Freya,” Calliope murmured then drifted back to sleep.

“Happy New Year!” the LaMancha cried out loudly then tucked her head quickly when all the crabby does told her to be quiet.

“Happy New Years,” Freya muttered then floated off to dreamland as another round of rainbow sparkles illuminated the night sky.

Happy New Year from our farm to yours!


PS-A big howdy to IsobelleGoLightly, d`Artagnan and Rural Revival! Thanks for dropping in and welcome to the goofiness of our hillside farm!


Laura said...

Happy New Year Freya!!

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Happy New Year to you and all the goaties :)

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Happy New Year! May 2011 bring you health, happiness and prosperity!

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The Happiest of New Years to you all!

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Thank you and happy new year to you. What a delightful post, so happy I found you!


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Great story from the goat barn. Happy New Year to all at the on your hillside farm!

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Love it! Happy New Year to you and your family! :)

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Happy New Year!

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What a cute story! Happy new Year!

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Happy New Year !phylliso

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Thanks for dropping in and a very happy New Years to y`all!

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Cute--"Did they break the old one?" Love that line!