Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Howdy all! Yes I`m still alive here on the hillside farm!

Actually things here have been so hectic that I haven`t had time to even blog. I do apologize for not being around more the past week. Thankfully I crested my 50,000 word mark for NaNoWriMo this morning. Although the story is far from done at least I don`t have to spend every free moment working on it! I don`t know if my fingers could have taken much more to be frank.

Not sure even where to begin with the happenings around here. I suppose we`ll start with my dad and his constant troubles with his medication, the blood thinner Coumadin in particular. Last week the home health nurse called me frantic about the fact that he took a week` s supply of the powerful blood thinner in one day. We rushed to get some vitamin K into him. Then a few days later I went with him to his next doctor`s appointment. Suffice it to say me and the doc had a nice long talk about the plethora of medication my dad was on. Now forgive me as I tug out my soapbox, something I don`t try to do here since who wants to hear some pudgy farmwoman rant? I`ll be brief I promise folks!

*Clears throat and steps onto soapbox*

Why in the world would a man whose blood pressure is notoriously low be on three different medications for high blood pressure?!?!? When we were at the family doctor`s I inquired about each of the many bottles dad had in his little grocery sack. I was informed that he was taking three pills for high blood pressure that had been prescribed for him when he was in the hospital. Now call me a dolt if you will but I think I mentioned that his BP when he was recuperating from his cancer surgery dropped so low he was unresponsive did I not? Then why the heck would he be on medication to lower his already low blood pressure?!? What am I missing here??

Feral was not pleased.

I expressed my feelings to our family doctor who could only say it may have been prescribed due to his BP being high due to pain. Okay doc I`ll give you that possibility. Does no-one check on the hundreds of meds that are given to older folks after their discharged? I fully can understand how confused he was looking at the many, many pills he was sent home with. Heck I`d be confused too! Long story short I told the good doctor (And he is a good doctor please don`t get me wrong here) that I would be taking all meds home that were not needed to avoid any more confusion on dad`s part. After the visit with his doctor he now takes 1 blood thinner, 1 tablet for his BP and 1 iron tablet. That`s it. Three. The problems with over-medicating seem to be over and despite his blood being thinner than they would like things have calmed down on that front. Okay, I`m done ranting.

*Steps off soapbox*

Along with the daily calls from home health about dad and his blood we`ve had some losses to deal with. One of my drake ducks disappeared the other day. Not a feather could be found. I`m still stumped as to what could have taken him since a hawk has trouble picking up one of my bantam chickens. Could have been an owl right at dusk before they were locked into their coop for the night I suppose. That was a real bummer since I really adore my ducks and geese.

Then we lost one of our goats. That really knocked us all down for a bit. She was my daughter`s LaMancha doe Bianca and it hit Miss Yodeling very hard. Here on our farm we fight a battle of astronomical proportions with intestinal worms in our goats. We are literally worming non-stop and yet cannot get ahead of the barber-pole worm. For those who are not goatherder`s the barber-pole worm or Haemonchus Contortis is a parasitic worm that attaches itself to the abomasum of a goat and sucks their blood. A severely infected goat can become deathly anemic and in severe cases of infestation death can occur. Bianca, despite our heavy worming and weekly checking of lower eyelids called the Famacha method, was one of those goats that could not handle the worm load. She grew weaker and weaker. We would give her iron shots and injections of B vitamins. Her lower jaw would swell with a condition known as bottle jaw. She grew thinner and thinner until she simply passed away.

It is a terrible thing to lose a valued animal like that. You work and work and try everything you can think of to help the poor thing and it`s just not enough. So we have a new grave now under the pine tree. *Sighs* Enjoy that alfalfa-rich goat pasture in the sky Bianca. We`ll miss you.

Then there was the tick that Mister discovered near his armpit last night. The bite sight was red and inflamed and I insisted he go to the doctor`s. This was one instance where he did not fight me on things medical. Usually he will balk like a mule when the mention of a doctor visit is brought up. Not this time. He went this afternoon and just came home with a positive ID of a bulls-eye rash and a course of antibiotics for twenty-one days. I am SO glad he went as soon as he did because left untreated Lymes can be a very nasty disease.

But there has been some good things happening around here don`t despair! Saturday we went to see Harry Potter with my mother-in-law and daughter along. She had already seen it with a group of her friends. Those crazy teens went to the midnight showing when it premiered. I have proof now that the zombie curse is indeed hereditary! You all should have seen her Friday morning when mama shook her at six AM. Now I know how Mister Yodeling feels when he sees me early in the morning!

As I mentioned I got over the hurdle of words for the NaNoWriMo which I`m very proud of. Tomorrow of course is Thanksgiving Day and my dad and mother-in-law will be coming to share the bounty with us. I shall not and I repeat shall not venture near a store beside the grocery store on Friday! I avoid shopping on Black Friday like a chicken avoids the duck pond! I do need to get cracking on the shopping though since I have bought exactly nothing yet. If I knew what to buy it would make things SO much easier! So I guess I should wrap this up. I`m off to catch up on what y`all have been doing then I think I`m going to go take a long bubble bath and play some Assassin`s Creed-Brotherhood with Miss Yodeling.

From our farm to yours have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday everyone!



Kelle said...

Happy Thanksgiving, praying your day filled with family, friends, good food, conversation, shared memories and much love.

Sorry for your loss, it's never easy is it? We've certainly had our share of loss this year and some of it still hurts. HUGS to you and yours.
You couldn't pay me enough to be caught away from home on Black Friday or the days after Christmas.
Blessings from The Never Done Farm

Mr. Pip said...

I am sorry for your recent losses ... I hope you Happy Thanksgiving!

Your pal, Pip

Sharon said...

Love the soap box! You were so right to go see your Dad's doctor, I have little affection for some of the things they do at the hospitals. I'm glad you got things straightened out for him. I have way to many meds myself, took them up to my old druggist and he went through them, sadly there was only one he suggested I ask the doctor "why?".

So sad about your loss, is there nothing you can do on your property to kill the bleep worms? Such a sweet little face....

A tick, this time of year? Yeez.... Good thing he agreed to go to the doctor without any guff!

Have been looking at the Black Friday ads... I wish I was one of those teenagers that camp out to get the goodies at the electronics stores...... I really need a new printer and have been eyeballing the cameras. No way I am ever going to be young and dumb again, so guess my car won't leave the driveway!

Have a great Thanksgiving Day with your family!

Millie said...

Not sure what you use for worming, but we are all on Hoegger's herbal wormer since my boy and I about died.
Don't know if it works on barber pole worms, but we have drug resistant round worms here. Sorry you lost your dear friend. Glad you got things straightened out for your dad. Happy Thanksgiving!

Brenda said...

I'm sorry about the loss of your duck and doe. It's hard on the emotions when you're so attached.

I am glad to hear that your Dad and Mister are doing good. I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Melodie said...

Oh, I am sorry about your duck and goat.We have lost goats and it is heart breaking. Your dad is lucky he has you watching out for him so many older folks don't! Eww on the tick! Hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

phylliso said...

I`m so sorry over the loss of your animals,they are like children ,so helpless.when you can`t save them,it`s awful.
You are like me with the doctors,I get on a high horse rather than a soapbox sometimes,hah,hah,glad to hear your father is doing better,hope your hubby feels better too,the antiboctic made me sick & I couldn`t finish it.phylliso

phylliso said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you & your family!phyllis

small farm girl said...

Wow! You are busy!!! I think you had to knock me off the soap box to get up on it. I have been telling people about over medicating for a while. Thanks for saying something too. It makes me so mad! Anyway, so sorry to hear about your goat. It's hard to lose a loved animal like that. Oh, and by the way....Happy Thanks giving to you too!!!!!!