Sunday, November 7, 2010

Sunday Night Lowdown

Howdy gang, come on in and grab a cup!

What kept y`all busy this weekend? We had plenty to do it seems and not quite enough time to do it, not that that is anything new of course! Now with the clocks turned back seems like night falls like a boulder doesn`t it?

Friday night we goatherders loaded into our goatmobile and trundled over the hill to watch our varsity team play their last game of the season. The boys made a good effort but we ended up losing. Looks like this past season was a rebuilding season we`re going to say. After the game Mister and I had a nice meet and greet with Miss Yodeling`s new beau and his family. His parents and grandma seem very nice, as does the young man.

Saturday began early. Mister rolled out before the chickens to go fall turkey hunting, while I chose to stay home and work on my NaNoWriMo entry. For some reason I still cannot fully comprehend I chose to enter this year. 50,000 words in 30 days, cake right? I`ve gotten up to 8,800 words as of this morning, so if my posts seem kind of short over the next few weeks please don`t be too upset. As I was typing along the phone rang and I saw on the caller ID it was the hospital. Seems pop had a swollen leg on Thursday, went to the Dr. on Friday and they slapped him in the hospital PDQ. The scan showed a rather large blood clot so he`s once more laid up. I ran up as quick as I could get around to bring him some personal effects. He seems in good humor about it all, and understands how serious a blood clot can be.

After the trip to the people hospital I stopped off to pick up Lucius. He had his man surgery Friday. We got home and had some lunch then Mister and Miss went out again to track those elusive birds. They came home with one that Mister got. Miss Yodeling couldn`t get a good bead on another jake that was with this one, but she still enjoyed the outing!

Today was cold, damp and gray, a typical November day. I did some writing in the morning on the NaNoWriMo novel then ran Miss Yodeling to a student council meeting at the high school. During all that I stripped the beds and got them washed and made back up. Mister went to help our neighbor Mister L. move an old camper that was given to him. Hubby used our tractor to get the camper off some blocks and then when they got to the road he chained the camper to the Kubota in case the one brake line decided to give out. All went well thankfully and neither of the guys went for a wild ride!

Now dinner is done and the dishes are washed. I think I`ll go visit some of my blogging` buddies, tend to that highly addictive Farmville farm and maybe crank out another 1,200 words on the book.

Or maybe I`ll just skip the book in lieu of a nice, hot, long, bubbly bath!


Sharon said...

NaNoWriMo - say what? I guess I missed something. I am clueless. You know, occasionally you have to simplify for old ladies and those who are too embarrassed to ask. :-)

The day is just a memory, I sure do hate this time change thing, why can't they just leave the time alone? There is no need for "War Time" any more.

You going to save that turkey for Thanksgiving or is he in the oven now?

Bubble Bath sounds soooo nice! (We have a double shower - no tub)

Have a nice evening!

houndstooth said...

NaNoWriMo is tough! Good luck with it! I always wish it were in a different month, since November and December are insanely busy for us. Enjoy that turkey, too!

Verde Farm said...

Hope you dad's leg is ok. Glad the hunting trip was fruitful. It was a rather quiet weekend here and I am so glad that was the case :)

small farm girl said...

I hope your dad's leg gets better. Tell your hubby that that is a nice jake! Good eating!

Michele Stefanides said...

Good luck to your Dad!! I'm glad he knows to take it seriously and take care of himself. Enjoy your early turkey dinner!!

I am SO far behind on my NaNoWriMo novel! A weekend away with family will do that. But Saturday was the first anniversary of my Mom's passing and my rather large family needed every one of us to be together. I'll be playing writing catch up big time this week.

Hound Girl said...

Good luck on the NaNoWriMo, my cousin is doing that again this year. I wish I could but I dont have the discipline :)

Yummy Turkey!!

phylliso said...

Now I`ll have to look up that word to see what you are writing...congrats on the turkey!phylliso

Feral Female said...

Thanks for the well wishes gang! Looks like turkey soup this weekend huh? =)