Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Pop`s Home!

Morning all! Tug out a chair and I`ll grab the pot and some cups.

How is everyone? I hope life is treating you all well and that you`re staying warm. The past two mornings we`ve awoken to a temperature of 22 degrees, talk about frost on the pumpkin! I did not miss having to go out and start up my truck in the morning. Sad thing is I know that it`s only going to get colder and colder. Ah well, at least we have the woodstove cranking away. There is nothing like wood-heat is there?

I`m really happy to report that my dad was discharged from the nursing home yesterday! As always he seems to be able to rearrange my well-laid plans. I had everything all planned out as I drove to pick him up yesterday. I would sign him out, take him to his apartment in town, help him with his suitcase and run any errands he needed done. I`m sure his milk is not drinkable by now. Then Mister and I had planned to bring his beloved El Camino to him in the evening.

I should know better than to plan anything with dad! When we got all the paperwork done and had a walker lined up to be delivered to his house, he turned to me and said firmly.

“Take me to my truck.”

“Pop,” I said as I loaded his suitcase and cane we borrowed from my mother-in-law into the rear-seat of my Chevy,” I`m going to take you home and help you get—“

Guess the word ‘help’ was kind of the no-go word in that statement. Talk about a being fiercely independent!

“I don`t need help getting inside, I need my truck.”

“Pop,” I said once more and hoisted my Hobbit-butt into the truck,” How are you going to get up those stairs and carry your suitcase, bags and all the medication the nursing home sent home with you? Just let me get you home and settled then this evening Mister and I will—“

“I carry my groceries in all the time by myself. This isn`t any different,” he said and I knew right then there was no more point in arguing. Once his mind is made up it is made up! “I`ll do it in shifts.”

I know I sighed then.

I really do admire his drive. So many folks at his age would have given up but not pop, no sir buddy! He can dig in like an Arkansas tick when he wants to. So needless to say, I drove him to my mother-in-law`s house, got his windshield scraped for him and off he went, happy as a clam down the road, his independence restored!

If I can be half as feisty at 85 I think I`ll be doing pretty dang good!


Sharon said...

You really can't blame him for ruining your plans, he has probably been making his plans since day one. Good to hear he has such a positive attitude!

Melodie said...

Glad to hear he is so "feisty" ! I tell my son all the time to just wait until I am old...I am going to pay him back for the teen age years with my cantankerousness,lol!

Sammy and Andy said...

Bless your daddy!!!!!!!! Our grandma....mama's mama will soon be 91 so we understand the "feisty" business....she is going strong!!!!!!!!

Pumpkinpuddy said...

Wow. So happy to hear your dad is doing so well. I hope I'm able to be that independent when I'm his age!

Pumpkin's Mom

♥ Sallie said...

He sounds super cool to me!


Leigh said...

Thats Great! I so happy to hear he was able to go home... even if he is being a tad feisty! :)

Feral Female said...

He is a pretty charming fellow, and yes, feisty too!

Nezzy said...

You and me both sister! He sounds like he's a card and a half! Heeehehehe!

I'm glad he's well enough to go home, sounds like ya'll have your hands full.

I keep watch over my very 'feisty' almost 83 year old MIL.

God bless and have a most amazing day sweetie!!!

Michele Stefanides said...

Good for your Dad! My Nana lived to be 101 with that kind of attitude! I can't think of just the right words at the moment, but I'd like to paraphrase the saying "You don't stop laughing because you get old, you get old because you stop laughing." Your Dad is doing some version of that! :-)

houndstooth said...

I'm glad to see he's as lively as ever! No doubt he's happy as a clam right now!

~Tonia said...

Lol!! Yep you gotta admire his independence! Glad he is home!

Millie said...

So glad he made it home!

Texan said...

ok if you get two comments just delete one LOL...

Its nice your Dad is like he is, no doubt that has something to do with why he is 85 to start with.