Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sunday Night Low-down

Good evening gang!

I hope your weekend was a wonderful one. Mine has been pretty much non-stop it seems. Feels good to settle down in my pajamas and catch up with everyone around the table. No worries, I made decaf so we should all be able to sleep after our little get-together!

Things with my dad have been up and down over the past three or four days. He`s been having some trouble with his blood pressure dropping out whenever they get him out of bed. Wednesday it dropped so low he was unresponsive. That was pretty scary. They did an EKG and an echo that afternoon then had to send them off to another hospital to be read. I`m still waiting to hear the reports back on those, the waiting is really tough.

Aside from his blood pressure he is doing okay. They have him on solid food and he`s taking walks every day. His room-mate and I tease him about being out chasing nurses with his walker. Saturday night though he had a pretty rough time.

They called me at home quite late to try to talk to him. He was very confused about where he was and was insisting my step-sister had taken him away. This afternoon when Mister, Miss and I went up to visit I asked about this episode. He is usually pretty keen for a man his age and I`ll be frank I was very worried after trying to explain things to him and him not being able to grasp the truth.

The nurse on duty said some of his confusion could be due to his BP being so low; the red blood cells the brain needs to remain sharp just may not be getting there quickly enough. Hopefully that`s what`s causing it. We`re also still waiting for a bed in the nursing home to open up so he can begin his rehab.

Today began bright and early, which is nothing new around here. The roosters and I think we have to see the sun rise I guess….does that make me as smart as a chicken? *Blatantly ignores husband`s snide comment*

Eight AM saw some of our friends arrive and we then had one heck of a goat rodeo! Today was the happy day that Anakin and Auron finally got to be with their lovely ladies! Oh the sounds of adoration are dancing through our valley now!

After some mulling I decided to breed Anakin to my older does Fawn, Mallory and Jennifer.

I`ll give my young buck Auron the youthful girls. Elizabeth, Fran, Farah and Felicia are now giving him a very stinky eye as he snorts, slobbers and makes a fool of himself in general.

Trinity served as the official extra collar carrier.

After getting the caprine lovers situated I finally got around to cleaning up my yard stuff! Yippee for Feral! I`m impressed I got it done before the snow began to fly to be honest. Mister had some woodstove tinkering to do before the real cold sets in so he did that as I went around picking up plastic flowers that someone who shall remain nameless *Cough* Lucius*Cough* scattered about.

A very quick lunch then a trip to the hospital to visit pop and bring his car home and then we were off again! Mister ran off to help our neighbor to load a steer and I tossed something together that resembled a dinner.

Evening chores followed and then finally a nice hot bath. Now that I`m all sparkly clean and have chatted with y`all I think I hear J. R. Ward calling, so I`ll mosey off to read then hit the hay.

So what did you all do over the weekend?


Sharon said...

Let dogs out, let dog in, let dog out, let dogs in let dog out, let dog in etc. Same old, same old.

small farm girl said...

You have been busy!
Ok, I guess I'm going to have to catch up on my J.R. Ward novels. I'm tired of not finishing the Black Dagger series. I'm ashamed. lol

Mister Oz said...

All my best to you and the rest of the Yodelings. I'm rooting for your Dad to make a full recovery!

houndstooth said...

I hope your dad is feeling better soon! That's more than a little scary.

The hills are alive, with the sound of goat love! Aaa aaa aaaah! Sorry, I don't know why that came to me!

~Tonia said...

I hope they figure out what is wrong with your dad soon and that he continues to improve!
Yeah for a productive day! The romance is dying out here.. I think everyone settled the first time around except one that I wanted bred.. I have 4 locked away from the buck and they all sound so pitiful when they come in heat. He promises to break them out but I have So far outwitted him!lol Ahh the joy..
Have a good week!

Leigh said...

You have been busy busy! Ill keep your father in my thoughts!

P.s.... I cant wait to hear more about the courtship of your goats! LOL Boys are so silly! :)

Jabacue said...

Thanks! I feel like a lazy slob! lol

Feral Female said...

Thanks for dropping in gang! Sorry I`ve been so lax on the`s recovery is taking SO much time from my daily that I barely have time to get home and whip up dinner of late!