Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Strap Assassin Strikes Again!

Morning gang! I hope the past few days have been good to y`all. Let me just grab a fresh cup and I`ll be right back!

Ah, now that is much better. Seems I barely have time to think here of late. Between running to visit dad every day and then chores and family life the time just slips away doesn`t it? Today I`m off to tidy up Pop`s apartment because he`s having a home evaluation tomorrow. That`s where a member of the nursing home rehab staff comes to his house and they make sure he can take care of himself. If the home evaluation goes well they may discharge him next Tuesday! I know he`ll be so much happier when he returns home and I can`t say as I blame him on iota!

The past two nights though Mister has provided the excitement....well if one counts skinning, quartering and processing venison excitement. Monday night he came home with this nice seven point he took during our archery season.

I`ll admit I did miss the venison. We had to toss what we had frozen when our freezer died, so this meat will come in handy. I hate having to buy meat in the grocery store! We`re so used to home-raised poultry, beef and pork that old store stuff just tastes funny. Mister says we`re not used to having to not chew our chicken for five minutes before swallowing, and that`s why that store bought meat seems so weird. Could be I reckon!

How we handle out venison is pretty simple. We save the tenderloins and I`ll make them for Sunday dinner. Yum and Yum! Also we save one roast that I`ll do in the crockpot with some canned tomatoes, to help tenderize it. All the rest we grind. Then whatever I make that calls for ground beef I mix half beef/half venison. That is one thing that I`m very proud of, we eat what we harvest. Be it trout, turkey, grouse or deer.

I suppose this is a good warm-up for when we have to process a twelve-hundred pound steer within the next couple of months. We`ve never done a whole steer before but I have to imagine that Hereford will provide alot more meat than a whitetail!

Guess I had best finish this cup of joe and get a move on. Have to meet dad`s landlord by nine this morning because silly Feral locked pop`s keys inside the house last time she stopped to get him clean clothes.*Blushes*

I know, it really didn`t surprise me either!


Michele Stefanides said...

Good luck with your Dad. I've become a convert to locally grown and processed meat since we moved here. Big difference, in many ways. I'm still not ready to eat an animal that I've seen, though! :-) Maybe in another year or so... :-)

Kristine said...

That sounds like a ton of work. Totally worth it, though, no doubt.

Good luck!

Brenda said...

Somehow it is more satisfying to prepare meals out of milk, meat and produce that your own hands have grown and harvested. You just know it's healthy food. - Have a great day :D

Sharon said...

I can see where your Dad is ready to leave "Dodge" and go home! I hate hospitals type places! I hope it passes "muster".

BIG, difference in home grown meats! The first time I tasted REAL hamburger, I couldn't believe it! MMmmmm! I am not really keen about venison and my ex used to mix the V. burger with sausage - yuk!

taylorgirl6 said...

After butchering our first rooster this year, we're looking forward to raising a few meat birds in the spring. I can't wait to look in the freezer and see meat we raised.

Feral Female said...

It is nice to know that we can feed ourselves isn`t it? At least we will never starve!

Nekkid Chicken said...

I wish hubby had a chance to hunt deer later. Yum Yum venison.

Leigh said...

Thats a nice looking buck! Congrats on a successful hunt. I cant wait till we get a few deer for the freezer!

I will be wishing you well with your father. I hope he is able to return home soon.

houndstooth said...

I hope things go well with your dad! :)

Verde Farm said...

Hi Feral, interesting about your dad. I am a rehab person in the nursing home world. I've done home evaluations many times. I sure hope all goes well with his visit and he is able to return without any problems. I am sure he will do well since he is motivated to get home.
Sounds like you all have lots of fresh food year round. That is a great thing to be so self sufficient in this world.
Good luck tomorrow!