Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Pops & Daughters

Salutations gang! Hope the week so far is being good to everyone!

It has been a rather hectic few days here for us yodeling goatherders. I`m very happy to report that my dad had his surgery yesterday and came out of it well! I went up today and spent a couple of hours with him in ICU while he ate his lunch. He seems to be in good spirits despite some pain. After talking with his surgeon who feels relatively optimistic that they got all the cancer I feel much better. I know there are no guarantee`s when dealing with cancer but I choose to remain optimistic since being pessimistic really isn`t in my genes.

Now pop is looking at some rehab I think, which does not set well with him since all he wants is to go home! Yesterday if possible! As I assured him though as he sipped his broth today rehab will be a great benefit, since he is weak as a kitten and will be for some time I should assume.

He`ll also need some instruction in proper care of his colostomy. Since he lives alone spending a few weeks getting stronger in a nursing home is not a bad thing I think. The frown on his face as he nodded shows that he knows this but being a fiercely independent 85 year old he doesn`t like the notion one iota!

Also over the weekend I spent a very enlightening few hours shopping with my daughter for her first homecoming dance dress. Oh for the days when Mom could pick up something and the child would wear it without compunction. Methinks….no…meknows those days is long gone!

Truly gang I tend to feel I have rather good taste in clothes. I don`t go out in public wearing polka-dot pants and a wild striped shirt or anything, honestly! Sure I may wear Marvel tees but show me a comic geek who doesn`t!

Obviously my taste in clothes is not up to the groove or radical or beast. I think beast is the term now in vogue but it may have changed over the past couple of weeks so don`t quote me. Every article of clothing I held up got the eye-roll of teenage disdain. Everything she held up got the motherly raise of brows.

On a quick side-note here, who the Sam Hill designs the clothes for young ladies nowadays?!!? Why the heck are all the clothes skin tight and cut up to there and down to here?! Truly I am no prude but sincerely who would allow their daughter to wear clothes that would make a saloon girl blush?? None are suitable for school let alone a school dance! *Shakes head*

Anydoodles the ghastly fashion aside we finally did find one dress that we both agreed on after some wrangling and jangling. The shoe shopping was actually far less taxing than the choice of dress praise to the Maker. Mister Yodeling wisely chose to remain home. He is a run-in-and-grab-it shopper….unless it`s a sporting goods store than mindlessly wandering is acceptable.

Today after school Miss Yodeling is baby-sitting for our neighbors for a couple of hours. So in the course of one week she has bought her first dress for her first dance, gotten an escort for the dance and now is going to be earning her first wages. Where in the world did that 4 year-old go who wanted nothing more than to play with Mom all day? How did she turn into this vibrant young woman while I wasn`t looking? I swear that I just brought her home from the hospital not that long ago all swaddled up in a baby blanket her grandma crocheted.

Thank goodness I haven`t aged any since the day she was born she typed knowing it isn`t believed for a second.


Pumpkinpuddy said...

I love the old picture in your post. People used to dress so nicely.

I purr for your dad that his rehab goes well and he gets to go home soon.

Sharon said...

It's good that your Dad's surgery went as well as it did. Yep, best that he learns how to do the bag and gets some strength before he goes home.

Teen styles would change if parents would stop buying that stuff that makes them look like street walkers. They grow up too fast.

Yoda & Brutus said...

Glad that your Dad's surgery went well. We are sending healing prayers and thoughts his way!!

Pugs & Kisses,

Yoda & Brutus

Leigh said...

Glad to hear your father is doing well!

Girls clothing stores... aye, I FEEL YOUR PAIN! :)

Brenda said...

Glad to hear the good news about your Dad. I pray his recovery is quick.

Daughters do grow up too fast. Enjoy every minute of it .... and then in the years to come .... enjoy the grandchildren ... and then watch them grow up too fast too!

Feral Female said...

My thanks for the warm wishes, I`ll pass them along to Pop when I go have lunch with him today!

Daughters seem to grow far too quickly it is so true. I could not believe the clothes they had on the racks. Thankfully Miss Yodeling isn`t into displaying herself...not that she would be allowed to step out the door in some of that stuff! Mister Yodeling would have a fit and a half as would Ma! =)