Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Hobgoblin Goat Queen

The Hobgoblin Goat Queen


It was Halloween eve down in the goat barn

And the old mama does had prepared quite a yarn

They`d made up a grand tale to make their kids scream

`Bout a spooky grim wraith called the Hobgoblin Goat Queen

As the moon fell behind the nude limbs of the trees

Their kids all came in and fell down to their knees

A cold chilly wind howled through the barn eaves

It rattled the doors and rustled dead leaves

Every kid in that barn Nubian, LaMancha and Sable

We`re hunkered down tight in their comfortable stable

Then out of the herd stepped great, great-grandma Fawn

Her brown fur was sparse and her front teeth long gone

She cleared her long throat and coughed up a cud

Her ancient old eyes chilled those wee kids goat blood

“This tale that we tell has been told `oft before

It`s considered quite factual in noble goat lore

On Halloween night when the human kids trick

For treats that would make any caprine kid quite sick

We goats stay inside safe and snug in our homes

This night is when the Hobgoblin Goat Queen roams

Now the humans don`t see her meandering near

They`re too busy with costumes and candy I fear

But we goats don`t care for such silly old things

Because only we goats can hear those bat wings

You`ll know when the Hobgoblin Goat Queen is quite near

Your hooves will tingle and your ears will feel queer

You`ll inhale a smell that is rank and offensive

Then you`ll hear a deep blat that will leave you quite pensive

And just when you`re sure your heart can`t bear anymore

That Hobgoblin Goat Queen will leap over the door!”

At that very instant a most terrible sight

Jumped over the barn door and caused a great fright

Every kid in that barn let out a loud bray

And buried their heads deeply into the hay

The does then all laughed like some hens like to cluck

For the specter was none other than Anakin the buck

He had gone to great lengths to add to the fright

His head was all cobwebbed, his beard painted white

The kids slowly peeked from amid the hay chaff

Then one kid by one they started to laugh

So be very careful when you leave your safe home

For the Hobgoblin Goat Queen may be ready to roam

Keep far from the goat barns that you may pass

Just to be safe and cover your *Insert word that rhymes with pass here*

Now of course I don`t know if old Fawn`s story`s true

But would this sweet goatherder ever fib to you?


Happy Halloween from our farm to yours!


John Gray said...

happy halloween!!!!
from across thepond

Verde Farm said...

How cute! Happy Halloween to you and the Goats! :)

Millie said...

What a wonderful Fairy Goat Tail! I'll have to tell it to my kid and give her a good fright.

Deborah said...

That was great! You have a nice blog.
Happy Halloween!

Melodie said...

I will have to sit out in the goat barn and tell this story to our goaties !

Mr. Pip said...

Happy Halloween to you and the very talented goats.

Your pal, Pip

Sharon said...

LOL! Very cute!
Happy Halloween!

houndstooth said...

Ha ha ha! I do love it when you spin a good yarn! Well done! *applauds*

Brenda said...

I agree! I enjoyed this rhyming tail very much!

Feral Female said...

Thanks gang, it was really fun to dream up!

Leigh said...

LOL! Adorable! Happy Halloween